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Team List Tuesday – Mitch’s Broken Finger, Waqa’s Milestone Edition



In classic Parramatta fashion, the Eels got the brooms out for the reigning premiers in Round 20 to complete one of the more improbable sweeps in the premiership in recent times. The 34-10 victory is certainly critical given it keeps a host of teams chasing the Blue & Gold at bay. By the same token, the win came at an extraordinary heavy toll with halfback Mitchell Moses breaking his finger in the first half (and somehow playing through it) and now looking at 3 to 4 weeks on the sideline following surgery. Bailey Simonsson, who was a game day scratch against Penrith is also out for at least 1 more week with a hamstring strain.

Will the loss of Moses serve as a rallying cry for the team as they desperately hunt consistency in the run to the finals? We get the first potential answer to that question this Friday as Parramatta head to the Northern beaches to take on Manly in Round 21.

Jake Arthur will step into the vacant #7 to replace Moses, partnering Dylan Brown against the Sea Eagles. It is the obvious, no nonsense move with a half replacing a half and while Jake will certainly do the job required of him the onus falls on the likes of Brown as well as Reed Mahoney and Clinton Gutherson to share the load. For Mahoney and Gutherson in particular, it will be crucial if they can build off the positive form shown against the Panthers last Friday.

The team is otherwise unchanged from the side that defeated the reigning premiers. Waqa Blake continues to hold down the right wing with Simsonsson out while Bryce Cartwright will play consecutive games from the bench.

Friday night is a milestone game for Waqa with the big man notching up his 150th NRL game.

As for our opposition this week, Manly get back a stack of reinforcements following the drama of the 7 players who stood down last week. Notably though Josh Aloiai is still absent, though I dare say injury the prime factor there while Josh Schuster has been relegated to 18th man.

The Parramatta Eels take on the Manly Sea Eagles at 7:55PM on Friday night at 4 Pines Park.


NRL Team List

1. Clinton Gutherson (c)
2. Maika Sivo
3. Will Penisini
4. Tom Opacic
5. Waqa Blake
6. Dylan Brown
7. Jake Arthur
8. Reagan Campbell-Gillard
9. Reed Mahoney
10. Junior Paulo
11. Shaun Lane
12. Isaiah Papali’i
13. Ryan Matterson

14. Makahesi Makatoa
15. Bryce Cartwright
16. Oregon Kaufusi
17. Marata Niukore

18. Ofahiki Ogden
19. Hayze Perham
20. Brendan Hands
21. Sean Russell
22. Elie El-Zakhem




1. Hayze Perham

2. Solomone Naiduki

3. Zac Cini

4. Samuel Loizou

5. Sean Russell

6. Jack A Williams

7. Brendan Hands

8. Ofahiki Ogden

9. Mitch Rein

10. Wiremu Greig

11. Elie El-Zakhem

12. Toni Mataele

13. Ky Rodwell

14. Jayden Yates

15. Tevita Taumoepenu

16. Luke Bain

17. Dan Keir


Jersey Flegg


1. Dantoray Lui

2. Moala Graham-Taufa

3  Jabriel Kalache

4. Corey Fenning

5. Turoa Williams

6. Mac Puafisi

7. Ethan Sanders

8. Peter Taateo

9. Kruz Niutili-Schmidt

16 Jontay-Junior Bentham-Misa.

11. Ryan Jones

12. Felix Niutili-Schmidt

13. Brock Parker

14. Jacob Davis

18 Jack Colovatti

10 Larry Muagututia

17. Tevita Taumoepenu

15 Saxon Pryke

18 Nikau Wrathall


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60 thoughts on “Team List Tuesday – Mitch’s Broken Finger, Waqa’s Milestone Edition

    1. John Eel

      If he has got a sternum injury he will be needled to play.

      Most surprising if true is that the injury got into the public arena.

    2. Wilhelmina

      Yeah, impossible that he could be selected as first choice and given the week to see if he’s ok by Friday. Or that someone with an injury could be subbed out later in the week.

      1. Brett Allen

        No need to be snippy. It was widely circulated on Tuesday morning he was unlikely to be named, not just unlikely to play, that’s how allegedly serious the injury was. For the record I’m not anti JA at all.

        1. Wilhelmina

          You’re right, I was snippy – reading too many comments from someone who was being an idiot. But I stand by the sentiment: the fact that he was named doesn’t mean he doesn’t have an injury they are attempting to manage. And the media reporting an injury is different to the club reporting it.

