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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 79: Mirrored Foes; Eels & Raiders Set To Go Blow For Blow Feat. Bernie Gurr

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It is all or nothing moving forwards for every team in the race for the 2022 NRL Premiership and for the Parramatta Eels their immediate future lies with the Canberra Raiders. Bernie Gurr returns to join Sixties and Forty20 on the preview edition of The Tip Sheet to reflect on the loss to Penrith before looking at how the Blue & Gold can win the day against the Green Machine.

The boys discuss the key players, big match ups and core strategies that will define the contest on Friday night and how it can all lead to a breakthrough victory for Brad Arthur and his players.

That isn’t the only bout of sudden death footy involving the Eels this week. The NRLW are still in the hunt for the finals despite not having a win to their name thus far. All that is required for them is for the Roosters to account for the Titans and for the Eels to win by 6 points or more against the Broncos. Sixties and Forty20 look at the journey for the Eels into Round 5 and how they can channel the lessons learned and steps made into a critical victory.

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Cmon so now you are defending brad in choosing a player who’s totally out of form and useless because its the modern trend to pick an outside back on the Bench. You guys are afraid to dig into Brad because you know deep down he is not a good option. Jake is very very slow, cant kick and is a player with very poor coordination and clumsy. You have Nathan Brown on the bench and play the cards as they are dealt. You even admitted that once our 7 got injured we were close to no hope of winning, so… Read more »

Last edited 21 days ago by Mike

The smart thing to do is to have Brown on the bench to give our forwards some respite and also bring energy because Rcg and Paulo aren’t going to go 60 or 65 minutes for 3 more hard slog finals.
We’re not taking a risk leaving Jake out because he makes zero difference. Sure we’d all like to have a super sub but Brad chose Jake rather than purchasing someone better.

!0 Year Member

Well. This game sure is a test of BAs credentials. I think only one or two finals wins. Let’s see how we go.


Great discussion guys. Agree with you guys. The bench rotation has been a common theme by so many supporters and non supporters. So many blogs and comments over the year. Theres even another website thats dedicated to Non parra supporters talking about the Arthur’s. Now, I don’t think anyone has 100% agreed with the selections all year. BA is making these decisions and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. We just support our team and don’t throw tantrums with every team list. BA said in interview that Jake is spine cover and Not just half back cover. Then 360… Read more »


Maybe you are the non supporter pete, because out of the internal review by N Brown ( as released bu Hooper from Fox), , he mentioned Nepotism as part of a major problem at the club. Go figure. Brown had internal access to each player, all staff and employees. Do you know more than him, I think not.

Last edited 21 days ago by Mike

No i’ll leave that to you “Mike” Its Convenient timing to try and destabilise the team. But if you actually read it and comprehended it. It said “There is no suggestion in the briefing document obtained by Fox Sports that the claim of nepotism relates to coach Brad Arthur or his son Jakob” N Brown was doing a review of the pathways systems andNot the NRL team. Nobody would do an nrl review prior to the end of the finals. I bet Hooper just made the rest up as is normal. Don’t let facts get in the way of a… Read more »

Last edited 21 days ago by pete

Well Pete, its now up to Nathan who is or was employed by the eels to come out and call hooper’s article complete bs in defense of the club. He could do this right now if he wanted to.


Where there is smoke … when BA eventually goes, there will be players left right and centre complaining that JA got a rails run. They are not going to say anything now. It’s the classic ‘survey’ at work. You know the ones that are ‘confidential’ ? You do it once and realise that confidential means different things to other people ! Can’t see too many clubs smashing down the door to employ Jake, which is strange considering good halves are absolute gold. I’ll gIve you the tip – Jake will never be a regular first grader at any other NRL… Read more »


Try looking up the meaning of nepotism. It refers to favoured people or groups and is not necessarily familial. The report was about junior pathways There is a perception, perception, that some groups (ie clubs or associations of people) that are favoured above others in the junior league and therefore the perception that you need to be linked with them to progress in pathways. The fact that it’s been blown into an NRL thing will only have oxygen is if we have “supporters” who believe it to have any bearing. PS there is a perception of nepotism in the NRL… Read more »

John Eel

Pete I agree with your comments. It would seem to me that Hooper has conflated comments coming out of the Pathways review by Brown with ill informed comments from Hadley.

While the report is not connected to or an analysis of the NRL team as you suggested. Hooper is using innuendo and rumour to destabilise the club.


Thanks John, it certainly looks that way. It’s not for the first time the media has done so.


Ah you people ! If someone levels any criticism against the club or the sacred cow they are destabilising, ill informed, conflating bullshit artists ! Maybe they are wrong but maybe, just maybe they are damned right. If you are happy to accept the bouquets then you should be able to accept the brickbats as well.


The report has been circulating for a few weeks. The timing is curious which is what most are upset about along with a comment made about nepotism in pathways being conflated as criticism about the current NRL side (driven by the idiots at Fox Sports/News). If there are issues with the pathways then they should be discussed and fixed. But to misuse the report on the eve of a vitally important finals game to pursue an agenda is beyond the pale.

Last edited 20 days ago by Shaun

Interesting tune in fellas. I just hope Bernie is our good luck this week as from memory the weeks he has been on, and i love his comments, we have lost that weekend! It must change this week.
The team just simply need to be better than Canberra and limit errors and play for 80 min

John Eel

Milo I think it is that simple as you say. Make the most of the opportunities as they arise and reduce last weeks errors.


We do John – we just need the team to be on….for the entire 80.Hooper and his article has been well timed, and no doubt Rickys media mates have lapped it up like a good Ken’s Pie at The Entrance….with sauce of course.

John Eel

Went past it this morning. Beautiful day on the coast.

How are you enjoying your time in the UK?


I miss the pies and his profiteroles John; it is good here but the weather is getting cooler…..and i miss the football. I think it won’t be long till we miss the sun!! 🙂

John Eel


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