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Live Blog – NSW Cup Round 2 vs Newtown Jets

Today’s action begins at 3:30PM as the Parramatta Eels host the Newtown Jets in the NSW Cup at CommBank Stadium. Parramatta are looking for their first win of the season following a narrow loss to the Canberra Raiders in Round 1 and originally looked to be receiving a massive boost in the backline this week. Bailey Simonsson and Haze Dunster were both due to play in the NSW Cup today but Simonsson has since been elevated to the NRL squad.

Samuel Loizou is the obvious replacement to come into the starting team from the interchange bench but we will have to wait and see for the official changes ahead of kickoff.

You can catch all of the game updates right here and for those venturing out to the game tonight don’t forget that Sixties and myself will be live from Jacks Bar & Grill for the NRL Post Game Show with special guest Graeme Atkins!


NSW Cup Team List


1 Jordan Rankin
2 Isaac Lumelume
3 Bailey Simonsson
4 Zac Cini
5 Haze Dunster
6 Brendan Hands
7 Jake Arthur
8 Ofahiki Ogden
9 Jayden Yates
10 Ky Rodwell
11 Toni Mataele
12 Luca Moretti
13 Dan Keir
14 Mitch Rein
15 Tevita Taumoepenu
16 Niko Apelu
17 Sam Loizou


Loizou indeed comes into the starting team with Matthew Komolafe added to the bench.


First Half


Eels kick off to the Jets to start this game. Clean finishes to the first sets as they work to their kicks. Newtown elect to run it on the last in their second possession and ultimately rush a kick just over half way allowing the home team the first real attacking raid of the game. Parramatta keep it simple in reply though before spreading wide to the left on the last where Loizou has to rush a grubber as the defence shoot up on him and the Jets recover it.

Jayden Yates is pinged for a forward pass but the home team defend strongly in the resultant set before Dunster and Lumelume cart the ball out of Parra’s red zone with intent. Arthur clears the ball with a neat kick to put the Jets back in possession.

Tough start to the game for Yates as he is penalised for a cannonball tackle now. No harm done in the tackle attempt but the referee is right on it and calls him out to put him on report. Big chance for the Jets.

Lots of offloads here for the visitors and at one point it looks have they have the Eels stripped for numbers down their left. Somehow they hold on but it is only for a couple of tackles as the Jets find success burrowing over with a big man under the posts.

Try scored by Caleb Uele. Conversion successful by Mawene Hiroti.

Jets lead 6-0

11min gone

Oh that is a backbreaker. Dan Keir makes a complete meal of his hit up attempt in Parramatta’s next set as he juggles it before dropping it cold. It is scooped up in a flash by Jayden Berrell who immediately bursts into the open space created by broken play. Jake Arthur does a commendable job coming from the other side of the field to force the try to be scored 10m to the right of the posts but he can’t do much to prevent the score itself.

Try scored by Jayden Berrell. Conversion successful by Mawene Hiroti.

Jets lead 12-0

15min gone

All Newtown here as even their messy options are paying out dividends. Berrell is lost on the last and does the 360 degree pivot before playing to the right. They get away a hurried grubber kick that Rankin can’t bring in as the ball plops out on the ground for Samuel Stonestreet to jump on for a gift try.

Try scored by Samuel Stonestreet. Conversion successful by Mawene Hiroti.

Jets lead 18-0

21min gone

Finally a spark from the Eels as Hands attacks the Newtown goal line with some speed. He rolls the ball in behind for the left edge chasers and the Eels pour through. There is a heavy collision for the ball at it squirts out to Loizou who dives on it! The touchy has spied knock ons from both sides though and we will head centre field for a line drop out.

It doesn’t take long for Eels to finally crack the visitors though as Arthur and Mataele combine down the right! Good drift and short ball from Jake but Toni has plenty left to do and shows his power as he drags defenders over the line and twists through the tackles to plant it! Tremendous run.

Try scored by Toni Mataele. Conversion successful by Jordan Rankin.

Eels trail 6-18

27min gone

And that is a really positive set after points. Tevita Taumoepenu is on and has a couple of excellent involvements before Arthur finds touch 10m out from the Newtown goal line.

A penalty for a high shot puts Parramatta in the box seat to score again and we see the worst and best of Arthur in consecutive plays. First he throws an errant pass on big shift from right to left that forces Loizou to head back and clean it up. That brings up the last and from there we see the best of the young half as he shapes for a bomb to the right before bringing the ball back in and attacking the line. He looks left and grubbers ahead for Hands and the super utility wins the race for the ball to score under the posts!

Try scored by Brendan Hands. Conversion successful by Jordan Rankin.

Eels trail 12-18

33min gone

No change to the score before half time despite a last second chance for the Jets to pack a scrum in our red zone for one last play. They are too slow to set it though and the siren sounds.


Half Time

Newtown Jets 18 lead the Parramatta Eels 12


Second Half


The Eels to receive the ball.

