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Live Blog – Junior Representatives Round 1, 2021

Welcome to the first footy of 2021! TCT will be live from New Era Stadium at Cabramatta to bring you all of the live action from the Harold Matthews and SG Ball today. Please note that due to a scheduling conflict we will not be able to provide live updates of the Tarsha Gale but we will have a match report up later today.

The Eels are hosting an archrival to launch their 2021 campaigns in the Harolds Matthews and SG Ball as the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles venture West today. Meanwhile, the Tarsha Gale travel to Leichardt Oval to tackle an opponent they already know very well in the Wests Tigers.

It is a truly massive day of footy ahead of us. Matches against the Sea Eagles are always intense and highly physical in the junior representatives and the extra energy that comes with the very first game of the season will only serve to dial everything up to 11.

Coverage starts at 10:00AM with the kickoff of the Harold Matthews but as always, feel free to join the conversation in the comments section at any time!



Tarsha Gale – Round 1 vs Wests Tigers

11:00 AM @ Leichardt Oval

1 Demia Pritchard 1 Jessica Whelan
2 Hannah McFayden 2 Jayme Willingham
3 Jacinta Tui 3 Shelby Muir
4 Tahleisha Pugh 4 Tiamo Williams
5 Tamerah Leati 5 Kirra Boland
6 Loreen Luamanuvae 6 Georgia Edwards
7 Jada Toevai 7 Hope Tevaga
8 Losalio Payne 8 Georgia Lotawa
9 Kristen Cawthorne 9 Ebony Prior
10 Martha Fua 10 Katie Edwards
11 Summah Terare 11 Tehillah Vaeluaga
12 Lei-Lani Tua 12 Shondell Akhabue
13 Ruby-Jean Kennard 13 Jessica Kennedy
14 Ameena Kanj 14 Anna Moa
15 Summer Brown 15 Imogen Gobran
16 Taimani Kolomati 16 Folau Vaki
17 Katalina Vave 17 Piper Sutton
18 Rosalia Lea 18 Briana Dean
19   19 Chloe Newman


Harold Matthews – Round 1 vs Manly Warringah Sea Eagles

10:00AM @ New Era Stadium

1 Patrick Spence 1 Lehi Hopoate
2 Suliasi Aho 2 Calvin Levy
3 Charlie Guymer 3 Eli Sagala
4 Declan Murray 4 Josh Feledy (c)
5 Josh Lealaiauloto 5 Maxwell Taotua
6 Terrence Lafai 6 Latu Fainu
7 Ethan Sanders 7 Alfred Ah Chong
8 Sam Tuivaiti 8 Samuela Fainu
9 Yehya Ayache 9 Ollie Cummins
10 Aufago Mino 10 Jakob Biet
11 Domenic Destradis 11 Dylan Coutts
12 Saxon Pryke 12 Drew Williams
13 Myles Martin 13 Zedrick Tupulua
14 Blaise Talagi 14 Rene Bagon
15 Jacob John 15 Noa Faatui
16 Josh Alhazim 16 Mitchell Taotua
17 Cooper Sinclair 17 Rory Morgan
18 Tyrese Lokeni 18 Jake Smith
  19 Dayshawn Lyden


First Half

The Eels are receiving the ball to start 2021 as the rain drizzles down at Cabramatta. Good first set! Nothing fancy as the middles toil through the ruck and set up for a clearing kick. Ethan Sanders duly provides and finds the grass and on the following tackle Parra force an error!

Down the right edge early in this set now before big Sam Tuivati centres play on the goal line. He earns a penalty for his efforts as Manly lay all over him. Parramatta aren’t interested in the penalty attempt and opt for the tap. Declan Murray looks to have scored for all money on the second tackle as the boys celebrate but a late call of held up brings play back out 10m. He looked to have grounded that for all money.

The boys put that all behind them though as a right edge shift finds Terrence Lafai. He takes a nice snag in the greasy conditions and finds Dom De Stradis who flies into the line running an unders route. Gorgeous, angled run by the backrower and he screams through the defensive line to score under the posts!

