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Team List Tuesday – Beginning The Climb Again Edition

NRL Team List


Between Brad Arthur’s long history of loyalty to his troops and perhaps even more importantly – a brutal five day turnaround the Parramatta Eels sport an unchanged roster after a truly diabolical loss to the Bulldogs on Monday. There is no room for excuses this week. Should any player put in an effort that is missing a single iota of desperation to win or pride in the jersey then they should be spending a lengthy stint in reserve grade.

Frustratingly, the Roosters though are not the kind of team that the Eels have had problems with in 2022. Even if we consider that yesterday never happened and has no impact in shaping our preparation for Saturday I would have been very confident that the Eels would have been well prepared for the Tri-Colours. Parramatta’s issues pertain to teams that are clearly weaker than them on paper and we will have no clarity on that matter after this week.

It is difficult to drum up a big spiel about this week’s team sheet when all is said and done. The boys embarrassed themselves and the colours in Round 14. They have the chance to take a small step towards redemption and rebuilding the faith this week but even a dominant win over the Roosters (likely or unlikely as it would be) is but a start in that process as they begin the climb once more.

The Parramatta Eels take on the Sydney Roosters at 7:35PM at CommBank Stadium on Saturday night.


1. Clinton Gutherson (c)
2. Maika Sivo
3. Will Penisini
4. Waqa Blake
5. Bailey Simonsson
6. Dylan Brown
7. Mitchell Moses
8. Reagan Campbell-Gillard
9. Reed Mahoney
10. Junior Paulo (c)
11. Shaun Lane
12. Marata Niukore
13. Isaiah Papali’i

14. Makahesi Makatoa
15. Ryan Matterson
16. Oregon Kaufusi
17. Nathan Brown

18. Tom Opacic
19. Jake Arthur
20. Bryce Cartwright
21. Ky Rodwell
22. Sean Russell

NSW Cup Team List


Like their NRL cohorts, the NSW Cup had an ugly loss to the Bulldogs on Monday. They at least had to contend with a string of untimely injuries that saw Jordan Rankin and Hayze Perham sidelined for that particular contest. Still, they were well and truly below the standards we associate with this team.

Jordan Rankin, who is nurturing a hamstring injury, has been elevated to the rarely seen captain-coach role and will marshall his troops from the coaching box this week. Perham returns to fullback in his absence with Tom Opacic officially named in the centres after his late inclusion last week.

The North Sydney Bears easily accounted for the Eels when these two teams last met but that was amidst a backline crisis across the NRL and NSW Cup for the Blue & Gold. How Parramatta backup from their messy defeat to the Bulldogs will be every bit as telling for the NSW Cup as it will be for the NRL this week.

The Parramatta Eels take on the North Sydney Bears at 5:10PM at CommBank Stadium on Saturday.

1. Hayze Perham
2. Solomone Naiduki
3. Zac Cini
4. Tom Opacic
5. Sean Russell
6. Jack A Williams
7. Jake Arthur
8. Ofahiki Ogden
9. Mitch Rein
10. Wiremu Greig
11. Elie El-Zakhem
12. Bryce Cartwright
13. Ky Rodwell

14. Luke Bain
15. Tevita Taumoepenu
16. Samuel Loizou
17. Brendan Hands


Jersey Flegg Team List


The lone team to lodge a win last week – a bittersweet triumph for the Jersey Flegg. It was exactly the kind of result that myself and Sixties have been asking for as they built a solid win over the Bulldogs. Josh Chappell will partner Ethan Sanders in the halves this week, which in turn sees Jabriel Kalache push out to the centres. There is a whole lot of turnover in the forward pack (likely mandated by injuries and/or suspensions) with Nicholas Lenaz and Jake Kusto handling dummy half duties and Taylor Mauala adding size to the bench. Nikau Wrathall is the likely 17th player but is wearing the #18 with a vacant spot in the lineup at #17.

The Roosters are the benchmark in this grade and handed the Eels a very narrow defeat earlier in the season. Obviously revenge is at play here but for Parramatta the focus needs to continue to be on building their fundamentals and executing their structures cleanly.

The Parramatta Eels take on the Sydney Roosters at 3:00PM at Kellyville Park on Saturday.

1. Dantoray Lui
2. Arthur Miller-Stephen
3. Jabriel Kalache
4. Lachlan Blackburn
5. Matthew Komolafe
6. Josh Chappell
7. Ethan Sanders
8. Jontay-Junior Betham-Misa
9. Nicholas Lenaz
10. David Hollis
11. Ryan Jones
12. Felix Niutili-Schmidt
13. Peter Taateo
14. Jake Kusto
15. Brock Parker
16. Taylor Mauala
17. TBA

18. Nikau Wrathall


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Is there any fan out there that truly expected any changes to the side ? BA has shown that it’s just not his style and will back his troops to ‘turn it around’ – perhaps that’s the problem? I would wager that the top coaches would have always held individuals responsible for a performance like that yet time and time and time again individuals are given yet another chance. How can you wave a big stick when those who hear the message know deep down that they are hollow words? There just has to be consequences and those in charge… Read more »


Who would you have dropped Spark?

It was a failure of epic proportions, and singling out one or two individuals may in fact have the opposite effect to the desired one. As appalled as I was at that insipid display, I’m unconvinced that 1 bad game in a terrible team performance deserves reserve grade. Another (lack of) effort like that though…


And someone for Mahoney –
I get the feeling Mahoney is doing a Corey Norman on Moses.
I think Mahoney wants to be the boss.

