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Team List Tuesday (On Wednesday) – Last Home Stand Of The Year Edition

My apologies for a belated Team List Tuesday post. If you were peeping our socials you might have seen that Sixties and myself were out at Parramatta Leagues Club helping document the wonderful work of Super Tees. It was a wonderful event to be a part of and a reminder of how amazing the Parramatta community is!

As for football related blogging, we now turn our eyes to an unchanged team list as the Parramatta Eels meet the Canberra Raiders in a bout of sudden death footy. CommBank Stadium hosts its third ever finals game on Friday night in what I can only imagine will be a sold out full house given the nightmare scramble for tickets on Monday.

Brad Arthur, true to his convictions, has backed Waqa Blake to bounce back a week after Nathan Cleary tormented him with the highball. Ricky Stuart and the Raiders have already publicly declared their intentions to attack Blake in a similar vein to the surprise of exactly no one. It now falls on Blake and Clinton Gutherson to weather the imminent bombing raid and not hand their opponents premium possession and field position.

With Bailey Simonsson (but seemingly not Sean Russell) available, this is almost certainly the most critical team sheet decision Arthur had to make this week. The fact that ‘BA’ has backed Waqa here is understandably contentious for fans but completely true to his character. Arthur’s ability to get the best out of so many players is due in no small part to the faith and confidence he shows in them. Obviously this can be a double-edged sword if a player continues to struggle so the question becomes – does Waqa repay the faith on Friday night or was Simonsson the right option? All we can do now is strap in and find out.

Much has been made of Mitchell Moses as he recovers from a concussion sustained against the Penrith Panthers. Everything points to Parramatta’s most influential player taking to the field on Friday which has naturally sparked a conversation about ignoring player welfare. All I will say on the matter is that Parramatta, alongside the Roosters, have lead the way over recent years when it comes to taking concussions seriously.

The Raiders enter Week 2 of the finals cresting an impressive wave of momentum. Joseph Tapine is in seriously, and I mean seriously, good form and his team has responded in kind. Josh Papali’i is back to his best while Hudson Young is wreaking havoc down their left edge. Jamal Fogarty has added stability to the halves in his partnership with Jack Wighton while a spread of young backs have had impressive moments over the last month or so. Of course we can’t fail to mention Jordan Rapana, who tends to produce anywhere between great to downright absurd games against the Eels.

It is all a lot of words to say that the Raiders are a serious threat on Friday and there should be no way our boys enter this week unprepared or underestimating their opponents. A win would be a watershed moment in this era of the club and would lead us into a brave new world of finals football. Naturally I am backing our boys to get it done and book a trip to Townsville next week but I expect the Raiders to throw plenty at us and make us well and truly earn the win.

The Parramatta Eels take on the Canberra Raiders at 7:50PM on Friday night at CommBank Stadium.


NRL Team List

1. Clinton Gutherson (c)
2. Maika Sivo
3. Will Penisini
4. Tom Opacic
5. Waqa Blake
6. Dylan Brown
7. Mitchell Moses
8. Reagan Campbell-Gillard
9. Reed Mahoney
10. Junior Paulo
11. Shaun Lane
12. Isaiah Papali’i
13. Ryan Matterson

14. Makahesi Makatoa
15. Jake Arthur
16. Oregon Kaufusi
17. Marata Niukore

18. Nathan Brown
19. Bailey Simonsson
20. Bryce Cartwright
21. Ofahiki Ogden
22. Ky Rodwell




The magic number for the Parramatta Eels this week is 6. Because believe it or not, they are in no way out of finals contention. Despite their loss to the Titans in Round 4, a win by the Roosters over the Gold Coast this week coupled with a Parramatta win over the Broncos by 6-points or more sends them someway, somehow to the finals.

Cassey Tohi-Hiku holds her spot after being a late inclusion for her debut match last week, while Rima Butler retains her place on the bench after scoring a cracking individual try. Otherwise the Eels continue to enjoy a reasonable slice of roster continuity. They absolutely have to parlay that into a win on Sunday and a win that hits that magic number of 6 or more.

Their last up start against the Titans lacked the intensity and physicality of the two games that preceded it. Whether that was a function of fatigue or lingering apathy from a string of awful calls against Newcastle is now moot. The time to win is upon our girls and in spite of a luckless campaign thus far – the finals still beckon for them.

The Parramatta Eels take on the Brisbane Broncos at 12:05PM on Sunday at Central Coast Stadium. 


NRLW Team List

1. Gayle Broughton
2. Zali Fay
3. Tiana Penitani
4. Rikeya Horne
5. Cassey Tohi-Hiku
6. Ashleigh Quinlan
7. Tayla Preston
8. Filomina Hanisi
9. Seli Mailangi
10. Ellie Johnston
11. Christian Pio
12. Vanessa Foliaki
13. Simaima Taufa

14. Kennedy Cherrington
15. Rueben Cherrington
16. Ruby-Jean Kennard
17. Rima Butler

18. Abbi Church
19. Najvada George
20. Tess Staines
21. Brooke Anderson
22. Brooke-Morgan Walker


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I want nothing more than for us to win 3 in a row and get that premiership.

That been said if we fail again this week BA should get a handshake and a farewell but it won’t happen this weak organisation will give him an extension


No commentary on the bench makeup and the failings of the bench in both usage and performance from the game against Penrith.

