The Cumberland Throw

The Cumberland Throw – Three Years On

Happy birthday to us!

On Christmas Eve, 2015, The Cumberland Throw was launched. Three years down the track we’re still punching away – and proudly so.

Given the existing fan forums and Facebook sites, it’s never been our intention to compete with other supporter platforms. I firmly believe that we’ve succeeded in providing an additional avenue for Eels news and opinions. From Junior Reps to NRL, TCT covers the Parramatta club with original content designed to inform fellow supporters.

And what a season we picked for our launch! It began with the excitement of a new Stadium reaching the planning stage. Chris and I were part of the focus group discussing ideas for Stadium inclusions. This is the second of the reports back to Eels supporters.

The turmoil of 2016 was unlike any seen in the history of the Eels. With the points penalty handed down to the club; the sanctions against Directors and Club Executives; the loss of key players such as Paulo, Peats and Foran; and the suspension of Corey Norman; every week seemed to bring its own dramas.

With Chris Losco leading the way, TCT had to take a political stand on the off-field issues. Chris became the face of the Eels fans during this time with his proposal for the current Board to stand down and for merit selection for a new Board to be the pathway to better governance.

Yet on the field there was cause to celebrate. The thirteen victories would have secured a finals position were it not for the points penalty. The roster was decimated, with Robson and Gutherson finishing the season as the halves, yet the team found unity in the face of adversity.

It was expected that 2017 would be a re-building year, but not even losing in-form fullback Gutherson for the back-end of the season could prevent a Top 4 finish. The loss to the Storm in Week 1 of the finals was both inspiring and gut-wrenching. More on that later.

We did see an Eels team feature on Grand Final Day 2017 as the Parramatta NYC team looked to take home the trophy in the competition’s final year. We were there to capture the drama via Forty’s incredible live blog.

So to this past 2018 season. Shelley moved from reader to author as she joined Clint, Colmac and Nathan as featured writers on TCT. Imagine having 2018 as your first season of writing posts!

On the Eels front, Jarryd Hayne put excitement into the pre-season by returning to the Eels on a greatly reduced contract.

Mitch earned Nostradamus status with everyone in his Watchlist series nailing an NRL debut. It makes his 2019 series compulsory reading

Unfortunately, there could never be a more diabolical season to host an Eels supporter site. I’ll be honest – it’s not easy reporting on week after week of losses. It’s hard for any supporter to admit that their team deserved the Wooden Spoon – but we did.

When the much publicised review was announced, Clint was already composing his analysis of where the review would go.

My highlight of the Cumberland Throw over the last three years?

I could easily list any of our interviews – past legends, Tim Mannah, current coaches and staff – imagine having the opportunity to meet such people and ask questions that you’ve always wanted to ask. And yes, the best stories are always off the record!!!

This may sound strange, but forced to narrow it down, I’d nominate the week of the Melbourne Storm final as a highlight. I rarely write training reports during the season, and I didn’t that week, but the team trained brilliantly – they were pumped. We travelled down to Melbourne for the game, enjoyed some beers with a horde of Eels fans at a pub near the ground, then watched Parra give it their all only to have every crucial call go against them. Proud – but gutted.

The Cumberland Throw has introduced us to many of you in person. Whether you’ve caught up with us at the games, at the club, or at training it’s been wonderful to make new mates.

I’d also like to extend my personal thanks to all of my fellow Cumberland Throw founders and contributors. May there be many more years of working together.

Importantly, thank you to our readers – whether you reply regularly, occasionally or just prefer to read – we know you are as passionate about the Eels as we are. We recently cracked the million visitors mark – quite remarkable for a site that doesn’t publish a new post every day of the year. Such support is greatly appreciated.

I recently expressed our gratitude for the support that the Eels players and staff give The Cumberland Throw. We certainly wouldn’t be able to provide some of our insights without that support.

Finally, what can be expected in 2019?

The first 8 weeks of pre-season training reports are hinting at a changing of the guard. And Colmac has used this Stat Attack post to highlight an important KPI that the Eels will probably need to address.

In 2019,TCT will again provide our unique coverage of all things Eels. The club have emphasised their unity from Junior Reps to NRL. Of course we’ll provide previews, interviews, reviews, analysis, opinions – and we’ll be there for all grades – bigger and better.

And personally, I wouldn’t mind writing about a few more successes next year!

Eels forever!


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“Providing an additional avenue for Eels news”. – no way, you provide all the Eels news for this passionate Eels family, except for mainstream media. Having said that the quality of your articles is on a par or better than the commercial stuff. You have started and maintained a quality product.
Congratulations to all involved, we really value you and you should be proud of what has been achieved.
Merry Christmasto to all.

Peter Zuccolotto

Just wanted to say thank you for your articles. I’m not a big fan of reading articles but the Cumberland throw is and always will be an exception. Onward and upward for 2019.

Trouser Eel

It’s hard to avoid the crap that’s out there, but the Throw always dishes up quality. I’ve enjoyed the past 3 years and hope there are many more to come. To all the TCT team, thank you, keep up the good work and have a Merry Christmas. I personally think the TCT page is high quality and I for one wouldn’t see it as a backward step if the left hand column had some advertising on it. You’ve all demonstrated your independent, well informed, approach to publishing. The presence of advertising (even if it is for Russian wife sites or… Read more »

Trouser Eel

Based on the number of “that style” of ad I used to see back when I used to look at another popular Eels site, it must be statistically significant.

rowdy roddy

Your words reflect my sentiments completely Trouser. Glad to be first, number double digit to agree with a “thumbs up”. I would also like to encourage further deliberation from supporters of this site as to any other avenue of commercial re-numeration that might be a viable option for TCT. With all sincere, due respect. How can such professional content be achieved through diligent research as it clearly is, when the monkeys are being paid less than peanuts? I’m not referring to the Queensland and Aussie cricketer type monkey here. I refer to the age old adage, :If you pay peanuts,… Read more »

The rev aka Snedden

3yrs hey 🤔 well let’s hope TCT is around for our next premiership. 🏆
It’s been good to read all about our great team win lose or draw.

