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Bumpers Up – July 6, 2021: Damned Angry Edition

“I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

After last weekend, I can’t help but channel the famous Howard Beale character to express my rage.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, your usually affable correspondent is on the angry pills and ready to vent.

As far as I’m concerned, the rugby league world is going mad, with stupidity or ignorance in abundance. 

Maybe it’s the frustrations of being in lockdown. Maybe I’m the one with blinkered vision finding fault where none exists.

Fortunately, this column provides the cathartic medium for my mental health.

Hold on tight everyone, it’s going to be a bumpy ride on this edition of Bumpers Up.

Get Real

Everyone is entitled to support their club in whatever way they choose. You spend your money and invest your time and emotions in following your team, so you can feel however you want about the performances and results.

But as a creator and reader of social media content, there are times when the reactions from some Eels supporters leave me dumbfounded and even angry.

This was very much the case when the Eels lost to the ladder leading Panthers by one point. The prevalence of doomsday predictors and “sack BA” proponents defied belief.

Cash Mahoney

I won’t ignore the fact that the Riff were without Cleary or even Edwards. It didn’t hurt our cause. Yet, the media and those supporters almost blissfully overlooked that Parra were without Mahoney and were likewise affected.

The fact is that Parra played a brand of football that should have delivered a win over their Western Sydney rivals, and would have were it not for the missed kicks. The match featured two quality teams, two big rivals, and a one point margin either way was a fair reflection of the ebbs and flows of the game.

In the instant reaction episode of The Tip Sheet podcast, I expressed my annoyance at the match commentary which praised the Panthers and criticised the Eels. It was incongruent with the vision unfolding on the screen. It’s not the first time that this has happened, nor will it be the last. Unfortunately, it seems that there were Eels supporters whose perceptions were influenced by the likes of Ennis and co.

Parra returned to a brand of football which works best for them. Until Gutho threw the intercept late in the first half, the Eels were strangling the Panthers out of the contest, dominating field position and offering the Riff minimal opportunities to attack. In the second half, the Eels defence held resolute against a Penrith offence fuelled by their six again boosted possession.

The expletives flowed at various times at my house, most notably when Burton kicked the field goal and then when Moses missed the penalty kick. There were individual errors which also had me fuming. All up, I was as upset as any supporter would be with the loss.

However, in light of the opposition, the standard of the contest, and in the context of all of the blowout scores, this was a game of many positives.

To find otherwise was ridiculous.


The Cumquat King

I was at odds with myself about whether to give the comments of Ray Hadley any more oxygen. Ultimately I decided that I would make this my parting shot as I don’t intend to highlight his nonsense commentary any further.

I don’t choose to listen to this shock jock. In fact, rather than listening to his oft repeated comparison of the intelligence of footy players to small Chinese fruit trees, I now switch off NRL 360 during his screen time.

However, circumstances sometimes place me within earshot of radios tuned to his program. I also receive text messages from friends whenever this bloke makes absurd comments.

I’m not sure why Mr Hadley is so critical of the club or the coach, but his track record is reaching ridiculous proportions. And the truth doesn’t always feature.

I recently wrote about his laughable description of Papali’i’s knee incident as being one of the worst things he’d seen on a rugby league field in 35 years. When it only attracted a fine, he reacted by naming and criticising the members of the MRC.

But it is his unrelenting campaign against Brad Arthur which has now earned my ire.

At various times over the years he’s made claims that Arthur has lost the dressing sheds.

This week, in his morning program, he referred to social media stories about the Eels replacing their coach. After saying that such people won’t get their wish given the coach’s contract status, he then went on to state that he “knows there are people within the Parramatta club unhappy with the coach”.

Who Ray? You imply that it is people within the club, and by doing so, you try to ignite sparks of instability.

Well Bolts, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many people “within the Parramatta club” numerous times over recent years and not once have I heard even the slightest whisper of dissatisfaction with the job being done by Arthur. Quite the opposite, as evidenced by his contract extensions.