      2. Brett Allen

        Furthermore it was reported that Gutho had been training in the halves all week with Hayze Perham at fullback. I don’t think it’s a stretch here to think BA is playing games a bit here.

        1. pete

          I hope JA is NOT injured as that will really cause problems if the backline is shuffled around too much. I can understand JA for Moses because he’s also a No 7.

          1. Brett Allen

            Yes, and that single training session Gutho was training in the halves, not at fullback.
            We’ll see who runs out on Friday night, but if JA plays but hasn’t trained there this week, questions will be asked. Whether JA is good enough or not, questions are going to be asked around how he has handled Jake’s selection at various times.

  1. Shaun

    A game full of intrigue for both teams. I suspect that Eels team that will run out may be a little different from the team named today. If JA does play, I hope everyone gets behind him and the team. While some are saying Manly will bounce back after last week’s debacle, I’m suspecting the Manly’s team morale may not be all that good.

    1. sixties

      Shaun, the core of Manly – especially the spine – will be focussed. Manly always lift for us, and have troubled us over the last few seasons. It will be a major challenge.

  2. pete

    Moses is a big out of course.
    But isn’t it good that Jake has been part of the squad for the year. Because of this, he knows all the plays and calls. So he’ll do his job much better than if he was just rushed in.
    Some are saying they’d prefer Gutho at 6 and Brown to 7.. Perham to Fullback. The same people that complained about moving Brown to the centres are now saying put Gutho at 6??

    SAD thing is he’ll probably get more support at Brookvale than if this was a home game. Very sad to say that but due to a few imbeciles it’s probably true.
    I fully support Jake to set up for the win!!
    Go Eels!!

    1. Joel

      I hope to god that Perham gets put in the 6 and Brown goes 7. I feel sorry for Arthur but he really isn’t stepping up into First Grade at all. Besides, imagine if we went to the Semis and he cost us with a rookie error. It would absolutely ruin his image.

      1. pete

        Who plays 7 in reserve grade? Jake!
        Brown is not a 7! He’s said it himself. Perham has been playing centre and wing all year. Who would put Perham at 6 in first grade if he hasn’t been playing in that position?

      2. Wilhelmina

        I don’t get the Perham love. He didn’t impress in his chance in first grade, and yet you’re arguing JA didn’t step up. Perham also hasn’t stood out in any of the reggies games I’ve seen. What is it that makes you think he would shine?
        (note: not having a go or taking the mick, really interested in what you’re seeing that I haven’t)

        1. Anonymous

          Haze was put on a wing in nrl and really did not let anyone down except for being out jumped a few times by taller wingers and he is not a winger.
          Clearly you did not watch him score 4 tries a few weeks ago when playing in the centres he was electrifying that day

          1. sixties

            Tony, Perham’s best spot in my opinion is centre, when he gets given early ball. Then he can use his pace and step. He isn’t a half or five-eighth.

          2. Wilhelmina

            No, I didn’t see that game. Did you? I’d love to know if he actually created the tries, or was just the man on the end of his teammates good work – very different things, and stats don’t tell you that (eg we loved Semi cos he created tries; Sivo finishes them, albeit finishing well, and in a way Perham isn’t likely to due to size).

            My major concern was that he wasn’t even attempting to contest high balls, not that he was being out-jumped. If you won’t leap for it, you’re never going to be a successful fullback or winger, which seriously limits his utility value.

            Of course, if he ends up playing fullback this week, I absolutely hope to be proven wrong, and will cheer him on regardless.

      3. Anonymous

        So I guess you want Dylan to do all the general play kicking?
        What an easy target for defences.
        Haze does not have a great kicking game nor does Gutho.
        Jake can kick in general play and will help Dylan it’s a no brainer.

    2. Wile E

      No – I was one of the first to complain about moving DB and I am definitely not saying the spine should be disrupted further. Actually, I have been saying that Moses out is the only reason JA should be in the team. However, I see Dylan as more important to Parra than JA and would prefer to see Dylan’s development prioritised. This is a great opportunity to see what Dylan can do as the primary playmaker. That will improve him for when Moses is back.

  3. Wilhelmina

    Let it go mate. Getting himself binned in reggies last week when the team was already down to 12 doesn’t help his cause. He’s not getting selected.