Komolafe has replaced Dunster on the right sideline. Possibly a minutes restriction for Haze as he works his way back to full time footy.

Parra get a couple of looks at attacking bombs through the first 7min but the back three of the Jets either defuse them or wrap up the Parra catcher. Newtown then get their first attacking look of the half as a left edge shift for the Blue & Gold unravels. A cracking ball and all tackle from Luca Moretti eases the pressure though as he forces the ball loose and recovers it!

A simple but effective set allows the Eels to complete the possession with a stabbed kick from Arthur. The Jets deliver a devastating counterpunch with a late offload that pulls apart our left edge. The visiting team pour through in numbers into the backfield but that somehow butcher it! What a let off as the final pass to beat Rankin is tipped forwards.

The relief is momentary though as another late offload catches the Eels out. This time the shift from the offload to the other side as Loizou gets beaten by his opposite. Lumelume can’t contain the 2-on-1 and the support on the inside is able to scoop up the bounced pass for the try. Former Eel Charbel Tasipale the scorer there.

Try scored by Charbel Tasipale. Conversion successful by Mawene Hiroti.

Jets lead 24-12

57min gone

Outstanding defence from the left edge of the Jets is the only thing that stops the Eels from hitting back almost immediately. Cini is held up over the line on the last after a nice series of passes from Arthur to Rankin and then Cini. Massive play.

They completely flip the field off that too with a raid down their right edge that strips the Loizou/Lumelume edge for numbers again. Komolafe does brilliantly to come from the other side of the field and save the try in a huge individual effort but he is binned on the follow up play when he isn’t square at marker.

The Jets opt for the tap and go but are reckless with the ball as they kick early and boot it dead.

Jake Arthur and Luca Moretti almost create something out of nothing as Arthur slides down the left and links up with the flying backrower. Moretti breaks to his right to try and beat the fullback when he probably needed to go left and the defence swallow him up and the chance to score is gone.

Newtown go on to tack on their lead as a simple left edge raid releases Josh Mansour. The nuggety winger steps back in against the cover defence and powers over Cini to score.

Try scored by Josh Manour. Conversion successful by Mawene Hiroti.

Jets lead 30-12

67min gone

The left edge leaks again as some sharp hands gives Stonestreet space and shows electric pace to scorch past Lumelume and then step Rankin to score in the corner.

Try scored by Samuel Stonestreet. Conversion successful by Mawene Hiroti.

Jets lead 36-12

73min gone

Well that is indicative of how things have gone today. The Eels force a line drop with an opportunity to peg back some of the points differential in the shadow of the final minutes. It all unravels as the pass from Hands I think hits the deck and is scooped up by the flyer that is Stonestreet and it is far too late to shut the gates at that point. He is well and truly gone as he bags his hatty.

Try scored by Samuel Stonestreet. Conversion successful by Mawene Hiroti.

Jets lead 42-12

79min gone


Full Time

Newtown Jets 42 defeat the Parramatta Eels 12

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Can you name the sides? Shame about Russels injury


What’s Russell,s injury serious?


Apparently shoulder requires surgery and his season is over.

Is anyone televising the game?

John Eel

I am running late for the State Cup game. Will not be there in time.

Some things work against you for the better


Any reason we bought back Cayless? He has failed everywhere as a coach?


Fits in perfectly with Barrett I guess. What a thumping that was. As a development club we do not look to be producing much of anything.


There has been plenty of wind blown up some of these players arses. Diabolical start to the season.

Peter Cadwalledem

Brad has a real knack of having an eye for our junior systems. This is what you get when some sites talk up our junior development like they are some sort of messiah, when really a massive broom should be put through the joint

Look at the fg bench rent a team


I Like Jordan Rankin, but surely we should have him coaching from the sidelines and not on the field.
This is a disgraceful performance.
Who is Stonestreet, he sounds like he is pretty quick, we should be recruiting him for First Grade…..boy do all our sides lack pace?


Totally agree about pace. Our three quarters are all lacking. It has been a poor start to the year full stop across pretty much the whole club.


So True. These parra messiah players you are talking about, didn’t even win Matts or Ball and kept getting praised like they were super stars.


Nathan cayless was a great player for parra he just not a coach. Not sure why they got rid of the coach from last year . By end of weekend none of junior teams will win . Sad sad day


Think last seasons coach went to saints?? Not sure why…unless Cayless was already tapped. That said our defence has to be better and some other options maybe looked at.


Ryan Carr took a smart option of going to saints most likely Hook gets sacked Carr will likely get his shot soon enough


Sounds like the edge defence is suspect in the nrl and cup teams. Is it the individual or the coaching. Cayless does not impress me as a coach and at the moment either does BA.


Hi Guys, Is Coery Fenning still with the club in reserve grade squad?


I believe he has an injury from last season.


Our Pathways crap that has been spoken about is a myth.
Yes a few players are going on to grade but we aren’t producing players from a winning system.
We are 0-2 in both grades the talent pool is looking empty.

Parra fans feel free to book holidays in September this year

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