I won’t pretend that there aren’t Eels supporters out there who are critical of BA, after all, I’ve had a shot at them in the section above.

But to state that there are club insiders with the same opinion, is nothing more than the work of a trouble maker, not a commentator.

Hadley enjoys a massive audience, which makes him an “influencer”. His ego is renowned. To be fair, it’s probably the driving force behind his success.

Thankfully, his influence on the Eels is negligible. His comments are nothing more than an annoyance to people like me.

I now declare this column a Hadley free zone.


Smell The Roses People

Are the lop-sided scores, the mid year transfers, the conduct of players getting up your nose?

If you’re an Eels supporter, it’s time to stop and smell the roses.

I’m no fan of the rule changes (more on that shortly) but our team has been one of the few to adjust to the “new game”. To that end, our losses have had identifiable issues which can be, and have been, addressed.

Other clubs are displaying a multitude of signs of internal disharmony. Of course, some of that can be explained by the strains of a losing season, but for certain teams, it looks to be the root cause of their form.

And when it comes to the Dragons, they responded to a victory with their now infamous Party at Paulie’s – apparently disobeying explicit instructions from team management.

Brad Arthur

In contrast, Brad Arthur and Eels management have reinvented the Eels culture. Talk to any player who’s arrived at the Eels from another club and you’ll begin to understand the family environment that’s been created.

With the club aiming to break the premiership drought, the foundations for success are being built.

We now cheer for a team that we confidently expect to win most games, in the best suburban stadium in Australia, backed by the largest paid up membership base in the NRL.

Throw in the Kellyville development, the professionalism of Eels management, and the financial support of the successful Parramatta Leagues Club and there is great cause for confidence.

Peter – ConfessIon Is Good For The Soul

As a lifetime follower of rugby league, my dismay about recent rule changes is rapidly becoming a fury.

It’s not too late for the NRL to admit that they’ve made mistakes, but there’s no indication that such a confession is on the horizon.

Praise is due for Peter V’landys, Andrew Abdo and the “can-do” attitude of the new NRL administration. Their navigation of the code through the challenges of COVID has been world-leading.

Peter V’landys

What was even more impressive was the strength of NRL leadership in the face of the precarious financial situation of the organisation when the pandemic first struck.

But just as fans should acknowledge the magnificent achievements of PVL and Co, so too must Peter V recognise that the “make it happen” stance has not worked with regard to the rule changes thrust suddenly upon the game. 

The most significant impact of the rule changes relate to unstoppable momentum in games and the corresponding fatigue.

The question must be asked, wasn’t this an obvious consequence? And if not, wouldn’t it have been evident if they’d taken the time to trial it in lower grade competitions?

Consider this sequence. Back in 2016, the number of interchanges was reduced from ten to eight. In 2020, the six again was introduced. Despite evidence suggesting that the rule had created confusion and increased fatigue, the NRL more than doubled down in 2021 by  expanding the scope of six again to offsides, along with eliminating scrums from touch finders.

There are two questions which come to mind.

Firstly, what was so wrong about the game in 2019 that it had to be so fundamentally changed? And make no mistake, the 2021 version is a different product.

Secondly, do those who conceived of this sequence of changes truly understand the game?

Yes, there is a gulf between the top and bottom teams in the NRL which can explain some lop-sided scores. However, we are regularly witnessing unexpected blow outs in matches between supposed evenly-matched teams. Just last week there were scoreboard massacres in Knights vs Cowboys, Titans vs Raiders and Storm vs Roosters.

In each of those matches, once momentum was gained, it was game over.

If your team is being flogged, you won’t arrest momentum from an aggressive opposition giving you six again on an early tackle as they pin you on your line.

Furthermore, you won’t have an opportunity to slow things up or control the tempo by kicking for touch. In one fell swoop the NRL administration removed a century old staple of the game.

