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Astute Cap Management Secures Hayne Without Leaving the Well Dry

With the return of Jarryd Hayne now officially confirmed by the Parramatta Eels, it’s time to separate fact from conjecture; and perhaps the greatest conjecture surrounds the following question:

Have the Eels sacrificed other signings for Hayne’s contract?

The answer is a resounding no.

Coming out of the 2017 season, the Eels were one of the few clubs to have significant space in their salary cap. This has been no mean feat. Following the dramas of 2016, the Eels have transformed as a club under the guidance of Brad Arthur, with an emphasis placed on value for money. It helps to have a culture that’s attractive to the current roster, along with a highly respected coaching staff and a team on the rise. When players want to play for the club, you’re not shelling out above market value contracts typical of desperate teams (the Eels were previously no strangers to that predicament).

With only Kane Evans signed during the season proper, this astute cap management meant that the Eels were cashed up.

It’s my understanding that even after the signing of Hayne, the club will be left with enough cap space for another quality signing.

You don’t need to be around Rugby League for long to know that this is strategically important!

Every year, NRL players are forced onto the marketplace, either just before the season kicks off or during the season proper. If we consider the last couple of years, in 2016 the Eels picked up Michael Jennings in January and this year it was Mitchell Moses in May.

In order to secure such talent you need money in the bank. Well, you can take it to the bank that the Eels will be in that position in 2018. It’s impossible to know what players will become available – or indeed what the roster needs will be. Whatever the case, Parramatta will be able to enter the market should they wish.

It’s also important to consider that some of the money remaining in the Eels cap is likely to be used to upgrade current contracts. Players that have proven to be value for money have definitely deserved a financial reward.

Hayne “looking forward to working hard”

As for what version of Jarryd we will see, take your cue from this signing being under Parramatta’s terms. Hayne wanted to return to the Eels, he’s happily accepted the club’s offer and he’s looking to re-establish himself as an elite NRL player. He won’t be joining the club on elite money. There is a new order at the club. With friends still in the squad, he’ll undoubtedly be warmly welcomed. There’s a culture, a locker room presence, that sets and drives high standards at the Eels. He’ll need to meet them. No exceptions, and he won’t be expecting any either.

The Parramatta team is a vastly different beast to the one that was over-reliant on Hayne as its sole marquee player. The Plane will be an important addition to a backline already bristling with talent – but he won’t be central to it.

And crucially, he won’t be any great burden on the Eels salary cap going forward.


Eels forever!


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John Eel

Very happy to see this signing. Now for a prop. It is clear that Napa is being shopped around but not convinced he is the answer.

Having said that I have faith that BA will get the best out of Jarryd and no doubt he will get the best out of anyone else he decides to sign.

Gem KM

The prodigal son returns. This time we won’t have to be relying on him for everything, when the plan used to be “pass the ball to Jarryd”. The pressure is off him and he can work hard and get the most out of his last years of his career.
Brad won’t take any nonsense and I’m sure Hayne knows that. I guess the time wasn’t right before but now it is, and I’m excited to see what comes of it

John Eel

Sixties both Vave and Terepo had disappointing seasons last yea and neither would have been happy. Whilst we did not see the best of either of them with a full pre season and a better run without injury both could have outstanding years


Great signing, if he digs in an has a go all year we will go extermely well this year!

Colin Hussey

Sixties, another good post on a hot topic. I have said on the other site when it was only rumour and conjecture, that if Jarryd returns to the eels, it will be very much on Parra’s terms, and I have no doubt that when the idea first came up it would have been from Jarryd’s end and a one on one, or two with BA, who would have laid down the terms that he would expect, and that in reality was likely along the following lines. Jarryd, this is 2018, not 2014 things have changed and all the players are… Read more »

Peter Zuccolotto

Hi sixties. Have you heard anything about the Dylan Napa rumour?


I think the signing of JH is a great thing! I do think he needs to get as fit as the rest of our squad. I think his days as a regular fullback are over in the short term. However, the raft of talent he brings will be a huge benefit to all. If he is invested, and I think he will be, the confidence and belief a two time Dally M Player of the Year will bring to our squad goes beyond any salary. As far as the club is concerned, and it has been said before, it is… Read more »


This is a good day for Parra and a v good signing. I do have lots of faith in the club and BA; and we hope it’s proven to be a great signing. Jarryd has the chance to be part of a great club and good team, and its not about being selfish etc.its about him being part of a TEAM. Another good strong prop – ive been wanting one like others for a while. Time will tell i guess…..and to me if we don’t improve again next season as a team we will struggle to make the finals; but… Read more »

Trouser Eel

I’m looking forward to see how Jarryd manages to work his way into the team. I’d like to think he’ll have to work his way into a position that becomes available because I’m not aware of any injuries in the backs that he can just slip into.
The fact that big bucks haven’t been spent on him means there’s no pressure to automatically play him in the A Grade squad.
Who knows, maybe he has a dream of being a monster forward. Wouldn’t that be a sight to behold?


I have made comments on Jarryd and his actions/ words when he signed with Titans before so I won’t repeat. My favourite quote from Pascal Mercier’s novel ‘ Night Train to Lisbon’ comes to mind when thinking about the reasons behind Jarryd’s return. ” We leave something of ourselves when we leave a place, we stay there, even when we go away. And there are things we can only find by going back there.” I know Jarryd’s return divides somewhat Parra’s fans but I choose to trust BA- he will do the right thing by our young stars Gutho and… Read more »


Well said Shelly.

Parramatta Tragic

Welcome home Jarryd. Everything being done low key reflects the growing professionalism around the club and Jarryd. Exciting times ahead and I suspect increased ticket sales. The training blogs are great and will be compulsory reading come January. I think Jarryd will have a brilliant 2018 and if Semi is wavering about coming back, this may tip him over in our favour. Salary cap room for a prop and Semi? If Semi comes back we will have the best backline since 1986. If I had to choose between a prop and Semi, I’d take Semi.


