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The Tip Sheet – Episode 6: Tim Mannah, Parramatta Eels Captain

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The Cumberland Throw are proud to present their first player interview in The Tip Sheet series as Tim Mannah joins Sixties and Forty20 for Episode 6.

Mannah shares the joy of representing Lebanon at the Rugby League World Cup before reflecting upon the troubling times of 2013 at the Eels for himself and the team. From reuniting with some familiar faces in the Blue & Gold in 2018 to the evolving role of the prop, join us for a great mix of footy insight with a splash of squad humour and some neat Lebanese cuisine recommendations!

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Excellent. Thank you guys.


Cheers Pou.


Outstanding interview gents! Great insight, very professional and genuine.
Can’t wait for the next one!


Coming very soon mate.


Tims form throughout the Word Cup was insane. Cant wait to see how that transitions into season 2018. Very interesting to hear Tim speak of his areas requiring improvement namely offloads. Any player looking to act on this skill becomes a far greater threat to the defence.
Lets go Tim. Bring it.
Great interview Team TCT.


Thanks Gazzamatta. We’re really grateful that Tim was so open with his answers. We mentioned that Tim had already spoken to us about the need for the team to be better. It was then a matter of taking that further by asking how individuals go about improving.


Thanks fellows. Your brilliant reports and interviews get me excited about 2018. Early days I had been feeling a little bit concerned about the coming season for some reason. My confidence levels have been well and truly lifted!


I really like the confidence that Tim has in Jenko, TRex and Hayne. Their hunger to succeed will be a motivating force for them this year.

John Eel

Those three will bring so much in the way of experience. Not just their skill.


Well, 40 and 60’s, that was an excellent relaxed and informative 31 minutes. I had a sense that Tim was very comfortable throughout the interview, it really brought me into the discourse as a participant rather than just an outsider listening in. Thank you boys! The reference made concerning the development of the team across all players is a factor that has been obvious through observing our new specialist fitness and functions of balance over small and medium hurdles, running technique and balance etc. Regarding the training we do see (as opposed to that which we don’t see behind closed… Read more »


Thanks Rowdy. Tim was brilliant and didn’t hesitate when we requested an interview. I must also thank the football department for welcoming us and providing the space for the interview.
I can’t speak highly enough about the coaching and staff at Saleyards. But the strongest advocate of the Eels staff will ultimately be the players and their performances.


Fantastic insight, especially regarding how much the club has grown from a players perspectives. From the outside looking in as a supporter I have so much respect for Tim Mannah. He has dealt with many events both as a footy player, club captain and of course most importantly his brother’s illness with absolute class, integrity and honesty. The ability to take something from a terrible situation and make a real difference is an admirable quality. On the field he gives his all every game and protects his fellow players when they are attacked, questioned etc by journalists. No wonder the… Read more »


Thanks Shelley. The trust placed in our site, and the value of communicating with supporters, is not lost on us.
Tim is a genuine leader, on many levels. His resilience is probably his strongest quality. We’re in good hands.

The rev aka Snedden

Sixties my son how do I listen to these on a iPad ? I have missed out on a few of these and from reading what other TCT members have had to say I seem to be missing out on good interviews.



I’m not sure why you’re having problems Rev. I’m doing all of my site work on an iPad and have no problem listening to this. Does it not open up the sound cloud tab when you hit play?

The rev aka Snedden

Hi sixties my son.

No when I got to listen it just times out. Maybe my buffering is way to slow.

Paul taylor

Sixty your calling should be within the club in a paid role . You and your team are brilliant and continually lift the bar.

Thank you


Thanks mate. Proud of everyone here.

Trouser Eel

Another great interview. This kind of thing keeps fans engaged beyond game day. Some interesting insights that we’d never get from the mainstream media, who are just interested in click bait.
It’s got me revved up for the new season. I’ll need to jump on and order my jersey.


Thanks mate. We do our best to think about a mix of questions that supporters would like to ask. All of our interviewees have been very open in their responses – and I think that the fans appreciate that.


This is a great insight into not only how Tim has matured as a player but as a person. I honestly think you won’t find a more passionate and loyal Eel. Hes a great steward for our club which will no doubt be in a better position because of him.

I enjoyed his candid appraisal of Brad; his and the teams admiration is genuine and there for all to see. A great interview boys and please keep them coming.


Many thanks Adam. Players such as Tim contribute greatly to the culture that BA is creating.


Superb interview Sixties and 40; it is amazing the club is happy to share their captain on a controlled site and as a fan it’s a huge to hear this.
Tim as others have said really showed up well in the WC and hope he continues. He seems to be ripped in terms of fitness.
It’s also a bit exciting listening to him talk abt the team, BA and JH, who could have a memorable season….
Cheers and thanks again to all. This is wonderful to promote and listen to.
Would JH Be one to interview?


Thanks Mitchy.
I think it would be great to interview Jarryd, and I imagine that timing is everything. He might want to start his return by letting his play do the talking. If the opportunity arose to feature Jarryd on “The Tip Sheet”, I think the TCT boys would be ready to go.


Yes well said and that makes perfect sense mate. Bring on the trials.

Jimmy Corbo

Excellent listen Lads, looking forward to more player interviews. It was more a conversation than an interview as you could tell he was relaxed and gave genuine answers rather than the usual “one game a time” garbage we hear in press conferences, credit you to Lads for that. A very underrated player, in an era where the game is dominated and largely influenced by the team that can best slow down the ruck we have a player who has arguably the fastest play the ball in the game for a forward and he continuously cops flak. The finer, less flashy… Read more »


Thanks Jimmy. We’re fortunate enough to have spoken with Tim quite a few times at training, so I’m glad that you observed that it was like a conversation.
Also, your comment about his contributions going unnoticed is relevant. As supporters we are probably unaware of the goals set by BA for his middle forwards. As Tim said, they’re job is to follow BA’s instructions and keep him happy.

Achilles' Eel

Excellent interview, TCT. Thanks for putting this together. It was enjoyable to listen to Tim’s insights on footy and life. He comes across as very humble and quietly confident. I wish him well for 2018.


True Achilles. He is both humble and confident – you’d have to be confident to be a captain. I thought he seemed quite relaxed during the interview.


Thanks to the all parties involved, a great insight.


Thanks for listening mate.

Don't stEEL my EEL!

Sixties and co. This was a top interview. The interviews are an un-sanitised, warts and all look at the individual players. Your questions are brilliant and extremely relevant. Please keep up the good work. Can’t wait to hear more player interviews during the season.

Go the Eels…2018

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