This scrum rule change would have been understandable if they were removing an unskilled tactic from the game. However, the intelligent half or game manager used to be able to take hold of the direction of a game, or create much needed rest periods for their forwards, via their kicking game.

Now such skill simply results in a turn over for the opposition with barely a stoppage. And don’t dare suggest that any stoppage is bad. Players are human. Consequential stoppages are an essential part of the game. If you want nothing but hand-overs, then may I suggest watching touch footy.

There are suggestions that the NRL is considering changes to restarts, with scoring teams kicking off. Have they considered the impact that will bring? It seems like rules on the fly, bringing in a new rule to address the problems created by their previous changes.

Surely the simplest solution is to admit error, roll back some rules, and let the game find its feet for a period of time.

Right now, I’m looking for wisdom rather than strength in NRL leadership.


The Draw Loses Integrity

I am somewhat dumbfounded by the lack of criticism of the NRL’s actions in punishing the Dragons players.

The suspension of the “Festive 13” for Party at Paulie’s has affected far more than the Red V’s finals chances. What was never a level playing field in the draw has now become seriously unbalanced.

Forcing St George to go into their next four matches with a significant combination of players absent via suspension will basically award the two competition points to each of their opponents. Furthermore, each of their opponents are likely to drastically improve their for and against.

Some may say that such is the luck of the draw. It’s true that each season some teams have the good fortune of facing the likes of Melbourne, Penrith or Easts without their stars during Origin. Injury riddled periods for some teams can also be beneficial for some opponents. For example, the lucky teams faced Manly early in the year when Turbo was absent. It happens, that’s footy.

That said, Manly, Gold Coast, Souths and Canberra are about to receive an advantage that other teams do not, and it’s one signed off on by the NRL. For the Sea Eagles, it’s their second such gift.

In deciding to spread out the suspensions of the Dragons players, the NRL were reportedly concerned about not punishing the club with the limited availability of players due to

However, the first duty of the NRL should have been protecting the integrity of the competition.

If they were prepared to effectively write off four weeks of the Dragons competing for a win, then surely an eight point penalty should have been the best action.

Allowing the players to take the field would mean that their opponents have to earn a win – just as  every club had to do.

As it stands, four teams are being handed a decidedly unfair advantage.


A Positive Note 

Congratulations to Mitch Moses for his selection as the new Blues half.

Since moving to the Eels, Moses has worked tirelessly to improve his game. Though unjustly described as being a “flat track bully”, Mitch has ignored the critics to become an effective game manager as well as a devastating ball runner.

Mitch Moses scores that try at Bankwest – image courtesy Foxsports

It’s no coincidence that the top four clubs are the homes for the best four halves. Whether Fittler chose Moses or Reynolds, he was selecting a player from a leading club and in doing so bringing in a player in form.

Congratulations also go to Clint Gutherson and to former Eel, Stefano Utoikamanu, for their inclusion in the extended Blues squad. In being pleased for Stefano, I must also admit to being stunned that RCG was overlooked. The big bloke with the even bigger mo is the form prop in the NRL.

He must wonder what he has to do to get selected.

One More Positive

Exciting times lie ahead with the creation of the Eels inaugural NRLW roster.

Last week’s announcement that Simaima Taufa, Tiana Penitani, Botille Vette-Welsh, Filomina Hanisi, and Kennedy Cherrington will set the ball rolling as the club’s marquee recruits certainly stirred up plenty of interest in Eels supporter groups.

It’s going to be a challenge for each of the six clubs to be ready to play in a relatively short time, but every club will be on equal footing in terms of assembling their squads.

Having an NRL team to cheer for this season will be massive for the Blue and Gold Army as well as a huge fillip for the competition. It will be interesting to find out how many members are adding NRLW memberships to their package.

Eels forever!