Try scored Dom De Stradis. Conversion successful by Ethan Sanders.

Eels lead 6-0

6min gone


Frustrating mistake after points from the young lads. Looks like Tuivati lost the ball in the tackle on the second play. Manly with a chance to hit back here. They attack down their left edge early but when the change the point of attack a great read and jam from Ethan Sanders forces an error!

Yehya Ayache nearly splits Manly open with an incisive dart through the middle but with the Eels surging over midfield, Manly manufacture a turnover as they attack the hands of the ball runner – Saxon Pryke I believe.

Manly earn their first penalty of the game as the Eels infringe in the ruck and get their second real attack opportunity of the first half. As before they work down their left edge initially before switching to the right. This time they roll in a grubber kick and it has a real chance to do some work. Big Josh Lealaiauloto can’t get to it first but his opposite number knocks on in the scramble for the loose pill and Parra survive.

Manic stuff follows. Parramatta earn a penalty and hoof it downfield but Declan Murray loses possession in a heavy tackle first up only for Manly to then knock on. No advantage for the visitor and the Sea Eagles retain possession.

Fortunately the Eels defend strongly in the subsequent possession and Suliasi Aho has a nice slide and regather to clean up the kick. Goodness, another error from the Eels. Painful stuff here. Again, Manly cough it up shortly after but there is no advantage here given there was a play in between errors and the eels go on the attacks.

Sam Tuivati steamrolls a defender and sets up a raid down the right edge deep in the red zone. Lafai links up with Charlie Guymer on a crash line back to the posts but the touch judge intervenes to rule the pass forwards. Huge let off for Manly there as Guymer was looking hard to stop.

Manly flip the field with a monstrous 40/20. That was a seriously impressive kick that left Patrick Spence with zero chance to stop it. Sixties is sitting next to me and he calls a Manly error early in the attacking set and he gets it right! Alas, the Eels also turn it over a few tackles later as both teams struggle with the greasy conditions.

The visitors continue to favour their right edge in offence and make their first real inroad with the passing game but their final pass on a possible try-scoring movement is ruled forwards – correctly mind you – and the Eels will have the ball after the drinks break!

Play resumes on Parra’s 10m line with a scrum feed. Sanders drops the ball in behind his front-rower’s feet and Guymer takes the initial hit-up which immediately draws a penalty. Guymer is back for the first carry from the tap restart. Tuivati follows and he picks up another penalty! Ayache wants a quick tap and he goes but the ref doesn’t agree, somewhat fortunately, as Dom De Stradis drops the offload.

Dom produces a great carry in the next set though, settiing up a left edge movement that sees Spence tackled out wide in a good read from the Manly defender. Parra go coast-to-coast now as Spence rapidly realigns himself down the right edge. Lafai looks to run wide right and switch back his fullback on the left but Spence can’t quite reel it a difficult pass before a defender reaches him.

Elementary error for Manly, well not technically not an error on the stat sheet, as they forget it is the last and are tackled at midfield on a nothing play. Parra punch it downfield with great carries from Tuivati and Aufago Mino before lacing a neat grubber kick that nearly gets a try but looks to have still produced a drop out but a chaser, maybe Sanders, was called offsides so Manly dodge a huge bullet.

Josh Lealaiauloto makes a top catch under pressure at the end of that set but again the Eels struggle to complete their set as another error affords Manly the chance to reply before half-time. A big run of second phase play down their left edge puts the Sea Eagles right on Parra’s goal line and while their right edge is baying for a spread, Manly’s fullback Lehi Hopoate takes the ball close to the line and darts in between the ruck defenders to score.

Try scored by Lehi Hopoate. Conversion successful by Ollie Cummins.

Manly lock the scores up at 6-all

26min gone

Big contact from Tuivati from the kickoff! He levels his opposite in a bone-rattler. Manly produce another cracking clearing kick that threatens another 40/20 but Spence does really well to get back and tap the ball infield before cleaning it up ahead of a host of Manly chasers. Terrifc effort.

