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Welcome to The Cumberland Throw


What is The Cumberland Throw?

The Cumberland Throw is a fan project that brings together four passionate Blue & Gold supporters and centralises their digital contributions. Gameday previews, in-depth interviews, post game reflections and live updates of lower grade games are but a few of the things this site  offers fans of the Eels and the NRL alike.

Being fans ourselves, we often try to frame our thoughts in the most positive, supportive light possible, however we are also willing to be critical if need be when things aren’t going to plan.

We hope this site serves as a supplement to popular fan forums like League Unlimited and Discord as well as emergent communities like Reddit (/r/parramattaeels) by focusing on producing original content to drive passionate and varied discussions about the club we all love.


Who is The Cumberland Throw?

There are four main guys, but we are supported by a whole team of contributors behind the scenes.

image    sixties – track work specialist, editor, networker

BeardedArcher    forty20 – wordsmith, live blog enthusiast

Carl Weathers    mitch – social media lackey

chris    chris – media mogul


We’re also grateful for the outstanding contributions of our ‘Friends of the Throw’; Gol (post game grades), Clint (content creator), Colmac (resident stats guru), Dan (data analyst), and Shelley (weekly columnist).

Feel free to keep coming back here, stay up to date with us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. If you would like to write or contribute to the Throw, get in touch with us via social media.

We hope you enjoy the various content created from our little passion project.


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Congrats Forty sixties and all else involved AAE

Joseph Briffa

well done boys.hey forty you said I would like it and as usual you are right.


Great idea fellas. Good luck with it all.


This is great.

I will checking this every week as it appears there will be nuggets of gold posted here.

Congrats for all involved


A major piece of work – great work by all involved. Great informative and positive articles

Craig Bridger

What a great addition to the Eels information hub this is!! – well done to all involved. A crisp look, with nothing but football as it’s centre. Love it & is already favourited along with 1EE & Parra Leagues site, that I will visit at least 2-3 times a day. Kudos!!

Parramatta Tragic

Congratulations to all involved on a great initiative. The interviews with Parra greats will become a very popular feature as will the opinion pieces. Great stuff


Thanks for the positive reception everyone. Don’t be shy in leaving suggestions. We are trying to provide the type of site that Parra supporters would want to visit.

Rod Marshall

Congratulations, finally a site where footy is discussed by people who really do follow the game and the mighty Parra!
Every opinion piece I’ve read and the interviews you’ve posted are so far, full of in-depth analysis and substantive observations.
I am truly looking forward to watching (and perhaps contributing to) the growth of this site. This is a site for every true Parra footy fan.
Thank you, Sixties, DK, Forty20, Miatch and anyone else I’ve missed.


Thanks Rod. The other founder of this site is Chris, who is on the Eels Member Council and did a brilliant job addressing the fan forum at Parramatta Leagues Club. Chris already has a couple of great articles on the site, the Beau Scott profile and the Hooker Question, and is looking after most of our Twitter comments.
Our intent is to try to provide the type of website that we would visit ourselves. We are trying to provide a point of difference through our interviews. We are learning as we go but please spread the word Rod.
Cheers mate.


Outstanding effort lads, great interviews and content, id personally like to see a bit more full frontal nudity but this is a great start so well done gents..


This has been saved for our black label site mate. Thanks for the encouraging words.


Congrats and thank you Forty, Sixties et al. on a brilliant website. It provides a great platform for the blue and gold army to follow their beloved team. It sits very well between the official club site and 1EE (a 1EE lurker) which I believe was the aim. Well done.



Thanks Nickers. Glad to have you visit our site and leave a comment. You probably summed it up well with where we sit. We aren’t a forum, rather we are trying to provide the news and opinions that we hope fans would like to hear, but we are trying to provide it from a fan perspective. We have all blogged and will probably continue to blog on forums like 1ee but our news content, interviews and exclusives will be found here. We are only new at this, so please be patient with our site as we find our feet.

Parra Pete

Terrific reading…Good to see articles that are not being targeted at just thirteen year olds…


Thanks for the comment Pete. Although we aren’t trained journalists and hold other jobs, we are aiming to provide original content that we hope our fellow fans will enjoy.

Michael Picklum

Good luck with the site guys. I really hope that it doesn’t degenerate into a site for acrimonious banter between fans on emotive issues.


Hi Michael. Even though we welcome feedback about our articles, we’re not a forum. We aren’t offering a site for people to post their own blogs. We will be inviting some guest writers so that our content varies, but there are plenty of forums out there for people to vent on. We’ve been asked whether we will create a forum, but there are well known forums that welcome contributors. We’re not trying to take their members away. We believe that our content is unlike other fan sites and we’re only 3 weeks old.


Did you know the term Cumberland Throw was a tackle used by Englishman Ivor Lingard who played for Parra in the late sixties/70s.
It was a tackle where you used the leg as the same time as grabbing the arm and throwing the opponent to the ground. It was developed in England.


Cheers Cagey. I’m old enough to remember Ivor and in our Bob O’Reilly interview he speaks about Ivor bringing it to Australia and Pricey delivering the throw on him. It wasn’t much fun to experience the throw (unlike the enjoyment of TCT!).

Ian Wright

Excellent! A great source of information and enthusiasm about our ‘mighty’ Eels.
Beautiful looking layout and design. Looking forward to this season more then ever.


Welcome aboard Ian. I’m thinking it could be a fun ride this year!

Drop Bear

Fellas I’m stoked to find this. I haven’t started reading any of this, but I’m beaming and so looking forward to your combined efforts. I don’t know if this is our year, but I suspect our lads will be giving it a great shake. What a fantastic name you have chosen. If I was to take a punt here, a phoenix from the ashes of the old ground inspired the name??. Hope you don’t mind if I drop down often.


Glad you found us mate! We’re pretty excited about this year too. Spread the word about the Cumberland Throw up your way for us!


Hey guys, congrats on this new site. Looking good so far. I’m a female Parra tragic who is also president of junior footy club that plays in the Parramatta Convents Association and am excited about what you’re doing here. Will share with our club members and other Parra fans friends. Looking forward to seeing what you got. One of your contributors was our Best Man, and knowing him, this should get very interesting! Good luck guys! 😊🏈


Thanks for your feedback Natalie ! We would certainly appreciate you passing TCT around to all your Eels mates. Good luck for the season ahead. It is a very important job preparing the next generation of Eels first graders !!


Modesty prevents me from using the title “best man” in my profile! Thanks for the comment Nat. Appreciate you spreading the word.


How great does this website look???? Very well done, nice work guys 🙂


Cheers anonymous! Spread the word.

robbie maxwell

miatch/ sixtiesboy seeing your on one eyed eel why is the site down lots can’t get on mate i use crome, firefox and microsoft ,can you get phil to mix it mate


Mate, Phil’s site is his site. We don’t run it. I think there’s been plenty of blogs there about it. Out of interest I checked out Puffin. It’s a very fast search engine.

Jpe Briffa

This site is the best thing since sliced bread

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