  4. Anonymous

    I just frustrates me to no end. Any sentient being knows Nathan Brown is in the top 17 and the coach should pick the best available 17.

    1. Wilhelmina

      So, we should pick a bloke who has failed the behavioural standards set for the team, cos some blokes on the internet say so?

      1. Wilhelmina

        He got dropped weeks ago for off-field behaviour, in case you weren’t paying attention. I simply noted that getting binned when your team is already a man down is not going to convince the coach to select him.

  5. Offside

    Has there been a parra player in modern history as devise as JA?
    Good luck to him I hope he does the job unfortunately the body of evidence says he’s in for a long night more so the defenders inside and outside of him will need to be on their feet.

    I just hope we get the win the middles need to step up especially makka and Oregon as the reports of trying to get a deadline day deal for a prop as a sign of lack of faith in them and by fault the sane can be said about our other middles outside the squad.

    1. sixties

      Offside, there is simply a “pile on” without any thought that happens with Jake. He is the next in line in the halves. Has been very, very good in reggies at 18/19 over the past two seasons, and prior to that was recognised in pathways outside of the Eels system by captaining his school to the GIO Schools Title (St Pats is in the Penrith zone and coached by a Panthers pathways coach) and he was selected for NSW CCC team. Anyone else with this background would be hailed by supporters as a talent to watch.
      Yet, people see errors that aren’t there when he plays and are overly critical of him. He doesn’t play anything like Mitch Moses, and shouldn’t be expected to do so. No other player at Parra plays like Moses – actually Dylan has the running game that could rival Moses but he doesn’t always get involved like that. Jake is a game manager, and plays with composure. He’ll go ok.

      1. Offside

        I hope so obviously he has talent I think if you look at what type of career he will have I think a Chad Townsend type good solid in the right team plays a good part. Not a x factor elite half never in the rep mix but solid enough to get the job done

      2. Anonymous

        “without any thought that happens with Jake” How elitist is that comment? So those that think JA is underserving and use his NRL games as evidence are “without any thought”. JA has been training with the NRL side for 7 years, sat in the box, done stats, picked for NRL after a handful of Reserve grade games, he must be the be the next Fittler or Johns. The fact that he is the next inline half is true, however he is such due to the rails run he has had.

        1. sixties

          Anon, I’m not being elitist. Rather you are just slinging mud against a young player with blanket statements. There is nothing in your comment that is actually saying anything. If people only used his NRL games as an example they still couldn’t be so critical.

          1. Anonymous

            Ok so to help you as you were unable to comprehend what I said. JA is not in any way a player of the ability displayed by previous teenagers who played NRL as 18-19yr olds. JA is the next halfback off the rank to use that as justification for his selection is as circular an argument as religious people saying God is real because the bible says so. He is next, not based on ability, he is next based on
            la familia.
            His Reserves form is good, his NRL performances are not, like someone at 75% pace while the game is at 100%.

            I hope he proves me wrong and you correct because that is best for the Eels, i do not think that will happen.

          2. sixties

            Anonymous, there is nothing circular about my argument. I’m saying that Jake has earned his place as next in line in the halves and that his form in NSW Cup and in his NRL appearances justify that he is at the stage of development where he can be called up like this.

          3. Anonymous

            BTW those downvotes are not added to be me. Let us see, 3 weeks should be enough to decide if he has earned his spot. He doesn’t need to be a MOM, he needs to make his tackles, kick well, organise, pass well and get out of the way if Dylan or Gutho call the ball

      3. Brett Allen

        Therein lies the problem though 60’s, the fact that Jake is the next playmaker in line. I have no problem with him as a long term development project with a view to him being MM’s eventual permanent successor, but he is not ready for that, not even close. When you consider that Jaemon Salmon is the Panthers 4th or even 5th string half, there is no question that Jake’s career progression is miles in front of his actual development. Why is that ?

        1. pete

          Brett he’s only filling in. Moses will be back. It’s not like Moses has been sacked and Jake has been installed as the Forevermore No 7. Don’t be so irrational.

          1. Brett Allen

            Where did I say anything of the sort Pete ?
            I questioned why Jake is our 2nd string halfback at this stage of his career ? 3rd or 4th string with a long term development view of him, great, awesome, no problem with at all, but he has not earned the right to be the 3rd half in our depth chart yet. We should’ve kept Will Smith and/or Jaemon Salmon or recruited a veteran to be the prime backup, which would allow Jake to slowly develop in NSW Cup over several years. His promotion up the depth chart has been too rapid. He hasn’t earned it.