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Colin Hussey

Great Post Sixties. For me the game today is close to being stuffed, after watching the Riff and eels game, I walked away from the box and have not watched another game since, as it makes me sick as to how the game has changed for the worse. How do they adjudicate on the repeat sets, when one side gets an almost constant flow of them with repeats going in a big way to one side, with the other side scraping in with one or two occassionally. When did the rules change that allow gang tackles on opposition players who… Read more »

Colin Hussey

sixties, its bad enough when 3 defenders are involved with the gang tackle to take/pull the player towards the side line often by holding the player down with feet on ground, but when the 4th comes in he is used to push the player with the ball and increase the momentum to the side line. At that point the Ref needs or has to call held, wasn’t the rule in vogue that once the forward momentum of the ball runner was stopped, the tackle was deemed to be completed? How many games would many of the player fairies make in… Read more »

Colin Hussey

Going back quite a few years, I remember when RU & RL were very much competing with each other as to which code would end up at the top of the ledger board, at the time the Ra Ra’s tried to gain a supremacy by calling RL Running Wrestling, for many years that term stood but faded out as RL got to the ascendacy over father time. We are now in a new decade, and I wonder how long before RL will regain its tag of Running Wrestling?? One of the other big areas in the game brings that term… Read more »


Like yourself I barely watch any other game other than Eels’ matches these days especially when I hear the score is so one sided. If they’re going to stick with 6 agains they have to get the scoring team to kick off to give the other team some possession. Forget about the threat of Covid, these one sided games are quickly killing off the game and it needs to be addressed urgently. Honestly the refs need to have various hand signals to show viewers what the call is for as most, like myself, have no idea which is frustrating. Also… Read more »

Colin Hussey

At least watching from home, you get the buzzer and 6 again and some other pop up, I wonder if its heard at the games? The riff got their first try IIRC after repeat sets close to the try line, and was in a flurry of plays, that gave the defenders no time to reform into their positions. Only indications one can see is if the ref waves his arm/hands to the other teams supporters who chear as a result. I am personally jack of the rule as its a total joke, especially the repeat set, we have/had a rule… Read more »


Glenn, Parra regularly have a slower play the ball speed than their opponent. We work hard to not concede penalties or 6 again in the ruck, yet it doesn’t seem to pan out that way. As for a kick off rule change, I’m dead against creating another rule change to fix a rule change error. But let’s say that rule does come in. If the scoring team kicks off they have the opportunity to pin the other team deep in their half and potentially get the ball in a better position than they would have off a normal kick off… Read more »

Colin Hussey

Anon, doesn’t happen very much but I totally agree with you on this point. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the present system, as against the other option.

Longfin Eel

It’s almost like the referees are adjudicating based on who the favourite is. I hope very much that is not the case.

David popovic

This was an absolutely great read! Thank you


On point yet again! Love your work – a highlight of each week!


My biggest complaint is the blind faith and inability to see that The BA criticism is justified. I’ve said time and time again I applaud and appreciate all BA has done but it’s becoming clear that there is limitations to where he can take this club. Sack BA may maybe not add more or new assistants yes absolutely. We competed with a under strength Panthers we showed we are still have a way to go. Apparently voicing that here will have people call you a fake fan or stupid etc.. I take of my eels glasses and I see the… Read more »


Not you but other supporters are quick to attack those who dare doubt BAs ability to take us to the next step. I would love to be proven wrong but if we bow out in straight sets again this year I think the pressure for change will increase and rightfully so. Nathan Brown made finals alot as Dragons coach when it was felt he couldn’t go that next step in came Bennett a minor premiership and premiership followed (yes he destroyed the salary cap apon leaving) Maybe BA is a Brown type coach no shame in that if we are… Read more »

John Eel

Anon I think the blind faith are those who believe sacking the coach is the path to instant premiership success

Show me how in the past sacking coaches has brought instant success and premierships to the Eels.

There was a long list of coaches after Brian Smith but still no cigars


Well said John. If Parra weren’t on a different path, if we hadn’t become regular finalists, I would also suggest that we need to change our coach. But the evidence is that we are solidifying our place as a leading team – when so many others are a rabble.