The Eels need a strong set here and they muscle their way out near halfway before a neat kick turns Manly around. The contest is starting to see-saw now as both teams find something of a rhythm.

Pryke leads the Eels close to halfway before a flying Jacob John earns a penalty on the stroke of half time. The indiscretion occurred on half way and Parra seem at a loss as to what to do. They don’t have the distance to go for 2 it seems and they either don’t know or care they can kick for touch and still have one final play. Ultimately they opt to tap it and give Johns another run to finish the half.


Half Time

Parramatta 6 locked up with Manly 6


Second Half

The Eels kick it off to start the second half but quickly concede a penalty for a high shot it looks like. Manly find touch 10m short of halfway and get to work. High volume of play down their left here but the Eels hold on despite a dubious offload that looked an awful lot like a lost ball in contact. The Sea Eagles stab the ball in under the posts on the last and Parra do well to keep it to a drop out.

Oooh! Suliasi Aho nearly mitts a huge interception there but the ball hits the deck. Very good read but it was a tough chance. Fresh set for Manly. Good contact from Myles Martin on his goal line and a couple of tackles later the Sea Eagles have a look! The ball spills out as the defence crashes down and the Eels will work it out from their 10m line.

Oh that is just good footy. Yehya makes another big dart from dummy half and scorches the Sea Eagles for a good 30m. He earns a penalty for the fruits of his labour. Quick tap and go now and an offside defender makes a blatant tackle and he gets his marching orders!

Parra with a red hot chance to reclaim the lead now but some sloppy play as they attack Manly’s goal line lets the sea-chickens off. Aho tried to force an offload there and the ball squirted out backwards. Lafai had a chance to dive on it but tried to toe it ahead and misses it. Manly cleaned it up as a result.

It will be Parra ball though with the Sea Eagles getting pinged for an accidental offside at the end of their clearing set. The Eels go left then right here before chaos erupt! Lafai rolls it a cheeky grubber on the last and Manly make a meal of the clean up deep in goals! Parra chasers roll through and claim the try but after the officials converge they decide the ball was grounded. Correct call I reckon. Line drop out coming.

Ah dang it. Blaise Talagi is on and making some sharp carries in behind the ruck but he tries to force the issue here and turns it over. Was that Sanders and Martin combining there? Regardless the Eels force a turnover immediately!

What a huge play as well as Ethan Sanders does it all himself near the goal line. He steps off his left and simply powers between multiple defenders to score to the left of the uprights. Huge effort!

Try scored by Ethan Sanders. Conversion successful by Ethan Sanders.

Eels lead 12-6

42min gone

Oh that is a coach killer. Another error after points for the Eels as Pryke loses the pill 10m short of midfield. Can’t keep gifting Manly these chances.

Redemption for Blaise! He has shot out of dummy half and drilled the Manly rake as he tries to plant the foot and take off. Big hit and it forces the turnover. What a way to bring up the second drinks break of the game.

Jacob John continues his strong game with another bullocking carry and from the clearing kick the Manly custodian, Lehi Hopoate, has made a mistake! Great work from Lafai to clean up a rubbish pass and still earn some metres. Dom De Stradies picks up a penalty for some extra curriculars delivered unto him in the ruck and the Eels will look to extend their lead with a penalty conversion as a result.

Penalty conversion successful by Ethan Sanders.

Eels lead 14-6

48min gone

For the love of…another restart after points and another turnover. This one was a huge collision. Not sure if it was Johns or Mino there from the kickoff return but the error keeps Manly in the hunt.

Yep. It comes back to haunt the young lads as the Manly five-eighth breaks through a tackle in front of the posts and rolls through Spence’s final effort to score. Parramatta kept inviting Manly back into contest and they have finally paid for it.

Try scored by Latu Fainu. Conversion successful by Ollie Cummins.

