The Cumberland Throw

The Tip Sheet – Round 11 Review


The Parramatta Eels got back on the right track with a solid 26-16 victory over the Wests Tigers. As always, Sixties and Forty20 are on hand to dissect everything that went right and wrong for the Eels – although this week the talents of an opposition player has caught the eye of Sixties.

The fellas take turns rating one of the greatest big-man tries of the modern day in Reagan Campbell-Gillard’s 50m effort before breaking down an all-time contender for the greatest try never scored care of ‘Air Fergo’.

From there they look at the extension of Michael Jennings and the cast their eyes ahead of Parramatta’s ‘mini bye’ with a full ten days of preparation before the Eels take on the Canterbury Bulldogs.

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A good chat guys. I look forward to your discussions and insight each and every week. Not a great fan of your weekly “phone call” but whatever rocks your boat. It gives me time to pop out for a coffee.
Just a quick shout out to the organisation at Bankwest last Thursday given the Covid situation. In a word brilliant. Hats off to all involved. I felt very safe there.
Go you Mighty Eels.


We are a friendly couple of blokes mate. When Salty is around, we feel even better about supporting the Eels.
I was very conscious of staying safe on Thursday and chose to wear a mask walking in and out of the stadium, and to my seat, and then used hand sanitiser after taking my seat and after using the railing coming down the stairs. It felt strange to be so conscious of it, but with cases in Western Sydney it was better to be as safe as possible.


Tks guys. The play the ball speed is interesting.Every game I tell myself I’m biased, but then I put some science on it and time the tackle releases, we are definitely trading off discipline against allowing the opposition an advantage. Also defending our line, we ain’t perfect but some teams are serially offending, Keary (out wide)and CherryEvans( first or second receiver)for example have the wrong jumper on, they’re into your line so early. Russell Packer twice used that hold them up from behind, dump and fall technique, he tried to move to the side on impact, but the technique is… Read more »


BDon, when you see just one player in a team adopt that hold up and drop method like Packer, you can see it’s not coached, but rather it appears to be indicative of a player who wants to hurt his opposition, regardless of the circumstances.
Play the ball speed – given that the opposition continually gets a faster speed than us, the odds are that the opposition is better at slowing up the ruck than we are. Strange that it isn’t reflected in set restarts stats. 🤔🤔🤔

John Eel

Another enjoyable episode of the Tip Sheet. How astute has the purchase of RCG proven to be. He looks leaner fitter and faster than I remember him at Panthers. He is really motivated and putting in for the Eels. I was sitting In section 218 which is at the Northern end of the ground. Once he broke clear he seemed to be looking for someone to do the carry then realised he was on his and didn’t he do it well The crusher on NB was bad form by Packer and there is no doubt in my mind that if… Read more »


Thanks John. I believe RCG has exceeded his form from any previous year and is going from strength to strength.
Moses has demonstrated genuine moments of heads up footy this year. May it continue!

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