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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 76: Bernie Gurr Breaks Down Parra’s Friday Night Blockbuster

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It is go time in the NRL as we enter the first of the 2022 finals series and The Tip Sheet dials it up a notch as Bernie Gurr returns to talk turkey with Sixties and Forty20.

Gurr looks over Parramatta’s journey to the Friday night blockbuster against the Penrith Panthers and answers an array of questions about both their path here and what lies ahead. What lessons have they learned from prior campaigns? How was an ugly loss to the Rabbitohs the catalyst for their late season surge? Which players have been difference makers?

All these are more get handled expertly by Bernie as previews how the Eels can book a place in the grand final qualifier in two weeks.

Sixties and Forty20 go on to preview the NRLW clash against the Gold Coast Titans but with Bernie essentially doing their job this week all that is left for the NRL are their tips!

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Michael Cash

Really loved Bernie’s time at the club. Helped immensely especially in setting up our home base. Is he still involved somehow if he isn’t he certainly should be


He’s simply a supporter now.


Great podcast Gents.
Bernie is always worth listening to. His thoughts are spot on. A great footy brain.
Hopefully our women in the NRLW get the rub of the green and get the W.
Keep up the good work.
Go Eels!!


Cheers Pete. It’s always enlightening to get his takes.


Is Bernie STILL here?
Absolutely soaking the funds up in whatever capacity.


I’m not sure what you’re saying here Anon. Bernie is passionate about rugby league and we are fortunate to be able to call on him for his expertise.

John Eel

There has been a lot of commentary regarding the Eels lack of consistency in 2022. Despite this the Eels achieved a top 4 finish. What has not been discussed by commentators is that the 17 players announced Tuesday are likely the best players that the Eels could have hoped to have on the field. This is a big improvement on the players available in the two previous campaign. I am feeling that we are more than capable of winning tomorrow night. Fun fact, the 1981 Eels had a 68% win record. In 2022 we have a win record of 67%.… Read more »

Stiff one

Thought the same today actually, John.
I’m sick of hearing Tunks et al, rave about how inconsistent and hot and cold the eels are when we ultimately finished 4th! Did pretty well and better than 12 other clubs!


And 8 of those teams have now finished for the year.


HI John, i admit i was one who was banging on about consistency as to me its important and if we get to the GF, then fair enough.
What i will say is that i have noticed a marked improvement in all of the key spine players (1,6, 7 and 9) over the last 6 weeks and i mean their consistency; throw in the three main forwards and wingers and we have a good mix to do well.

John Eel

Milo the other important factor is that we basically have our full squad to choose from. There really is no players outside our 17 picked for the Panthers game who could force there way into the 17. They appear to have stopped the leaking edge defence by sliding. The forwards are on fire. Sivo is playing his best footy yet. His speed has increased. Maybe we let that one go through to the keeper. The spine is functioning like a unit off the back of the good work of the forwards. It is important that they stay on their game… Read more »


Very true John. Hard to expect more right now.


Agreed 100% mate, the defence is the key for me and probably many.
As you said they just need to stay on their game – its almost that siege mentality while balancing the way we play.


I think we all felt elements of two steps forward, and 1 back. Did Parra disappoint in a few games? Absolutely!
Have they finished where we would have hoped for? Yes
Now we are in the final against a team that we know well. Hard to expect better.


Sixties, i am still eating my egg off my face mate, but i have to admit it goes well with my toast!!


John, before that finals series began, I didn’t have huge expectations of winning in 1981. I probably had greater hopes in the 76-79 campaigns. All of those young stars were only just emerging. Or maybe back then, the heartache of 76/77 left me feeling pessimistic – after all we didn’t have any experience in winning titles.


Sixties i was more confident in the B Smith era tbh. I thought 1998 was the one and then 1999. In 2001 i was confident but felt we were not tested as much in the forwards until that GF loss. I felt the fast game was not going to continue and Newcastle just got us early and we’re on fire.


It was an awful game Milo. Bad memories.


From memory John, did Easts lose a semi / final back then to Newtown? I am sure i was at the game with my sister and dad ( sister is an easts fan) and i am sure Blacklock scored….Obviously we were not at the GF….that was amazing even as an 11 yr old. When Kenny scored that last try my old man jumped up and broke a light fitting and i recall one of our cats scurrying…great memories.

John Eel

My feeling in 81 was confidence in Jack Gibson. When we lost games through the season he said that you can’t get a team up every week.

My optimistic take on that was the only thing that mattered was the finals. That in Jacks mind the minor premiership was almost irrelevant.

He made the comment after being beaten by Newtown. I think Easts were the minor premiers

John Eel

Milo Tim Mannah told a story this week. In 2009 in the last game against the Dragons Daniel Anderson sent the Eels out without a game plan.

The Dragons slapped our butts. It was devastating. I was at Kogarah for the game.

Next week he sat them down and said this is how we beat them. The rest is history.

We got through and were beaten by a Melbourne team in the GF who were cheating the cap.


I believe we can win this game based on our progression and maybe Penrith not being completely wound up. If I was a Penrith supporter I would be worrying about winning this game and having a two week break to the next, that said they will be prime for a ground final if they get there! My proviso is that our bench is extremely weak, we have no back up hooker and a young half if he gets to play more than 10 minutes we are in trouble. The logical thing was to play Nathan Brown and say have a… Read more »

John Eel

Early in the year when Cleary came back from his shoulder reconstruction it took him some time to get back into his rhythm.

This is different because he is not out through injury. However I disagree with the experts who are all saying that he will jump back in where he left off.

Poppa I agree totally that we may get Penrith not completely wound up as you say.

Michael C

Game on


Jake is a joke selection. And Brad’s head is very close to be on the chopping block


If only we had that extra forward on the bench, that certainly would have been a turning point when Moses went off 🙄
The time we needed a halves replacement we had one. Moses didnt have us in the winning position with 20 to go (no disrespect to to Moses), Jake didn’t turn the tide, but Moses wasn’t going to part the sea either..

The Captain

I don’t think many people have an issue with having a halves replacement or a 14. The issue is that Jake is not first grade standard. Every time he is on the field we decline massively. If he is out halves replacement option we’re better off using Cartwright who is equally “fine but not good” in the halves but gives us forward punch as well. I have yet to speak to anyone who isn’t baffled by Jake’s selection and our persistence with it. No hate towards the kid, he just isn’t good enough to be in an NRL first grade… Read more »


“ if we lose one of our halves we lose the game anyway at this point” That is the point isn’t it. So many here just can’t see this blinding reality.


There probably is only one team that can afford to have a half that is first grade poultry sitting on the bench. I would have included a southern team a couple of seasons ago, but I think their allure has faded.
What game winning NRL quality half wants to sit on the pine, and what club wants to pay another game winning NRL quality half to sit on the pine.
A utility might be able to have the team hold a lead, rather than win a game for us.


Brad’s preliminary record


Yes i saw that as well Mike, really what more can any BA fanboi say? But? But? But? That record is there and the last 9 years has not improved it.

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