The Cumberland Throw

The Tip Sheet – Round 9 Review

The Eels delivered a performance in Round 9 that was equal parts defensive clinic and offensive horror show – putting the adage that defence wins championships firmly in the spotlight. Sixties and Forty20 dive into the post-game analysis on that thought and explore the workings of a singularly unique game.

After dishing up all that was good and bad from the Round 9 victory, the duo take on the failures of The Bunker, talk milestone moments for Stefano Utoikamanu and David Gower and even field an unsolicited phone call from a disgruntled rival fan.

Feel free to leave any #AskForty questions right here in the comments!

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is Peni terepo missing for any reason other than injury and if not what is his injury?


Prefer to leave that to the club to comment on Anon.

Trapped in the 1970’s

That’s a cryptic comment about Peni, Sixties. Enjoying the podcasts. Cheers


Cheers Trapped. Not trying to be cryptic, it’s just the best policy for us.


He left, to go to England and play

John Eel

Hi enjoyed the podcast. On the issue of the Bunker I heard an interview with Peter Valandys a couple of weeks ago and he tossed around an idea of the Captains Challenge being extended to at least two. The referee being reduced to one referral. This idea would seem to be driven by a desire to speed the game up rather than achieve a higher level of integrity. The other issue, around the MRC, is that it is being discussed that future issues such as Addin Fonua Blake will be referred directly to the executive rather than the disciplinary committee.… Read more »


I hope Sutton has to front the match review committee for over zealous interference. Also, with the Mahoney no try is Sutton compelled to go with the first offence or can he use old fashioned common sense?


If he ruled try, would there have been any protests?


I recall an incident from a few season ago where I think Melbourne scored a try well away from the play the ball ruck but was called back and awarded a penalty for a play the ball infringement.
Where is advantage.
Graham Annesley seems to play the politician.
He states Niukore did not keep his balance as per the rules.
Niukore did not lose his balance his left ankle was tugged which tripped him up.
Again no advantage.


John, I’ll also add that I hope that the ref isn’t limited to one video ref call on tries. Imagine the reaction from one team if the other has a try checked and they don’t! Video ref should be able to be used for any grounding check, no limitations.


Thoroughly enjoyed the podcast guys.You guys didn’t miss a trick very comprehensive and loved Salty just to break things up a bit.Funny as.


Cheers Gustarny. Salty’s had a tough life as a Tigers Superfan. We will probably hear from him again


Thanks for the podcast guys – lots to chew on


Appreciate that DDay


Thanks for that, good stuff. Should we assume the bunker also didn’t know the challenge protocols? If they did and remained silent, not a good look.


I have a conundrum- I was against the six-again and to me it’s so random that fans and I assume players have little idea when it will be applied. But the faster game has benefitted Parra, even though we don’t necessarily get the best calls.
Also, the captains challenge is a joke if the ref uses it to check whatever he wants – although it now appears Sutton shouldn’t have according to protocols. Honeymoon period over on one ref!

John Eel

His brother no longer the main man.


Bring back ingoal touch judges it would use the bunker less and make a decision on the field do you agree


I believe that the bunker should only be used to decide on tries – and just grounding or on-side chase calls.Any call about obstruction or other on field decisions should be made on the field. I’m only including the chase because players time their run so closely to the kick, it would literally be 50/50 for the refs to make the call, and that’s not good enough.

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