Manly trail 12-14

51min gone

Here we go! Parra reverse the script as an energetic kick chase from the kick off jolts the ball loose. Lafai goes desperately close as he bounces off his right foot. It is on for all money down the left edge but the pass from dummy half can’t find the mark so Spence settles it back to the posts. Another money grubber kick comes on the last, think that was from Sander’s foot and again a botched clean up job from Manly nearly results in a try for the Eels.

Pivotal set coming but gee all the Eels manage is a mistake. Too much energy now as the big man Jacob John tries to get to his feet and play the ball and instead drops it.

Swings and roundabouts. They can be so cruel. Parra have just coughed it up too much today. The latest error robbed Parra of a chance to ice the game and instead Latu Fainu stamps his authority on the match as he frees his arms through contact down the left edge, just over half way, and links up with Josh Feledy. The Manly centres flies downfield and beats Spence at the last line to put the Sea Eagles in front for the first time today.

Try scored by Josh Feledy. Conversion successful by Ollie Cummins.

Manly lead 18-14

56min gone

No frills from Manly here as they play to protect their lead. Spence tidies it up and carts it back to his 40m mark. Parra have got to go here but Manly defenders are miles in front of the referee. He could call any number of them but hasn’t. Instead, Parramatta can’t execute as a short pass to Myles Martin through the middle goes behind the rangy lock and he drops it.

Gee, some contentious knock back calls now as Manly lose it in contact twice in one play. Unbelievable scenes now as Parra concede one of the wildest tries you will ever see. Manly completely lose the plot on their last tackle and loses in excess of 30m to go from inside Parra’s half to their own 30m mark. The Eels are pushing through in chase for the entire period until the very last moment as they just get lax and Feledy cleans up the ball without nay pressure on him. He then somehow how slices through the scattered defensive line and through a series of passes and offloads the Sea Eagles score on full time in one of the most memorable tries they will ever produce.

Try scored by Manly. Conversion unsuccessful by Ollie Cummins

Full Time

Manly Warringah Sea Eagles 22 def. Parramatta Eels 14


SG Ball – Round 1 vs Manly Warringah Sea Eagles

12:00PM @ New Era Stadium

1 Tyrone Sau 1 Luke Tucker
2 Junior Wright 2 Tom Jarrett
3 Jock Brazel (VC) 3 James Malauulu
4 Jabriel Kalache 4 Simon Tito
5 Freeman Forsythe 5 Cameron Brown
6 Joshua Chappell 6 Krystian Mapapalangi
7 Keahlan Bray 7 Jamie Humphreys
8 Jontay Junior Mesa Betham 8 James Uesele
9 Drew LLoyd 9 Gordon Chan Kum Tong (c)
10 Brock Parker 10 Faafetai Autagavaia
11 Peter Taatao (c) 11 Zane Dunford
12 Maximus Tupou 12 Siua Fotu
13 Taylor Maula 13 Jack Gunton
14 Vlado Jankovic 14 Daniel O’Donnell
15 Larry Muagututia 15 Daniel Stovold
16 Koevy Lemusu 16 Hunta Saunders
17 Francis Tuitino 17 Seturi Iakopo
18 Kylan Mafoa 18 Darcy Hoy


  19 Kobe Fulton
    20 Jake Watmough

First Half

Parramatta will be kicking off in the SG Ball. Big contact from the kick off but the referee is looking to establish his presence early on as he pings the Eels for slowing the ruck down when there was absolutely nothing in it.  Manly resume play in midfield and are met strongly by Parramatta before they sortie down their left and make 15m.

Half break for the Sea Eagles as they work the ball to their right. They backrower poked in behind the defensive line there. Mad scramble for the corner follows as the visitors spread the ball on the last but the Eels are desperate to protect their goal line here and they drive the winger into touch. Huge effort!

Parra then earn their first penalty of the game in the wake of that effort for dangerous contact but they are unable to complete their opening possession as it looks like Josh Chappell loses control in a tackle. Manly are already piling on the niggle and spite and they shove the Parra half to the ground with the ball dead, hope the referee gets on top of this.