Awesome post once again sixties. I am still to be convinced and I really hope this works out. Hearing his return is on Eels terms is a huge relief and really hope it bares fruit. Signing him on a one year deal does show we aren’t mucking around. BA and Bernie Gurr are as astute as they come in rugby league, and with the possible arrival of Madge Maguire as assistant will only strengthen our coaching ranks and our building into a premiership force.


I know I was devastated when Hayne left for NFL. I was sad but not hurt when he returned to Titans and I was disappointed that he played so poorly for them. That’s their bad luck. BA will not allow Hayne to not perform. Of this, I am certain. I have absolute faith in Arthur and, it must always be remembered, Hayne got his second Dally M playing under him. Hayne wanted, needed to be back in Parramatta and that’s a powerful driving force. I think he is motivated and I reckon he will earn his keep because he wants… Read more »

Achilles' Eel

I’m glad to see Jarryd back where he belongs. And he’s come at a good price as well! I’m sure he’ll work very hard and make us proud once more. I knew we had him back when he pulled out his wings again to celebrate a try for Fiji. Hadn’t seen those for a while.

Having said that, I’m really very proud of BA. Reading all his comments to the press today has been a joy. I just love his passion. It’s obvious why the players all seem to like him. He really goes that extra mile for them.

Matthew sweeney

Good article Sixties. As a long time parra fan / observer can I say this. Peter Sterling is a hero to me for the footballer he was and the man he is today but I don’t agree that Hayne is not a centreal. Some of the best footy jarryd has played was at centre for Australia. Let’s not make the game to complex , jarryds skill set is ideal for centre . Perhaps in the past he hasn’t wanted to play there and his heart wasn’t in it re the last SOO Series but now he’s in a position where… Read more »



Colin Hussey

Not forgetting Will Smith, that makes 10 into spots. I am loving all the responses to the news of Jarryd’s signing and return which in the vast and overwhelming majority has been met positively, I am quite sure he will add to the side and it means some of the 10 backs who are quality players in their own rights will be playing with Wentworthville in season 2018, which in itself will be beneficial for the younger players that have been elevated to the full train on squad. I note in BA’s response to Ennis and Sterlo’s comments that we… Read more »

Colin Hussey

Too true on each account mate. Realistic expectations should be everyone’s goal on the field doing my best, off the field accepting how things pan out.

I oft use the example of a battery, we all know that if you remove the positive lead from a battery it will not work, thing is that the same applies when you remove the negative lead, it still wont work you need the two together in harmony for it to serve its purpose.


I have been filthy on Jarryd since he returned and went to the Titans but I think this is a great signing. The reality is Jarryd is a far more talented player than Taka and as such it will strengthen our backline. I like Taka and I think he makes an ideal bench player because he can play pretty much anywhere but he was a liability in defence out wide and other teams have worked out how to defend against him as well. I know an extra prop would be nice but I have huge hopes for Kane Evans and… Read more »


Good comments again this morning. We need to have the grunt up front and punch; that is all I i hope to see this season; as they backs can take care of themselves. As wise Col said we shouldn’t have unrealistic expectations on Hayne; things will sort themselves out there.
It’s the punch up front i am looking forward to see; and just hope the middle fwds do well. We have a good range of backrowers and the like.

Colin Hussey

Mitchy, I notice that with the new eels gallery shots, that Frank must have been shown the door, sadly he did not have a great year as injuries cruelled him, not sure he was much better in the WC either, maybe too big and a result loss of impact in his running. The other sorrow is the inconsistency of both Matagi and Vave, both showed at times just how good they can be, so should they step up to the levels they showed when punching defenders out of the way, it will be great. I also hope that Alvaro can… Read more »

Jimmy Corbo

Hindy has said in many interviews that they tried for years to find what made Hayne switch on to no avail. He is the quintessential ‘headspace’ player, if he is happy and only he knows what that happy space is, he is nigh on unstoppable. It would seem he has put his ego aside and had a real good think about things and Parramatta is that place that makes him happy, if that is the case look out. He isn’t a player you coach or give structure to, he just needs to be in the right headspace and give him… Read more »


Jimmy you sum up a lot of my thoughts too 1) its a one year deal. If Hayne doesn’t make it he is finished, no one else will want him so the ball is in his court now. He has no choice but to put in and perform. 2) I don’t buy this coach killer stuff and neither does BA. When he wants to play he does. Look what he has done for NSW all those years. 3) He has a lot of leaders around him at Parra now. Whether its Scott, Mannah or even Moses, the leadership is strong… Read more »

The rev aka Snedden

Hey sixties just a quick question.

Watching the woman play I thought to myself do you still call an attacking team shifting the footy a 2nd man play or a 2nd woman play …

The rev aka Snedden

Ask the fellow eel fans my son.

Colin Hussey

Rev. from one Rev. to another. How often really do we hear 2nd man play these days?

We mostly hear such things as cut out pass, or the respective players name, or do we invent a gender neutral term that conforms to the modern world view, and that should apply to the male of the species.

The rev aka Snedden

Good point rev Colin …mind you I think it’s best we just say cut out pass.

If we start using. The 2nd man (woman) play we will be called sexiest because we only say 2nd man n not woman play.


Colin Hussey

Rev, Aka. The problem how I see it is unless a suitable non sexist term can be found there will also be the masculine aspect in the name. 2nd woman still has man in it, even go non sexist in 2nd person, you have son in it, or go female, there is the male also.

Over to you.

The rev aka Snedden

All good points rev Colin. At the end of the day they woman will always understand it (NRL / New South Wales rugby league) was started by the gentleman.

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