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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 82: Parra Surges On, Sloan’s Plea & The Ikin/Walters Divide

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As the Parramatta Eels surge into the Grand Final Qualifier against the North Queensland Cowboys, The Tip Sheet takes a moment to step back and reassess the bigger picture. Spiro joins Sixties and Forty20 to talk about all the happenings around the league and indulge just a wee bit in the glorious win over the Canberra Raiders.

The show starts by winding everything back to Friday night as Spiro delivers his takes on the breakthrough victory and what it means for the club. The panel then looks at the status of Tom Opacic and the inclusion of Bryce Cartwright ahead of the trip to Townsville this week. The conversation eventually turns to the unique position that the Parramatta Eels hold inside the domain of the media and why negativity seems to follow them – even after clearing the hurdles set for them in 2022.

Next up is the bid by Tyrell Sloan to leave the Dragons. It is the latest chapter of player-vs-club contract drama and the dilemma faced by young stars who need to establish themselves quickly lest they get cast aside is the main theme of the discussion. That chat turns Northwards to Brisbane as rumours of a divide between Ben Ikin and Kevin Walters emerged this week.

The Sydney Roosters dominated the RLPA Team Of The Year which leads Sixties to pose the question – did they underperform? The conversation opens up the idea that rugby league players can lead surprisingly insular lifestyles when it comes to the game itself and how that can impact these sort of votes.

The show closes out with Spiro delivering his predictions for Friday night and how the Eels will book their place in the big dance come next week!

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John Eel

There has been a lot of discussion in the media regarding Opacic being replaced. The favourite way with the expert commentators has been for Marata to go to I feel that the move to have three big powerful middles start the game before Matterson comes on at about the 25 minute mark has proven a master stroke by BA. The second issue for me is that Marata will be marking Holmes who may well test his lateral defence and speed at Centre. Can’t agree with Spiro on Sloans contract situation. Typically contracts are iron clad. Contacts can only be broken… Read more »


John, I thought the same thing when he said that about Brown. His injuries have caused him to struggle for two seasons.
As for the selection if Opa is out, I stand by BA not making multiple changes for one spot. Or as Forty says not weakening a strength to strengthen a weakness.

Trapped in the 1970’s

Yes, definitely in the leave Marata where he’s been playing camp. Forget how exciting it is to have a team involved at this time of the year and hopefully that feeling is only going to build. Go those eels!


It’s been a while Trapped. Are the tough times making the better times sweeter. Right now it feels that way but there’s still a massive job to be done.


It is interesting to see how other clubs are faring given Parra is now quite a stable club. Pretty much most clubs that did not make the finals have obvious fractures in the back office. Stability is important to success. The Broncos don’t seem to be there yet and until they are united in the back rooms then they will struggle. The same goes for some other clubs languishing out of the eight. As for who plays centre tomorrow night, I have no idea. Maybe Simonsson to come in is the best option. Though it Marata does go to the… Read more »


I don’t get those who suggest that accepting stability and regular finals footy is accepting mediocrity. It’s placing the club into an extended premiership window. Parra are a genuine premiership threat and BA is a huge reason for that. .


I do think some people have forgotten what the club was like at the end of and the post Fitzy era. Even if BA was to win a premiership the goalposts would be moved to say he’s not successful until he wins two grand finals. 😉

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