Now the Eels force a mistake! Strong defence rewarded there. The Eels drive the ball deep into Manly’s red zone as a result and when Chappell’s cross-field kick on the last earns a 6-again call it looks like Parramatta are setup to score first. An error quickly puts the kibosh on that however.

Manly receiver a piggyback down the field when Parramatta’s right edge are pinged for infringing inside the 10m and the visitors find touch on Parra’s 30m mark.

Again the Eels produce a turnover with resolute defence but they need to complete this set now. Sure enough they do, by way of a penalty, as the Sea Eagles are done for slowing down the ruck. Brock Parker takes the opening carry and he is followed by a left edge shift to fullback Tyrone Sau. Jontay Junior gets in behind the ruck and earns a penalty for a pulling of the leg as possession surges the way of the blue and gold.

Maximus powers into the line in a threatening moment on the goal line but as I audibly declare ‘good run Maximus!” the big unit loses the ball. Put the deadset mockers on him.

Pivotal moment arrives now, even this early on as Brock Parker is sinbinned for a try saving cover tackle. We had a great vantage on the tackle and the Manly centre, James Malauulu lost it clean but thems are the breaks.

Now it is just comical as Manly score. However the ref originally told the #10 to play the ball before failing to consult either touch judge and awarding the try as the ball was played. 

Try scored by Faafetai Autagavaia. Conversion successful by Jamie Humphreys.

Manly lead 6-0

12min gone

Manly pile on the pain with the numbers advantage now but there is plenty more drama. The Sea Eagles make a break from the kick off and the Eels eventually recover but an Eel has gone down and the trainer has very clearly signalled to the officials to halt play. They ignore him and allow play to continue as Manly enjoy a 13 on 11 advantage and cross down Parra’s left edge.

Try scored by Luke Tucker. Conversion successful by Jamie Humphreys.

Manly lead 12-0

14min gone

The Eels finally get the ball back as Manly drop the ball from an errant pass late in the count. Tyrone Sau sizzles down the left edge from the scrum win. A massive effort from the Mably rake tracks him down from behind- serious wheels on him as well! Parra look to press the advantage now but some clunkiness between Chappell and Jontay let’s Manly off.

Is the flow of the game turning now? Another mistake from Manly, this one on halfway gives the Eels possession. Jock Brazel takes the first carry down the left. Parra build down their right and have a chance to slip an offload near the goal line but the ball was almost too good as the support player wasn’t fully awake to it. Manly survive. 

Big Larry has absolutely murdered a man there. What a read and hit! Sensational play.

It sets the tone for the set and the Eels force another turnover with the intensity of their effort down the right edge. Jock Brazel the man again from the scrum win. Short interchange of passes in the ruck finds Brock Parker as the Eels grind their way downfield. The set concludes with a short kick from Keahlan Bray that is knocked on! Parra with a scrum in front of the posts. 

Big carries from Parker and Muagututia put the Eels inches out and Larry’s carry draws a penalty and a caution of a potential sinbinning. Manly reef the ball out from the first tackle but knock it on in the process and the Eels still get a second scrum in the middle.

Tupou settles things early and is followed by Parker. Second phase play sees Josh Chappell threaten the goal line but he is clobbered across his face in a wild moment. Does the ref have the chops to march the Manly player? He does but as a sinbin only. That was arguably a send off.

There you go! A powerful carry from captain Peter Taateo lays the platform as Drew Lloyd darts out of dummy half and turns a flying Brock Parker inside. The tireless bookend crashes through to score!

Try scored by Brock Parker. Conversion successful by Joshua Chappell.

Eels trail 6-12

33min gone

Tough break for the Eels there. Ref gives Manly an aeon to effect a one-on-one strip on Larry Muagututita but justice prevails when the visitors are pulled up for a forward pass.

Manly rip the ball out again, maybe two men in the tackle there, but Parra have to be more awake to the threat. Siren rings out and Manly roll out a grubber kick but Tyrone Sau taps it dead.