No call on Ryan Carr going to the Dragons or Nathan Cayliss coming in?


Tired of talking about the bench


The same bench usage that got the Eels to 4th place? It’s not the bench use I would have expected this year, but we can judge it when the season is over. PS, the Cows basically used 15 players in that 93 minute epic against the Sharks. They have selected the Hammer as a bench player for most of the season and there are weeks he plays minimal minutes. Souths used Nikorima for minimal minutes too. Some coaches are going down a similar path of carrying backs coverage that they barely call on. Ryan Carr is still there for this… Read more »


How did you see the game 60’s? “No commentary on the bench makeup and the failings of the bench in both usage and performance from the game against Penrith” was my quote. You say its the same bench that got us to 4th place but I could be glib and answer that with “despite the bench” I do not want to get in any further disparagement of JA, I feel extremely sorry for the boy and equally disappointed by his father persevering in the way he has. It is now in the public arena and its embarrassing for everyone concerned.… Read more »


The fact that ‘BA’ has backed Waqa here is understandably contentious for fans” Not as contentious as his selection of JA, who had a shocking 20 minutes, kicked out on the full, had Cleary run passed him like he was a statue and topped it off with a knock on. Anyway let’s hope the 15 man Eels team can withstand the rampaging Raiders forward pack.


Are you talking about the knock on from the ball that grubbered behind him when Waqa hurled that inside ball? If so, you’d hardly blame him. Look, it wasn’t a good period for him but he also nearly crossed for a try and he created a line break for Waqa – something that we had struggled to do. If you are going to make comment at least acknowledge that he came up with a couple of good moments too.


I agree that he came up with good moments. I think that he has potential, but I don’t think that it is good to play him in a pressure game at this point in time.


The bottom line is that JA should not be in first grade. On top of that he is terribly out of form at the moment and not even performing well for reserve grade. External report said that there was nepotism at the club. Cartwright and Brown and Ogden would have been much more use on the bench than JA. Emperor has no clothes – clear for all to see – except that saying this apparently got Nathan Brown barred from first grade.

Brett Allen

The report had nothing to do with BA & JA, it was only about the junior pathways.


yeah nah – the elephant in the room is BA and his sons have just come through or are coming through the junior pathways. Either way JA should not be wasting a bench spot – especially in an elimination final.


Didn’t expect any changes, although if Nathan Brown is fully fit, I reckon he’s worth a spot in a last roll of the dice game.That first bomb from Cleary was across field and hit earth roughly in line with our right goal post, now in anybody’s maths that’s middle third of park and you can get why Waqa never looked like he had it covered. Additionally,Luaui definitely connected with Waqa’s arm/shoulder as he made it look like like he couldn’t compete and ran through. A botch all round, we just have to nail the first one, probably a Wighton moon… Read more »


The good news is Wighton is nowhere near as good a kicker as Cleary and will more than likely put one into the stand.


Fogarty know’s how to kick!

Parra Pete

Waqa Blake dropped kicks that a majority of wingers would have dropped. His mistakes can lose a game but his ability as a try scorer can most certainly win one too.
I’d rather concentrate on the positives…what he CAN DO, rather than what he CAN’T Do…I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t respond to criticism by producing a blinder. It ain’t over until its over…..


Well said Parra Pete; i also would prefer to focus on our system errors in the game – we were up 8-7 and I know Moses went off but the way we fell apart is not good enough; and on field leaders must always lead. I don’t blame Waqa either as even BA said we must defend our errors.


Rugba leeg loves a redemption story. I’m ok with Waqa being in the team. I’m sure the Eels have been giving him plenty of practice and as others have noted Canberra doesn’t have anyone who can kick like Cleary. The Raiders will come out hard but eventually Horsburgh will once again leave Parramatta in tears.


Defining game this one, and yes there is no reason why we should not win this. I hope it does not come down to silly errors and or bench not being used well. We simply have to win. This is what good teams do, and i hate to say it but RS has done well with his team, he was under pressure last season and has brought them back into contention, and there is no reason why our team cannot do the same.


No changes and our last chance.
I hope we can get the win.
Go Eels!!

Last edited 22 days ago by Anonymous

Makes no sense to continue with a 15 man policy unless the result is beyond doubt. Either Makatoa is up to it, or he isn’t and Nathan Brown absolutely would give you a very strong 15-20 mins if that’s all that is required. Waqa will be fine. Murray Taulagi couldn’t catch a cold in the 2nd State of Origin game and it took one club game for him to get his confidence back and he hasn’t missed a beat. Waqa will be practicing everyday and will be much better prepared mentally for the rest of the series. Fogarty is a… Read more »


And what odds on Rapana to have an absolute blinder? He just LOVES playing us for some bizarro reason.


He used to love playing against Semi. He was Radradra’s greatest nemesis. Semi would show him the sideline and Rapana would say thank you and take it. He’s enjoyed success against us ever since.

Brett Allen

To suggest the selection of Waqa is the most contentious decision just leaves a giraffe sized elephant roaming around the room.

N. Senada

I am baffled. Why would the Eels not have more than Oregon to give Junior and RCG a recharge? But then again, I ain’t no RL expert. In any case, all the Eels have to do, to justify any bench selection is to win on Friday. GO THE EELS

Last edited 21 days ago by N. Senada
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