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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 59: Waqa Blake Notches 150 As Eels Look To Secure Top 8 Spot

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Round 21 of the NRL sees the Parramatta Eels travel to the Northern Beaches where they take on the Manly Sea Eagles. Sixties and Forty20 take a look at the Jersey Flegg, NSW Cup and NRL with Top 8 and Top 4 aspirations at stake at different levels.

The main event of course is the NRL though and the fellas look at how life without Mitchell Moses is faring in week one. Jake Arthur gets the nod to replace Moses at halfback and will steer the team around the park with the aid of Dylan Brown. Sixties and Forty20 tip the other three members of the spine to step up as the Eels look to secure their place inside the Top 8.

It is also a milestone game for the Eels with team and fan favourite Waqa Blake notching his 150th cap in the NRL this week.

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8 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 59: Waqa Blake Notches 150 As Eels Look To Secure Top 8 Spot

  1. Shaun

    I was at the Beer and Footy Fest at Henson (recovering from celebrating the big win the night before) and I swear the ground announced sounded just like Des Hasler.

    Speaking on Des, the narrative is that Manly will once more be a united team and that will spur them on to victory.The Eels will falter after such a big win (as per usual) and be rudderless without Mitch.

    I’m not buying it. I’m not saying Manly will be easy to overcome but if Eels play to their strengths we’ll be right. I would expect JA’s role to be very simple and 1,6 and 9 will look after the playmaking. RCG first try scorer. Sivo to score a double.

      1. Shaun

        The crowd was exactly 8,972 as always. But to my eye maybe that was a conservative count. But the general vibe was everyone enjoying an old school footy experience on a lovely winter’s day. Though apparently my wife ran into James Graham and had no idea who he is.

  2. Anonymous

    Can anyone go watch the training session? During the week ?
    I really interested in finding out how many local juniors are in the jersey flegg side

    1. sixties

      Anyone can watch training as the Kellyville complex is in an open park. Parra went into the market for players in Flegg this year. The number of local juniors in the team can vary. I think the number is quite low this week. Something like 6.

  3. John Eel

    There is plenty of so called Eels supporters out there simply death riding everything BA does.

    The problem I see is that it is like the old saying you can’t pick your neighbours. The same goes in League, you can’t pick your supporters.

    For me I believe that most of our supporters are good people and buy into the dream.

    We have to learn to live with our noisy minority of critical so called supporters. The brave people who like to take it out on a 19 year rookie because they are aggrieved at his father.

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