Half Time

Manly Warringah Sea Eagles 12 lead the Parramatta Eels 6


Second Half

What a sequence of play! The Hyphen aka Jontay-Junior Mesa-Betham uncorks a phenomenal hit that sees the ball fly out! Next play Drew Lloyd has an incisive dart from dummy half and the Eels pour it on from there. Jontay powers to the posts and on the next tackle Chappell stabs the ball through for a flying Tutonu Junior Wright who plants it down!

Try scored by Tyrone Junior Wright. Conversion successful by Joshua Chappell.

Eels lock the scores up at 12-all

44min gone

Now it is all swinging the way of the blue and gold as another error is forced in defence. Big Movete is on and draws a penalty directly in front of the posts and despite some cheeky posturing by Vlado Jankovic for a quick tap, the Eels opt to take the lead with the penalty goal.

Penalty conversion attempt successful by Joshua Chappell.

Eels lead 14-12

47min gone

Messy minutes here with both teams turning the pill over. The Eels ultimately get possession as Manly aim up in defence and force Parra into a clearing kick rather than an attacking bomb.

The Sea Eagles get the next chance when a soaring bomb is grassed by Junior Wright. They make the Eels pay full freight for it as well. Some second phase play opens up Parra’s right side and sees one of Manly’s big bookends cross.

Try scored by James Uesele. Conversion successful by Jamie Humphreys.

Manly lead 18-14

52min gone

What an effort by the captain! Peter Taateo has lined up the Manly prop and unleashed Thor’s hammer on him! One of the best kick off hits you will ever see! Ball flies out and it is Parra’s! Frustratingly they can’t capitalise on the opportunity as they turn it over shortly after but desperate cover defence bundles Manly into touch the next play and they don’t make the same mistake this time around.

Jabriel Kalache beats his opposite all ends up before slipping over himself. He manages to swiftly recover though and glides past winger and fullback to score a solo try!

Try scored by Jabriel Kalache. Conversion successful by Joshua Chappell.

Eels lead 20-18

56min gone

Solid set after points for the Eels. Nice to see them get to their kick honestly after the Matts. Chappell leads the chase for his own kick and sticks the fullback with a nice tackle.  Mably, to their credit, string together a strong set that is capped off with a kick that traps Tyrone Sau ingoals. Huge set incoming. 

The Sea Eagles play down their right for three tackles before sliding to their left. They run the ball on the last with their halfback but the Eels overread the play and bite on the big dummy as the Manly #7 slices through to reclaim the lead.

Try scored by Jamie Humphreys. Conversion successful by Jamie Humphreys.

Manly lead 24-20

61min gone

It has been a cracking match and fitting that it comes down to final exchanges. Once more the defence effort the Eels has produced a turnover and they will get a crack with multiple tackles in Manly’s half.

Parra build through the set and a good carry from Brock sets up the kick but the chasers are off. Manly defused the bomb regardless but the infringement nets them some safety metres.

And that might be game. The referee pulls the Eels up for a slow play the ball, an almost farcical call given what he has allowed in the ruck the entire game, and Manly tap and go. Their livewire dummyhalf links up with their halfback who scores a backbreaking try. The play left an Eel strewn on the ground and time is now off as they attend him. I hope he is alright but they are being extremely careful with him.

Try scored by Jamie Humphreys. Conversion successful by Jamie Humphreys.

Manly lead 30-20

66min gone

Good news in a loss but the downed Eel, Brock Parker, is up and walking off. Seems to be a head knock which would place him in doubt for next week but at least he could leave the field unaided.

Parramatta will have one final possession before the siren rings out after Manly’s dummy half makes a meal out of a scoot attempt. Need to wrangle 10pts of it somehow. They kick downfield from the scrum win but Manly clean it up and that will allow them to almost run out the clock.

They are forced to kick it but the Eels aren’t able to trouble the scorers with a hail mary play and that will do us.


Full Time

Manly Warringah Sea Eagles 30 def. Parramatta Eels 20

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The manly players are always in front of the Ref .