Longfin Eel

I’m yet to see a workable solution from any of the “Sack BA” brigade. I think they want to drag Bellamy or Bennett to Parra. Apparently it’s just that easy and they will walk away from their current contracts and/or postpone retirement plans.


What I would like to see is a transition plan for the future if BA gets sacked or walks away for a better offer who in our current system is ready to step in


I think he’s shown alot to suggest that and as such should be moved into the assistant role. I worry about the lack of new voices around BA it’s been the same group for a while I think one or 2 new voices/philosophys every couple of years is good for the squad and for BA, i haven’t seen alot of evolution in our playing style apart from the halves switching sides 1 thing that has changed is reeds output in games. It’s very conceivable that BA becomes the longest serving eels coach and have zero trophy’s to show for that… Read more »


This is a solid article. Although i accept that we largely played well against Penrith i do not think we can grab a finals win (we can compete but not win) against Melbourne or Penrith at the moment. This is for the following reasons. First, we do not have top-shelf attacking structures in place. Further, there are not enough “strike players” to grab points against the aforementioned teams within our average attacking structures. This is particularly so where Dylan Brown (who i have a really high opinion of and consider the best defensive half in the comp) has one try… Read more »

Big roy

Had reedy played our whole game would have been a yard faster with more questions asked around the ruck , reed opens up the middle quite often nowadays , his presence was greatly missed , lussic is a competent backup but he plays a flat game similar to nathan peats and cameron king and that just dosent get it done under the new rules , his service is to slow and way to many times his passes disjoint our attacking speed , your whole game seems to depend on the speed and competency of service from the dummy half more… Read more »


All good points Mathias. Yes our attack is too predictable but sacking BA is a step too far for me atm. He is a coach that players like and respect and as such should be retained but his assistants need to be changed. A decent attacking coach is badly needed and perhaps a new defence coach. With the team BA has assembled we should be one others talk about as a premiership threat. Currently four clubs feature heavily, Storm, Penrith, Souths and Manly are the ones mentioned but not us.


I think people are not referring to the new staff but Murf

John Eel

Every manager of people I have ever known including myself has taken people with them that they can trust.

It has advantages in that you have someone who’s a supporter watching your back and who’s judgment you trust. A person that will not be frightened to disagree with your decisions when you are going off reservation.

I went off reservation a lot.

Big roy

Not people just the same person !!


Ray Hadley on NRL 360 tonight was a disgrace. He yelled and screamed and showed no sympathy at all towards Paul Vaughan. You don’t have to feel sorry for him but acknowledging that it is a hard time for him and his family is simply being a good human being. Vaughan made a very poor mistake and has paid a heavy price, I don’t blame the club they had to do what they did but it has possibly cost him and his family over a million dollars. Ray Hadley should know that men in there mid to late 20’s sometimes… Read more »

Last edited 6 days ago by Shelley
Big Derek

Shelley, absolute spot on. Hadley was close to foaming at the mouth tonight, he continues to denigrate the Eels and push agendas that just aren’t there.

Tonight underlined how close to a verbal bully he has become.


BA and the current management at Parra annoys him because he cannot get any inside mail and he has no power over the choices made. I will never forget 2016 when Greenberg gave in and gave Hadley what he wanted and even announced the decision on stripping our points on the radio before members got told simply because Hadley thought his mates would be put in charge of the club by the government. How wrong he was. 2016 was a blessing, it gave us an opportunity to get rid of the factions and the power brokers such as Hadley forever.… Read more »

John Eel

Shelley remember when Ray tried to sell us Piggy Ridell as a new director of the leagues club.

Please I enjoyed Piggy as a player and personality but as a director rebuilding the damaged club. Ray has no idea.


I heard Sixties calls into the Hadley show under a pseudonym? Called Ken.