          2. Milo

            HI Brett / Sixties- can i ask one thing, how do you think Salmon went when he was here? I was a but disappointed in him tbh but again he was v young like JA is now. I too think we need someone experienced and maybe the club realises this now with Will S moved on.
            I also think some clubs possibly us included have not developed halves as we should have over the years and I think this structure that coaches have coached has somewhat caused this…..for some teams it’s been too structured and halves have been hindered in my view.
            Maybe Sixties can enlighten us on the Jets program at Parra?
            I look at 2/3/4 string halves in some clubs and they are not always setting the world on fire. It takes some time for some.
            I know Penrith started something similar years ago and its paid some dividends. Just my thoughts here.

          3. Brett Allen

            Milo, Salmon came to us as some sort of prodigy, but it became pretty clear that he wasn’t. But, he still showed that he could play at NRL pace, he just didn’t get enough opportunities. I think he would have become a very serviceable 5/8 has he been developed properly.
            I watch JA on the other hand and I see a young men who is still in the stage of having to think about what he’s doing first before he does it, he doesn’t have a natural feel for the game yet. Salmon did and does.

          4. Milo

            Thanks Brett thats fair comment, and we all see different things. I would like to see more of JA before i judge, and i stand by comments about halves being hard to find as structure has hindered some of them.
            I don’t know if JA will stay in the halves in the future as he is tall and will probably fill out.

          5. sixties

            I completely disagree with Brett‘s takes below, and I’ve watched a lot of both Salmon and Jake.
            Very early on in his NRL career it became obvious that Salmon was going to be a utility rather than a specialist half. We speculated on TCT as to whether he should be developed as an edge player. The Panthers saw that potential and have used him in that role off the bench.
            Jake has a very good feel for the game as demonstrated in both Cup and NRL. As an example, he picked the right time and backed himself in his early appearances last year, scoring individual tries against the Warriors and Souths.
            Most of the criticism of Jake was founded on the Eels loss to the Cowboys in Darwin. That was a bad game by the Eels across the board.
            There is a genuine lack of halfbacks across the NRL. Jake is a very tall half and is getting bigger frame-wise. Whether he stays at half I can’t say, but the journos have reported the interest of a couple of clubs in Jake. Parra are also developing a young half in Ethan Sanders who basically skipped SG Ball to go to Flegg. He is quite promising

          6. Milo

            Thanks Sixties, i can see utility in both to be honest and time will tell.
            Salmon for me must not have been what we were after at this time but he has somewhat matured a lot more now.
            Have heard v good things about E Sanders and we must keep him.

        2. sixties

          Brett, I just don’t agree with your assessment of him not being ready to be next in line. He’ll do fine.

          1. Spark

            At the end of the day it’s BAs call. He’s the coach. If JA plays well he will get and deserve the plaudits from the fans. Equally if he plays poorly he will get the brickbats. That’s only fair, he deserves no special treatment.

    1. Anonymous

      So oh wise one, what is the reason? If it is because the club want him to leave I assume you support not picking the best 17 for political reasons

  6. Milo

    A big ask but if we are good enough we can win this game. TBH I think there is more pressure on them. DCE will need to be contained and again this is tough but if our fwds hold there own (and bench) and our main spine play v well we will do it,

  7. Murph

    Can someone fill me in what is the situation with Nathan Brown? Ran for over 200m and set up a try in Cup last week, this week not named anywhere, including on the injury list.

        1. sixties

          Murph. Now that BA has spoken about Nathan Brown, I will reply fully. When I attend training I don’t comment on injuries that I see. It’s not wise to do so and especially not wise to speculate. I leave it to the club to provide injury updates.
          Nathan Brown started training in an NRL shirt on Monday – as BA said he was going to be named. He left the field mid to late session to get treatment.
          As I said, the club don’t always list all injuries.

          1. Murph

            Thanks Sixties. I thought you knew more than you were letting on, makes sense though.

          2. sixties

            Cheers Murph. There are things that I both can’t and won’t write on. The other issue was that some people were calling bullshit when BA said that injury was keeping Brown out this week, so I was glad to be able to offer what I saw.

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