That was not I was expecting . I guess first game of the season . But really manly played to the environment rain football.deserved to win


That big #2 didn’t touch the ball .how many runs maybe 5 at the most.


Both grades will have long seasons . Just not good enough . Struggle to make the finals


Thats a big call after one match. Manly are very good at niggling, spoiling, tactics and pushing the ref to the limits. It worked today. Somehow, they weren’t penalised for obvious indiscretions. That said, they won both matches and their tactics weren’t any surprise. The Eels were put off their game so they can only blame themselves for the errors and lack of execution.
But don’t worry. The Eels will bounce back.

Colin Hussey

I was not totally surprised with the losses given its early in the season also hard to play against a 14 man opposition. Seems that even in the lower grades there are some very inconsistent decisions given by the refs. In the end though every club has to expect these areas and the NRL also needs to keep a watch on the refs to ensure evenness in the decisions they make. How many rounds do these games go for sixties? Is this the first round of the comps, like many matches its pretty much early season and the players would… Read more »


Thanks for the reply Colin. It’s a 9 round competition with a bye. There is undoubtedly a learning process for referees at this age, and NSWRL officials are there to provide feedback to them. Yesterday, one of the refs made what was in my opinion a very bad error. The Eels were already down a player (sin bin) and Manly had made a break. The Eels fullback had copped a heavy knock and required assistance, but the play continued until Manly scored, despite the howls from the crowd and the signalling from the trainers. When the ref got into position… Read more »

Colin Hussey

Thanks Mate! This may seem unfair but no doubt the young refs are like the players and that is all are learning. Reading/following for a while Forty’s blog, I found the play more frustrating as he rightly called out that injury incident and trainers calling out, along with the amount of niggles and other areas of the game, as I say & you have as well both the refs and players at this level are learning and inexperienced as such. However, when an injury occurs and the medico’s/trainers are calling for the ref to halt the game while treatment is… Read more »

Big Derek

Was at the North’s v West’s Magpies Matts, went down to the wire. Both have big forwards and don’t think any game in Matts this year is guaranteed. Wests have built a formidable side with a couple of Dogs stars making a massive difference. Their staff suggested they expect to be top 4 this year, drop the ball and their big backs will hurt

North’s don’t look like easy beats and will be in most games, next week is pivotal for both teams.


Great work Forty20. I’d forgotten how much your junior reps live blog stimulates my footy senses mate.


Forty’s work is outstanding Rowdy.

Last edited 3 months ago by sixties

Hi Sixties, just wondering if you give me a insight on who decides how the teams play? What I’m getting at is this, does BA as head coach give parameters to the other coaches on how he wants teams to play a certain type of footy? Or does every coach do what they think is best? Interesting to know.


There is a one club philosophy which allows for easier transition through the grades. BA has always attended Junior Reps during his time at the club. He is very familiar with the players, which helps to identify future needs. Actually, I can’t think of too many occasions that I’ve seen other NRL coaches (and their staff) watching at that level. The reality is, if you are a development club, your pathways should have the goal of meeting future needs, producing your own players, and preparing them for the next step. And of course, taking care of the welfare of the… Read more »

Jpe Briffa

In all the years i have been watching league i have never seen an official go on the field and talk to the refs and i’m sure he wasn’t discussing the weather. You used the word frustrated i was frustrated all afternoon boy i don’t think it was only the ref his sideline mate was in on it also, it’s their job to keep an eye on the back play it just wasn’t good enough.Also great work john.

Colin Hussey

Joe, are you replying to what I said above? I have been following the eels now for over 60 years, in the old days touch judges were there to assist the ref with decisions, silly little things like watching the on/off side plays by the players, and making calls on them, they held their flags horizontal to mark the line for where the players stood. If a player was injured, remember the old St Johns Ambo’s that ran onto the field to the player, and the game was stopped, until the all clear was given or replacement made. Today, we… Read more »

Jpe Briffa

sorry Colin had and still having trouble with computer i was replying to sixties comment

Colin Hussey

No probs Jpe, get more sense with sixties.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x