Isnt rays son a failed drug taking cop

Last edited 6 days ago by Anonymous

Youd think hed be fairly understanding of young men making some big mistakes


Agreed on this one. Vaughan and co made a poor choice. Let’s look at Jai Arrow…an Origin player in origin camp in his supposed bubble of love, and he brings in a female. Can someone pls tell me what is worse? A bbq of players and one wife ( we are told) or an origin player bringing in a female during origin time showing less respect for his teammates, and yet the media and co go light on the origin player. I think Saints were an easier target….maybe they want the origin week to be less tainted and for me… Read more »


Hey Sixties, Really enjoy the podcast, the articles and your analysis. You know what you’re talking about. A few queries? Peter Sterling always says he thinks an area of improvement for us is to throw the ball a little wider on occasion coming out of trouble. He thinks our forwards expend too much energy taking it up one out from the ruck which saps their juice for later in the game. What is your take? I also note in the Penrith game, I thought our forwards got pushed back a lot more often by their forwards compared to what we… Read more »


Peter always knows best !!!


Penriths forwards were making first contact far closer to the advantage line than we were, cutting down momentum and post contact mtrs. The problem with TV is that they rarely give you a longer shot of the defending team’s 10 mtrs (or 9 or 8 or 7). Top marks for attitude and consistency, it’s in their DNA, but as you say sixties, you can only make judgement by viewing at the ground.I always offer Warren Ryan’s referee management systems at theDogs in the 80’s as hard evidence of coaching around the rules, I often wonder what are the modern day… Read more »

Jimmy Corbo

Nice read Sixties, your comments about all the talk around Cleary being missing and nothing regarding Mahoney really resonated with me. The League pundits for the majority of the time roll out the same comments i.e. Moses isn’t a big game player, the Hasler ambush when Manly wins, player is under fatigue when he misses a tackle in the 12th minute etc etc It is extremely rare that you get a disagreement on a panel and genuine discussion on the game based on opinions, it is as bad as the player interviews with “credit to the boys” etc. One from… Read more »

Jimmy Corbo

Agree completely regarding the Riff game, we had them beat at their own game, hold possession and grind them out. Unfortunately two errors by the King in either half cruelled us, the intercept and the forward pass. The games were not played in conditions to provide a 30-24 score line, barring very bad defence allowing it. The one thing I really took heart from was that in the middle part of the second half Penrith was on top and dominating possession and field position but late in the game we were able to turn momentum and wrestle back the upper… Read more »

Jpe Briffa

mate i have solved all my dislike to the so called experts there is a mute button which is now used for all games involving PARRA and like you that thing makes an appearance on 360 it’s switch off time for me. Keep up the good work Craig

Longfin Eel

The relentlessness of the media trying to open up gaps in the Parramatta club are true amazing. The fact that the club and players in particular have held firm despite this is credit to them. I suppose fans are trying to come to terms with a long premiership drought and are asking questions on when and how this will be broken, but we should expect much better from trained and experienced journalists. No doubt each are feeding off the other, so this cycle is not likely to be broken any time soon. Regarding the rule changes for this season, I… Read more »


Agree with the write up, lots of talk of the rule changes. Its been obvious many teams Penrith ,Storm and others bending the rules whether it being offside at the ruck or just using other teams as mattress testers( lying on the player toooo long in tackles). We all see it, the real qusetion is why dont the NRL start penalising players for this, not 6 agains 5-10 minute send offs?


It may have been cathartic for you to pen these words Sixties but it has been cathartic for me to read them. Reading some of the comments on another Parra social media site after the Penrith game made me wonder whether they had actually watched the game and whether they are real supporters of our club. It was a great game between 2 of the best 5 teams in the comp. I have been in a Hadley free zone forever. He bases his stupid comments on bs and is nothing more than a shock jock. I watch most league games… Read more »

Steve Moore

Sensational post mate.

