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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 58: Eels Miss Out On Taupau & Klemmer, More MRC Madness

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In a rare condensed episode, Sixties, Forty20 and Spiro blast through all the big headlines in the week that was for the NRL. Starting with a couple of cruel near misses for the Eels in the player transfer market, the boys look at what could have been for Parramatta if either Marty Taupau or David Klemmer had been able to join the club immediately.

The conversation on Klemmer turns to the bizarre situation he now finds himself in Newcastle with the big middle forward stood down over an on-field incident with a trainer. Yep, you read that right – an on-field incident!

The Tigers are at loggerheads with the NRL over the Cowboys drama but they are now also butting heads with the NSW Government after funding was withdrawn for Leichardt Oval. Spiro relates his most recent experience at the venue and how it might be time for the club to focus their own resources elsewhere.

The show caps off with a check in on the lottery that is the Match Review Committee as Nelson Asofa-Solomona dodges a suspension for the umpteenth time. The trio are in unanimous agreement that the MRC got it badly wrong. Last stop is the upcoming at Manly and a rumour surrounding Clinton Gutherson playing in the halves this week but Sixties is quick to set the record straight.

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15 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 58: Eels Miss Out On Taupau & Klemmer, More MRC Madness

  1. Shaun

    Like yourselves I can’t believe Asofa-Solomona got off especially given his track record. I also think it is time to stop fining players. The financial penalty means very little and doesn’t create an incentive to curb foul play. Quite the opposite!

    As for the NRL/NSW Government stadium debacle it exemplifies all that is wrong with “power” in this state.

    1. John Eel

      Shaun the other thing about fines is that there is no guarantee that the player is paying the fine and not the club.

      1. Joe Vass

        And if the club is paying it should be held against their salary cap. Of course there is no way of policing it so it is a mute point.

  2. BDon

    Tks guys, a racy listen. Felice Kaufusi has twice in recent times managed to damage an opponents head through combining elbow placement with tackle momentum. Whether the NAS shot was intentional or accidental shouldn’t matter a hoot, it was careless at minimum, but I’d say dangerous. He broke 2 of Egan’s teeth, so high contact was made, and that is now the test, not the intent.. Perhaps the bunker should start reviewing high shots where first contact is not the neck or head, that’s one example of a precedent being set by this decision.

    1. sixties

      Critics of the bunker or the MRC are now being criticised themselves for wanting consistency. The thing is, nobody expects humans to make perfect decisions. But there are howlers being made and too often. And that means that the blame falls squarely on anyone making too many wrong calls. We see nothing incidents attracting unnecessary punishment and serious/dangerous incidents being given the all clear.

      1. Spark

        Luke Patten is the common denominator here. If you go back to a list of referee howlers over the last 10 years, Pattens name was usually all over it. I believe they moved him out of the referee ranks due to his glaring mistakes. I understand that the MRC is a committee but as the chairman, Patten would hold sway. He just has an ability to see the world in a very very different way. His explanation about not charging NAS was just downright comical and even Annersley had trouble holding a straight face. The fact that Patten could stand there and deliver that nonsense just shows what an imbibe he is and in turn what a bunch of idiots the administrators are for accepting it.
        The game just goes from one car wreak to the next and unless they eradicate these dopes from the game, they will continue to denigrate the game. As for Patten, I personally would have him no where near the game of rugby league.

        1. sixties

          I have to agree about the nonsense explanation regarding NAS. To be honest, I hadn’t noted Patten’s previous involvements, but I will be from now on.

      2. John Eel

        Previously they had specialists in the bunker. Now they have gone back to circulating all of the referees through the bunker.

        Then again you look at someone like Butler or even Klein and you have a problem in either role

        I say specialists for the bunker.

        1. sixties

          Theoretically, the first grade refs should be perfect. They should be on top of the rules, with a feel for the game. But as we know.

  3. John Eel

    On Klemmer, it is disappointing that Knights stopped him from coming to the Eels now they are talking about sacking him.

    If it comes to a choice between the two for a contract for next year I feel Taupau used in short bursts given his age at this point may be the better option. It was mentioned this week that Klemmer is hard to coach.

    I agree about the Tigers home games at Leichhardt. However given their junior base being at MacArthur why would they build their centre of excellence at Concord?

    With regard to NAS and Corrigan, I am not making accusations but it gives the appearance the NRL is trying to push certain teams deep into the semis

    Gutho in my mind has never been a raging success at 6 despite BA wanting him to be a success there. Short term maybe alright.

    1. sixties

      The Tigers have three home grounds, a CofE in Concord, and don’t seem to be on the same page as a joint venture. I think the issues will never be resolved whilst they keep compromising. But was any funding to go to Leichhardt and not Campbelltown, it would fly in the face of logic and I’m not sure what message that would send to the side of the venture with all of the money and all of the juniors.

  4. Milo

    Great tune in fellas.
    I do not understand how the MRC / Bunker etc can be so woeful. There appears to be some players and clubs that get a good ride and lets call a spade here, NAS has been let off too many times as was Kaufusi (storm). There appears to be no transparency between tackles and tbh i was surprised Cleary received his long ban and thought he may have got a reduced one. As fans we have no faith in the system, and the NRL has shown how weak they are in my view when they choose to fine players ( as mentioned who pays these fines?) when some tackles are v serious.
    Hip drops for one have been one thats come in and there has been no deterrent for players…and when we have ex-players on the TV commenting about such tackles as Clearys and mentioning that such key players should not be on the sidelines for long you have to wonder what there agenda is. Alex McKinnon is all i need to say about these imbeciles. A freak change in landing for any player can end their career.
    I go back to tripping which was a poor act years ago and copped a serious loading whereas now its almost laughed off.
    Klemmer / Tapau – both would have been good but my issue is the cost it would have been for next season…..I would have preferred Klemmer tbh as his mongrel is what we need if he is coached right.
    My main concern for Parra for 2023 is a lack of depth/ quality coming up as we have not appeared to have brought on many players from the Reggie’s (forwards I mean) and given them much time on the field. Time will tell here.
    As for wests as Sixties said they need no more than 2 venues (preferably one) and the MacArthur area should have been the focus there as the population says so. Let’s be honest a COE is just a name and if not used wisely can be just another term for juniors to train. Its all in the coaching for me and providing strong and meaningful junior programs based on quality.

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