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Eels Pre-Season Training – December 20, 2018: Earning The Break

Incredibly, this is the final pre-season training report for 2018. As you read this, the players are beginning their well-deserved holidays.

Normally, the week of work ends with a big Friday session. This final week concluded on Thursday. And in keeping with the Christmas theme, Adrian Jimenez ensured that he delivered his own version of good tidings as the squad wound up their 2018 commitments.

This post will include both the Wednesday and Thursday sessions. The kilometres were clocked up, the turf imprinted hundreds of times.

Merry Christmas fellas.



The squad again alternated between conditioning and field work.

Sets of 100, 150 and 200 metre runs were completed with little rest. Some players excelled in the first few sets then those with greater endurance began to make their mark. Making benchmarked times was crucial.

Getting up and down off the ground continued to feature. This is gruelling stuff. The players run and hit the ground at different intervals – every 5 metres, 10 metres, 20 metres – depending on the drill.

But this is no silent pain. As the players move and hit the ground in a line they’re expected to be calling out. Individuals are reminded if they can’t be heard – not letting down their team mate is emphasised.

Salmon impressed with his pace.

There were some notable performances during the conditioning. Salmon surprised with his pace over 100 metres, leading in the backs (not including Ferguson, Jennings and Gutherson). Likewise Tepai rekindled memories of his days as a union centre when leading home the forwards over the sprint distance.

Typically Tim Mannah set a high standard in his group, whilst Haze Dunster, Reed Mahoney and Kyle Schneider were also outstanding.

The conditioning concluded with the promise of a special last day awaiting them on Thursday.

Skills/Field Work

The team worked through their set shapes – left side then right side – firstly unopposed, then later with opposition.

These are the times when players get to work on basic combinations and learn their roles. When matches unfold, players are able to play what’s in front of them, but the team will also have shapes to get field position or to generate particular responses and opportunities from the defence.

Salesi Fainga’a

From a spectator perspective, moments like these are for the purists. It’s not like the opposed work that is akin to watching a match. You simply see the team drilling shapes over and over, then working on variations of the same.

Sometimes you can hear the fine tuning or correction of the coaches, or even the explanation of why a certain shape is being used. On those occasions, the understanding of what the team is working towards becomes clearer.

Besides a set looking slick from the sideline, I also judge how well they are progressing when the squad breaks into applause after a set.


I’ve watched three days of fieldwork this week, and I reckon this has been one of the big conditioning weeks of the pre-season. Jimenez promised a special Christmas present. I’m not sure that the average person would enjoy the gift delivered today, but I also know he’s very proud of the squad.


After warming up and working with Lachie Wilmot on their strength and running mechanics, it was a typical schedule of alternating between conditioning and skills.

Interval running included measuring up against a partner for a standing grapple and the ever-exhausting, ever-challenging up and down off the ground.

There was barely a time when the players weren’t kept moving, and the kilometres covered were checked during the session. People are often curious about the small tight crop tops that the players wear. These contain a GPS device on the back. This means that individual efforts can be monitored. Sometimes players have their work varied from others in the squad – either adding or reducing their load according to individual needs.

As for the big performers, I can’t go past Reed Mahoney and Haze Dunster. And yes Gutho was there but I reckon those two overshadowed him.


The ball work began with sets of two-hand touch attacking in the quarter. It seemed like the emphasis was creating space by moving the ball around, and the play restarted with an “offload” rather than a play the ball. Improvisation and playing what was in front seemed to be of importance, but praise was also given out for defensive movements and decisions.

Even drills like these are highly competitive. With the squad split into two teams, there’s plenty of banter when a try is scored or when a play is shut down. It’s what I want to see.

Gutho in the collision.

The highlight of the morning was definitely the contact work.

This was like shifting their sandpit defensive drills onto the pitch, with the impacts not only drawing a reaction from us on the sideline, but also from the coaches and team mates.