Murray Cod

This assessment of Mahoney is a Robinson Crusso event, it has been happening and my barber (what better place to be told the truth?) told me at the end of last season that one of our longterm forwards told his cousin that “Mahoney won’t listen to us’he thinks he knows everything”


Bit like yourself ?


Usually sober at barber, in a taxi drunk, not sure which is better.


There were a couple of reasons we didn’t extend Reed’s contract and they weren’t all to do with money.


It’s not just one bad game, these sort of performances have to be cut out like the cancer they are.
But since you asked, I would have dropped Mahoney and bought in Rein.
Not that Rein has been playing well but Mahoney has been well below the required standard.
Just make a statement! If the team know there are no consequences, you will always lose the 1% ers that seperate the winners and the losers.


It’s a big call to drop a bloke who the media keep touting for Origin. But I’m hoping he has been given a warning. He’s been subpar most games, appears to be ignoring calls from the halves, his passing on Monday was missing the mark as often as not. And those goddamn crash plays that everyone knows are coming appear to be about his try assist stats rather than the team/game situation. I’m no longer upset he’s leaving, it seems the club assessment of his value was pretty damn accurate. Personally I’d leave out Kaufusi for Rodwell. On a short… Read more »


That’s fair enough but personally I’ve always thought Harry Grant and Ben Hunt were miles ahead of Reed in both natural skill and application. It would take a miracle for Reed to ever play SOO, notwithstanding any future wizz kids coming along. The fault doesn’t lie with the players, BA owns the results here 100%.


Give Hands a run as hooker , much younger and faster legs than Rein


I agree

greg okladnikov

Describing the Eels this season – a quote from Winston Churchill

“a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma”

Let’s see what group turns up this week

Colin Hussey

I walked away from the game on the box, something that is a rarity for me. However, in doing that it really achieved nothing for my own persona as a long time eels supporter, I also posted on one of TCT blogs as to my pre match thoughts to which I pointed out the dogs team will not be easy beats. I also added that the game would be a different one with how they will play, and there will be an opposition team that will be playing differently and it was going to be a danger game. I also… Read more »


Well, we’re certainly not peaking early this year. If I run with the theory that BA is playing the long game in 2022, that’ll keep me hopeful that everything is going to plan. OK lads out you go again, don’t let JWH boss you around.


Typical no accountability from BA but in fairness our reserves were shite aswell on Monday.
I just want the season to hurry up and end I feel I’ve been waiting for this premiership threatening Eels side to show up

Murray Cod

I can see that some players need to be accountable for that performance, but I see that the coaching staff are clearly more responsible than the players for the following reasons. 1. We have a record of “not getting up for games after a long break of 10 days or more” 2. Maybe we should have extra work or team activities scheduled, for a change (with perhaps some diversity) during those long periods between games. 3. A long weekend seems like a good idea perhaps to freshen up with family, but a 5 day holiday? to further alienate the 17… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Murray Cod

Different mask same clown !


I thought the five days off WAS the different strategy. Clearly it didn’t work, but I don’t think you’re correct in saying they didn’t try something new.

Can you explain your comment about further alienating? That implies you know there’s an issue between coaches and players. If so, details please.


He has no details ,He knows nothing !


Yeah there’s a bunch of blokes who only appear to muckrake and push their anti-BA agenda after a loss. They’re nowhere to be seen after a good win. I’m filing this under that category.


Good read Forty20. I’m still annoyed about how unprepared we were for the Bulldogs. Under 6’s knew Burton would kick to JAC. I think BA is a great coach. But he needs to know that his team doesn’t get up for those games. We all say it but it happens again next time we play Bulldogs or the Sea Eagles. It’s clear that other teams can get up against us. What/how do they do it? Can we find out and maybe learn something? So we don’t keep enduring this over and over again. BTW Why did the social media have… Read more »


I read the father of the 3 young accident victim kids addressed the Bulldogs, maybe they just decided football ain’t so hard.


Yes, I read that he addressed the players and that made me worried that a boilover was going to happen. We need to use things like that because this can’t keep happening and just shrugged off “we didn’t turn up.”


Is there any reason that the Jersey Flegg match is set down for Kelleyville Park instead of Commbank Stadium?

Last edited 1 month ago by Brian

I’m amazed that nobody is pointing out that the only thing Sivo will catch outside Blake is a cold. It feels like one of our best attacking options will be wasted. There’s a reason Blake was moved last year, and it hasn’t changed. He only passes once he’s got to the sideline himself, with his winger coming back inside him. Otherwise he cuts back infield rather than pass. The defence know what he’s going to do as a centre, he doesn’t get to use his strengths often enough, and he doesn’t seem able to use the strengths of his team… Read more »


BA has been told that waqa is a centre. He’s happy to play wing when there is a crisis but not happy to stay there.


Sorry, but he’s a player in a team. And he’s not a superstar. He plays where he’s told to. As I recall, BA had no problem telling Matto his future didn’t lie in the halves. I see no reason he can’t/won’t have that convo with Blake.


Agree but just telling you what I was told.


Forty: Can you enlighten me on the progress, if any, of Larry Muagututia?


Interesting rumour today that Nathan Brown won’t be in the final 17. If true I’m hoping for Rodwell but ok with Cartwright. Or both, and leave out Kaufusi, who has not kicked on as we’d hoped.


Brown definitely won’t be there and Rodwell will replace him. I also reckon that Ogden will also come into the side.


Ogden wasn’t named in the extended squad. So not this week.


Anyone else noticed that the players moving to new clubs next year, excluding Ice are playing poorly and way below their best?


Yep, mixed bag. Justify it however, but this 18 month in advance thing can’t be the best situation for the team or player. Nathan Brown has just stared it in the eye and found it uncomfortable.

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