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The Tip Sheet – 2021 Episode 29: Bye Week Bonanza Feat. Joey Grima & Fletch

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The bye week brings a bumper edition of The Tip Sheet as Forty20 and Sixties take it well beyond golden point. It all begins with the hugely anticipated return of Joey Grima, who has plenty to say, as the boys talk NRLW, State of Origin and the philosophy of field goals.

TCT and The Tip Sheet get a very special guest this week as they welcome Fletch to the show. It just so happens to be his birthday on the day of recording for this week’s episode and the budding podcaster (co-host of The EELectric Podcast, check it out!) joins the boys to form a super-panel for all things Parramatta!

With no game to preview this week, Sixties leads a NRL potpourri. Starting with discussions about the Parramatta roster and then shifting through the state of the game, draw integrity and State of Origin, the duo run through a medley of topical topics in the game.

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Jpe Briffa

thanks boys .sixties your talk about some of these so called supporters smelling the roses unless idiot motor mouth or some other site [nameless] tell them what roses are they wouldn’t know what to sniff, loved the podcast keep up the good work.


Thanks Joe. Love your support.
The thing is, we often get accused of looking through rose coloured glasses. But it’s not like we’ve never been critical of the club. One of our critical posts sits near the top of the highest read posts of all time on this site.
Maybe it’s a case of some not wanting their hopes built up too much. Every supporter starts each season with hope. Our club now gives us cause for bigger hope each year. I for one am all for that.

John Eel

Enjoyed the Tip Sheet,plenty to talk about. The biggest problem I see with the NRLW is the dominance of the Broncos. In its purest form you could say just let the competition even itself out organically or the NRLW could in some way dilute the Broncos stranglehold on the talent. Outside of Sean Russell do we have any really speedy outside backs coming through. This is one area where I feel we can improve especially under the current rule interpretations The scoring team kicking off. Wasn’t that tried in Super League? While I really feel that RCG deserved his place… Read more »


We have just had news that the NRLW will proceed as scheduled which is terrific and important news. Plenty of “names” aligning with Parra which augers well.
As for exceptional speed, I reckon such players are few and far between. I can’t think of any in the class of JAC, the Hammer or Saab coming through – and to be fair, there’s not many in that class across the NRL.

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