Working in a tight pattern close to the ruck, the ball carrier charged into the defence with the contact techniques covered in the pit being applied to “match simulation.”

In such close quarters, there was no escaping the brutal collisions. The way the fellas ripped in, you’d be hard-pressed to think of them as team mates engaged in a training drill.

The contact was ferocious, with one string of hits delivered by Gutho leaving its mark on three of his mates. Stefano also left an impression and there was no question about Polar’s intent to send a message with his shoulders.

Given the physicality of this drill, it was probably unfair to single out players. But I’ll be a happy supporter if this is a barometer of the Eels defensive attitude in 2019.

Final Word

BA looks pretty happy about the contact!

As training wrapped up today, there was no shortage of players and staff ready for a break. Nonetheless, there were also smiles to be seen all around Old Saleyards. We even commented on how happy BA looked at training on Wednesday.

The players and staff know how far the squad have come as a group. Whilst I can’t measure premiership performance from a pre-season, I can make a judgement about attitude. And after my initial concerns about coming into this pre-season on the back of a wooden-spoon campaign, I’m now looking forward to seeing what the squad will deliver in the remainder of their preparations.

As I conclude this report, I’d like to thank the players and staff who’ve taken the time to speak with us over the last eight weeks. Whether it be to explain drills, talk about goals or just to say g’day and have a chat, your support and respect for Eels supporters is much appreciated.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Eels forever!


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Michael Formosa

Enjoyed reading every one of these pre-season blogs. I hope everyone here has a great Christmas and I’ll see you all in the new year! #Parra2k19

colin hussey

Sixties, thanks for the reports and also to all the others in the team for their contributions, likewise to all the readers for their input, while it does not compare to the real action during the premiership season, these reports really keep the supporters at the top and longing for the season to start. Not wanting to read a lot into things, what I see especially in this report is the overall enthusiasm, coupled with a deep desire by the players to show what they can and are capable of doing, while only the training time and not real games,… Read more »


Great report as usual, thanks for the reports TCT.


Enjoyed the updates from TCT team, many thanks. Look forward to more in the new year. Merry Christmas to TCT.


Thanks for another great pre-Xmas, pre-season wrap up 60’s & Co. Hope like all of us, good times are ahead!

With all due respect, is it just me or is BA starting to look abit like everyone’s Nana in those pics with the bucket hat on?

Nana Arthur!


Have a great holiday everyone. All the best for each of us in 2019 #hopefullyatitle


Much appreciated again 60s. All the best for the holidays to all at TCT & supporters. Will see you all next year!!

colin hussey

sixties, I am a bit reluctant to ask in regard to the special posts, but a while back I mentioned the aspect of the new faces and who they were, you said which ones as a result of the gallery post. I went through them and got a few but then realised that there were several others in other posts so I let it go. Would it be possible to have a post with a pic of the players, & a mini review/detail or something on those in training, with a bit of a wrap up on all of them… Read more »

colin hussey

Thanks Sixties. Had is the operative word with memorabilia, I had a large bag that contained a lot of items including my autograph books, that had the likes of the Thornet brothers, Ron Lynch along with many others, that I got and my dad got for me, no where to be found now.

It also included a heck of a lot of other items in notebooks as well, and not just RL but a huge area that I had a lot of interest in along with movie films.

Look forward to all the posts over summer.


Well done again Sixties! I hope Xmas and the New Year are excellent for you and your family.

Paul taylor

Well done sixties and all the boys from tct. Really enjoyed the updates .

Are you prepared to name a Smokey for the top 17? Anyone jumping out to be picked ? What do you make of the Fijian winger Siva ?

Finally – merry xmas to all. Be safe and enjoy the festive season


Bob jay

Ethan parry

Salty Pete

Great work again Sixties. Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year!

Jimmy Corbo

Thank you Sixties and the TCT team, love your work. We all look forward to a much better, surely….., 2019 for our beloved Eels. I’m tipping Moses will have an outstanding year and we will win more than we lose.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all, may your year be filled with joy, laughs and good health.