Brett Allen

1) Hadley is best mates with Denis Fitzgerald, both peanuts would rather the club fail than succeed without them. As for Papa, whiIst I don’t agree with Hadley’s over the top call, IMO Papa was very lucky to get away with a fine. He intentionally sank his knee into a players head, albeit not with malicious force. Given the head contact crackdown, I fully expected a two week suspension, and would’ve been thrilled to only cop that. 2) As I have said before, I agree with the 6 again rule in principle. It was designed to stop clubs, ie the… Read more »

Big roy

Only way ice could have gone was mister 3 times munster going first !!!!!!

Mr controversy aka rev

Well said sixties. I agree with everything you have said. Like you sixties i was shocked that RCG didn’t get picked for soo. I really don’t know how much more he can do to get picked for soo.


Am I making this up, or did anyone else think in Manly v Raiders last night that Manly were allowed to constantly lay in the tackle until finally some 6 Agains were called and then they offended less but still tried it on. The Raiders weren’t perfect but to me it looked like one team coached to do it, the other thinking well if they’re doing it, why can’t we?


Watch the Melbourne Storm
A player is tackled to the ground held and then another Storm player comes in and lays on top of the tackler.
Why isn’t this penalised?


Should be.

John Eel

Yesterday I had a busy day entertaining my grandson. School holidays. It was cold so I went to bed early and listened to the game on SEN.

While I do not want to blame SEN alone, but why do commentators not recognise the Eels as potential GF winners. It is not just SEN it is common narrative around NRL commentators

Giving it some thought I think the reason is Unconscious Bias. The Eels have not won a GF in a long time.

However isn’t the term Unconscious Bias an oxymoron?


I might just steal that term for future posts!


Mr Sixties, I am somewhat surprised at such an emotionally charged post. I love it. You are normally quite calmly objective when it comes to Parra. Parra the Le Misserables of the NRL and one would ask why? Parra is not known as a dirty team and having watched them for over sixty years have often bore the unjust treatment of the referees and the press. So what! Parra has outlived many referees and journalists. Maybe we should ask Mr Hadley what has Parra done to him. I believe some years back he was a passionate supporter. So what happened?… Read more »


Cheers for the in-depth reply Zero. I have lost faith in common sense in these current times, but that’s maybe my own lockdown frustrations kicking in? Hadley is that emotional volcano indeed. I’ve had many opportunities in recent years to speak with Fitzy. I’d never heard him being critical of BA. BA’s bench use? I’ve heard quite a few fans who aren’t fans of his bench use. As far as I can tell, he uses the bench in a way he thinks it’s best for each match. We normally see him getting long minutes out of starting back rowers, hence… Read more »

John Eel

How about the miss by Luke Burt against the Tigers?

John Eel

With regard to Ricky every cloud has a silver lining.

The problem for me with the Luke Burt kick was that I was at the game with my brother and he is a Tigers supporter.

As Luke was lining up the kick I was preaching to my brother that if there was anyone you would want to take the kick to win the game it would be Luke.


Not a kick, but Luke’s best was a kick return after the final bell when he dropped the ball in the tackle and Tigers (again) scored to win. He could have run the ball dead. Life can be cruel.


I won’t debate that sixties, it might be that both happened, and Luke Burt doesn’t deserve to be reminded.


Very good read Sixties.
For a long time referees were reluctant to penalise players tackling the kickers late. So it got of of hand.
We now see the markers in the play the ball putting a hand on the player playing the ball nearly all the time. It too has not been penalised and has now got out of hand.
It’s a penalty, not one of those silly 6 agains.

Mr controversy aka rev

Hadley has had it in for the eels for a bloody long time. I remember it clearly as if it was yesterday. Hadley got invited to the league’s club for lunch by Dennis Fitzgerald what Hadley didn’t expect was smithy being there. Hadley was telling everyone that cared that smithy had lost the dressing room. This was when Jamie Lyon walked out. So 1 disgruntled player = lost dressing room in hadley’s eye’s. When Hadley n Dennis Fitzgerald had finished lunch with smithy Hadley got up Dennis Fitzgerald n told him in no uncertain terms that he was ambushed n… Read more »

Last edited 2 days ago by Mr controversy aka rev
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