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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 64: Fresh Newcastle & Manly Drama, Ciraldo Commits & The NRLW

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The drama is on tap and free flowing in the NRL as both the Newcastle Knights and Manly Sea Eagles try to stamp out fresh spot fires surrounding key personnel. Sixties, Spiro and Forty20 try to unravel the respective messes at each club at their seasons crater out.

Where exactly the future of the NRL grand final lies is still very much in the air as the tug-of-war between QLD and NSW intensifies. The panel discusses the merits (or lack thereof) of changing over 100 years of history with Sixties in particular launching into an impassioned tirade.

Cameron Ciraldo finally makes his move with the hottest free agent coach inking a 5-year deal with the Bulldogs. The boys chat about the unusually long contract length for a rookie coach and whether it was the right move.

Next up is a breakdown of the 2022 NRLW season with its launch this weekend. The Eels are hosting the reigning premiers in the Sydney Roosters while the competition itself took a huge shake-up following a rowdy free agency. The importance of new faces Gayle Broughton, Brooke-Morgan Walker and Losana Lutu is the focus as the Eels look to make waves.

The show concludes with a final look back at the ugly loss to Souths and then the next installment of Parra Stories as Sixties takes TCT to Winston Hills.

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Manly seems to have a problem of culture colliding with culture. The Knights just have a problem with culture.

V’Landys may be a mover and a shaker but he epitomes what is wrong with power in Sydney. I do think the media need to stop kowtowing to him. It is pathetic. Move the grand final for all I care. It will be seen as a dumb NRL move.

Hoping to get to the game in time for the NRLW on Saturday.

Last edited 1 month ago by Shaun

Yes, it is a joke that the grand final venue is still not locked in. It’s at the embarrassing stage for a major professional sport. It’s time for PVL to wake up to himself on this.

John Eel

Shaun Sixties not sure that I agree with either of you on Valandys. While I wish he would butt out of matters around football operations, I think he is probably as good as we have had around commercial negotiations and government dealings Whilst I may not agree totally with the areas in which money is being spent. My concern is that the NSW Government made a commitment to the NRL to, in my understanding, invest in upgrades to the NSW stadiums in lieu of playing a fee for the GF. Based on this I feel the villain here is the… Read more »

John Eel

Should read “paying a fee “ not “playing a fee “


I have no respect for V’Landys since how he treated Louise Herron. Apart from getting the game back during COVID he has been of little value to the NRL. Regardless of the issue with the stadiums he has handled it badly behaving more like a petulant child than a reasonable adult.


You’re right, Ray stone does set the tone and wouldn’t be on much at the dolphins. Who let him go Arthur. . And also all this bs talk from Arthur about not turning up is bullshit. How can 17 players not turn up especially at home?.the fact is Arthur’s systems are failures. Our wide defense is a failure, our patients is a failure, our one out attacking plays is a failure Lets face it , ba has one two finals games in almost a decade against Newcastle and the donkeys who’ve done absolutely fa. Both bum teams . Brad is… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Chef

You do realise that BA leaves negotiations to others. Regardless, the bottom line is that Stoney got the coin that he probably wouldn’t have got at Parra. Unfortunately injury took him out this year as it did other yearS and the Eels had to make a call. But I’m still calling that we missed him and his attitude at times this year. Very good interchange option.


The head coach always has the ability and knowledge about each player to at least demand that that player should be a priority when negotiations are taking place. Brad is definitely consulted and has a large say on what he needs in his squad. I’ve always loved the way Stone plays from his Junior days. He is the fabric in the club’s identity.
Trust me he would be on small coin at the dolphins, maybe 180k
Surely we could have done something


Of course a coach has his say. And a coach will also have an opinion on how much a player is worth. But there are others involved for a reason. Stone would be on more than 180K at the Dolphins. But without doubt there’s been an element missing from our attitude that Stone would bring – aggression and line speed.

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