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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 78: Breaking Down A Wild Week 1 Finals Series

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Outside of a loss to the Parramatta Eels, it doesn’t get much more entertaining than what we saw in the first week of the 2022 NRL finals. Sixties, Spiro and Forty20 go around the horn to recap each and every game in a week that featured an insane shootout, a rousing upset and the NRL equivalent of an ancient grudge match. And that is all before we even look at the Eels and Penrith.

Join the boys as they look at each game and then what lies ahead for the Eels in their final appearance at CommBank Stadium this year!

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John Eel

Talking of Jamal Fogarty. My memory of his time with the Eels was whilst he had a good kicking game he had no running game. Waqa has the ability to catch the ball he has shown that in his time at the Eels. Firstly let me say that there was nobody putting any pressure on Cleary. That did not help Waqa at all. Also I agree with Sixties comments about Gutho providing some assistance. I thought he could have helped him out the week before against Storm also. I thought BA may have been tempted to replace him this week… Read more »


Fair point John,
I thought The Fog had some promise but he was v young and i am glad he is doing well now. He had a decent kick.
We had poor pressure on Cleary and a few wingers would have struggled the same.
I feel we need more from the bench as i thought Junior was tired last week.
Make or break this week


I seen some quite frankly bizarre comparisons between The Fog and JA this week. BA was right to see he had promise but homesickness and being a bit of late bloomer meant Parra were never going to see any value in him. We’ll be okay this week. It will be a tough game but Parra have too much class across the park.


I just hope we can show it Shaun. Games not won on paper and we need to be good physically and limit errors.
I am hoping teams who have played Melb previous week come up less following their game! Parra lost last week after beating Melb….and we hope Canberra go the same way.


Here’s to the pattern continuing!


Very true Shaun. And it took the Fog a while after he returned to Queensland to get his NRL shot with the Titans.


Definitely looking for more in key areas like line speed and kick pressure.


John, Perhaps BA might rethink Waqa’s role of winger vs centre next year but the chances of him making an unforced change right now was probably minimal. In fact, had Simonsson not been injured he would probably still be on the wing.


Great points guys. A lot of games are won or lost between the ears. We have seen it this year. I believe the boys get it done. But it won’t be easy as we saw last week. We have to find that will to win even when it gets tough and it goes against us. “Resilience” is a word used this season. But it’s really just showing “Guts” and “having a go” Good news, this season we haven’t lost two games in a row! (We haven’t won 4 in a row) But we have won three games twice. We just… Read more »


Good points Pete. This is the week we must get past. That said, I don’t want the boys to dwell on that aspect, just on being the best they can be.

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