The rev aka Snedden

Good write up for this year sixties.
I like many look forward to hearing from you after the new year on our squad return from the Christmas break.

Rest up my son n enjoy your time with the family during this year’s festivities. Come back fresh to go again. Merry Christmas to you and your family n the family of the TCT. God bless you all n our team for season 2019.



Hi Mate, I am actually starting to believe we are going to be very under rated and surprise a lot of people this coming year. I cant help being impressed with your reports and I cannot remember ever reading a preseason with the intensity you have reported on this one. I wish you and your family and the other boys in TCT a very happy Xmas and the deserved pride that you must all feel with the maturing of TCT. You may have seen I haven’t given up on the other site and continue to fight the fight, whether its… Read more »


Great write up Sixties, outstanding job once again. Do you think BA will be inclined to take some risks when selecting the top 17? Whenever you win the spoon I think it’s important to make changes to the team, even if the changes seem drastic or even cruel. How can you expect different results if you leave the team largely unchanged? Sentimentality has been one of BA’s big weaknesses but now he must be ruthless. If I were coach I wouldn’t even consider including Takairangi, M. Jennings, or Evans. Meanwhile Moeroa has been a failure on the edge and needs… Read more »


Yeah agree a rejigged spine will freshen things up and Moses will probably enjoy the changes as well. But I’m concerned it will be a similar forward pack to last season. Paulo and Lane will add to it, but more change is required. I highly doubt Alvaro and Mannah appear on opposition tip sheets, and there’s no way I’d keep them based on reputation when we have young tearaways coming through. I’d also be filthy if it means Terepo misses out as he’s developing into a real quality forward and provides great impact. I’ll put it to you this way:… Read more »


Yeah I would. Did you notice the holes that appear in the middle when Mannah is not on the field? Did you stop to wonder why Alvaro won the Thornett medal for Parra player of the year? Ever counted how many time Alvaro makes 3 tackles in a row or covers the hole on the inside in defence?


I hope that we finally see our spine settled in 2019 as we have had far too many combinations to be a serious threat in recent years. If that is our spine, I hope BA sticks with it and all members are quite young too.
Merry Xmas to all at TCT and thanks for the efforts of this year. Oh and happy birthday!

colin hussey

Its hard to disagree with the need for stability in positions, especially the key area of the spine. With Norms gone there is one spot open for a player to take and own, an inexperienced/fresh new face may add a nice amount of the unknown to the opposition – hopefully.

Thing though who will be the primary play maker next year, I read where MM is likely to become that person, but he concerns me in the sense of how he will actually perform/handle the role. Problem may be having half the spine inexperienced and the other with experience.


Jetta I think you are under valuing Alvaro.In my opinion he was our best forward this year and is a completely different style of player than Timmy.Id go as far to say he’d be my first picked.

Bert Kenny

Sorry mate. I read all comments and posts and without being harsh i think you are a little bias to certain players. Its the same 3-5 players you guys regularly mention. On top of that. If you think Brown and Mahoney will be the saving grace your kidding yourselves. Mahoney would not even get a run at another club. Mahoney played a few games last year and didn’t change our teams results so how will 2019 be any different to 2018.? Right now Mahoney is only a development player.So stating he is the spine above is speculating. Brown is a… Read more »

colin hussey

Bert, time to stop and really think on the aspects of each player and their contributions to the team. Mahoney is seen as the longer term 9 at this point of time, he has not played much in the NRL so hard to judge him by those few games though. King failed in his bid to capture the 9 spot for his own and Kaysa still sits there waiting for his chance, if he can get his body in the right condition and go injury free for a season then he should end up being the 9 until a better… Read more »

Bob jay

was going to reply but wouldnt waste my time

Greg Okladnikov

Another great report Sixties. I hope yourself and the TCT team have a great Xmas break, and we look forward to the next lot of reports in 2019!!!

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