To have such insight from such a commited bunch of fellow eel fans.
Don’t think we can as much insight into our team if it was for the ppl of TCT.

Look forward to hearing from you all again next year. #eels4life#

The rev aka Snedden

From my family to your family merry Christmas sixties n all the TCT family may you all have a great day n be careful on the roads. GB you all.



Thank you guys i love this site i love that even when my opinion isn’t popular its not attacked unnecessarily or personally. Its truly a place for eels fans to celebrate and bemoan our team.
Congrats guys and happy Xmas

Michael Formosa

The best footy site in the game!


Thanks to everyone at TCT for providing a quality and informative site for all Eels supporters. It’s great reading all the reports that are posted here and I love the positive feel that comes from the majority of replies.
Keep up the good work, it’s greatly appreciated.

Wishing everyone a Merry Xmas.

JJ - The Eel

Great work from all the team @ TCT. 3yrs on,wow hasn’t that gone quick. Always a delight to read anything & everything Parra.
As we head into 2019 I can come out of the fetal position I was in for 2018 season.
New year, new hope, new optimism

Paul taylor

Congratulations to the team for producing a classy , educated forum that describes to the fan what is actually happening and who is performing . Always feel reading the tct that I am standing next to sixty watching the session .

Well done . Excellent forum .

Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Christmas 🎄 and May 2019 be the year of the eel.

Jimmy Corbo

Hey Lads, not much I can add to the already posted comments but I do wish to echo one earlier comment about the site being a place to voice opinion without fear of negative rubbish without any thought behind it being thrown back at you, one of the real positives. I can see how TCT posters can be perceived to be overly positive but let’s face it we are Eels fans, we have to have a positive outlook or we would be jumping off bridges in despair.

Keep up the great work

Eels for life


It’s easy to throw mud at Rugby League these days, a bit like boxing, it becomes fashionable to associate the ills of the world with the brutality inherent in contact sports. I can’t and don’t buy it, and when I sit down for half an hour with TCT and check in to real passion for the game, and the insights of real Rugby League people, I find it totally refreshing. After more than 50 years of following the Eels, I’ve learned much more about the game from TCT, eg Clint’s write up on the club review was information gold. Keep… Read more »


Congrats on a great informative 3 years for Eels fans. Thank you Sixties and all the TCT team.

Big Derek

I think I am one of many that used to look forward to the Eels blog sites, but they have become so feral and negative, that I don’t visit them much. That is the result of social media and its negative reaction voiced across the interweb. Even the odd positive post is attacked , which is a sad reflection of the many posters on social media. The people who report and post for TCT are honest and informative. 3 years after commencement it’s a must read for Eels fans, appreciate all that is done to keep us away from the… Read more »


I hope The Throw is a mainstay for the duration, now, you’ve set such a stratospheric standard for all the fan-oriented sites that we must hope continues indefinitely.

Thanks so much to all the contributiors and readers who reply on here.

Parra forever!

West Coast Eel

Love the site. I log in everyday! I love that there are other supporters as gutted as me when we lose and on a high with every win. Looking forward to reading our grand final winning match report in October.


Im sure I am just one of a multitude of Eels Supporters who are the beneficiaries of you and your teams passion for our club and the game generally. I visit regularly and greatly appreciate your efforts. My frustration throughout 2018 at times got the better of me given our standing in 2017. In reflection, my personal belief is that although 2017 was a successful year, our style of play and number of wins where the result was always in doubt, led me to use those unfashionable words “over achieved”. As a long suffering fan any success builds expectation and… Read more »


Thanks to all the TCT team; my first read of the TCT today; the test match has been diabolical and this makes another good read for the end of the year.
You guys cannot imagine the relief we have in reading clear and fair insights into our club without the usual rubbish seen elsewhere.
The clarity and professionalism is superb and a great read each week. It’s a regular highlight and i love it.
Thank you again and i am proud to be a member…as those patches are waiting to be ironed on my old gurnsey.

rowdy roddy

An amazing coincidence that you, TCT, were birthed on the cusp of another incredible celebration. The birth of the Saviour of the World. With tongue in cheek I would venture to say. “TCT ironically, has also been a saviour to many Eels fans. Albeit a little less significant than the birth of the Christ.
Amazingly your team at TCT has also been the bearer of good news.


Congratulations on 3 years of intelligent comments, accurate assessments and downright hard work, it shows in every post. Thank you and GO EELS.

Greg Okladnikov

Congratulations to the TCT team. I think you guys are just warming up !!! Looking forward to a great Parra year next year


Me my mates have our west clubhouse seats sorted cant wait to be there when the Eels run out for the first time . Been a fan of the Cumberland throw since one of you guys tipped me and a mate into it at homebush not long after it started . My goto is the pre game preview and whisky musings and the rookie previews are great aswell GO PARRA


Well done to all! I appreciate TCT very much. See you at the games in 2019


Congratulations to sixties, Mitch and all the lads on reaching 3 years – great achievement and it has been great to see the site go from strength to strength.
Here’s hoping this season bring all of you plenty of joy and plenty of wins.
Cheers and thanks lads 🙂

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