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Farewelling Corey Norman

It has now been confirmed that Corey Norman has parted ways with the Eels to ink a three year deal with the Dragons, commencing in 2019.

Much has been written about Normz’ time with the Eels, both in mainstream and social media. He’s copped flak for his looseness both on and off the field, and there’s probably not an Eels fan who doesn’t hold a strong opinion about the talented five-eighth.

Corey’s farewell message.

Over the years, I’ve been a supporter of his value to the team. Though I was critical of some of Corey’s games in 2018, he wasn’t Robinson Crusoe. The Eels finished bottom of the table and you can’t blame a single player for that.

What I would like to do, on behalf of The Cumberland Throw, is to thank Corey for his time at the Eels and to set a few records straight as best I can.

As a player, Corey Norman has clocked up 169 NRL appearances since debuting with the Broncos in 2010. He’s donned the Blue and Gold jersey 106 times since 2014. You just don’t play that many games of NRL without significant ability.

In his time with the Eels he’s had his share of highlights. He’s represented the Prime Ministers XIII and been in contention for a Maroons call up. If not for his suspension for off-field issues in 2016, a Dally M Medal was well within his grasp.

A total professional at training.

It’s impossible to deny that Normz could be a bit of a loose unit in his own time. However, he did no harm to others, and aside from that 2016 suspension, his shenanigans mostly impacted his own reputation.

But there is a side to Corey Norman that few see.

Having watched training religiously since 2014, I can honestly say that he is consistently one of the best prepared footballers that I’ve watched. Yes he has plenty to say, and plenty to joke about. But he’s always one of the best conditioned in the squad, is a natural footballer, and I’ve watched him do skills drills literally with his eyes closed that have other footballers fumbling and bumbling to complete.

Furthermore, over the years I’ve been told a few stories by people who’ve known him, and what’s been shared portrays a generous and caring young man. There’s plenty of those caring people in footy, and like Normz, they never seek publicity for the things they do for others.

Corey’s affection for the club could be measured in his attitude towards supporters. Nothing is too much trouble when it comes to photos or autographs, and the things he’s done in his own time for supporters have never been publicised.

A character on and off the field.

It’s unlikely that Corey wanted to leave, and over the course of this pre-season, you’d never guess that he was about to depart. He’s been a total professional in his training, and been buoyant on the field, mentoring the young players along the way.

And his relationship with BA? When those rumours were circulating that they weren’t on speaking terms, I was watching Norman making BA laugh out on the training paddock. He was possibly a pain in the arse for the coach but he could always manage to get him to crack a laugh or a smile.

Then to the Members Open Day at Old Saleyards last week. With his imminent move to the Dragons plastered all over the media, there was Corey Norman giving it his all at training, as he always does.

So as Corey Norman moves on in his career, I’d like to wish him well (but as a Dragon, not too well). Those best wishes are also extended to his clothing label, You Know The Rules – YKTR.

Thanks for your time in the Blue and Gold, Corey.

Eels forever!



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Fair comment, well done and we do wish him all the best. For the 99.99% of us who have never played NRL, he has done well!
Seasons greetings to all and Happy Festivas.

colin hussey

I put my hand up in regard to areas of criticisms regarding Norms, more especially this last season from hell. He was not alone though in the way his form dropped off when compared to previous years, on his day though he was a class player, especially in regard to his line kicks for 40/20’s leading the field in that dept in more than one year IIRC. Off field antics did not help him, yet when all is considered he’s not the first player, nor will he be the last one to be like that. For me, thanks Corey for… Read more »


In regards to proving to be a good pick up for the Dragons… hopefully not 😛


I agree with this Col.


I put my hand up and admit that Norman is a favourite of mine, possibly because I like a bit of personality in what is becoming a somewhat controlled and sterile game at times. However, as much as I will not like him playing against Parra I think this move is for the best. I think both Norman and the club needed it to happen.

I wish him all the best and really hope he succeeds and has a much happier season in 2019.


A good read Sixties. Thank you Corey for being a Parramatta Eel. I supported you always, as hard as it may have been at times. A favourite player of mine. Keep smiling, and i can only wish you Corey all the best.

The rev aka Snedden

All the best Corey Norman. As a player I truly believe you never lived up to your potential. As for your wage it’s not for me to comment on. Your only doing what is best for your self n family. Look forward to beating you n your new team mates.


The rev aka Snedden

Their record against us is poor sixties they have only won 1 game in the last 7 meetings. Poor record of you ask me. Will he help them only time will tell.

Jimmy Jnr

Any training reports this week champion


Good and unbiased read sixties. Unfortunately he has been released as I saw him as our best half and we performed better when he lead our team around the paddock. I am really concerned with Moses as our dominant half as we were real poor as a organised team when Moses was the dominant half and can not see our young halves learning much off him. Hope I am wrong but to me he still plays like when he was at the tigers and has not improved at being a dominant half. Looking forward to when you do the write… Read more »

rowdy roddy

Well said Sixties, I concur. I could add much to the trend of this well deserved farewell but sincerely must say. “I have never been so disappointed with a performance that Corey has put in for us on the field that would cause me to stress over it”! He is as you say mate, a most gifted footy player, a real footy head. I will miss Corey not running out for the blue and gold. But I am also confident that his input to Dylan Brown and Jaemen Salmon development, directly and indirectly will have been substantial, especially this preseason.… Read more »

Trapped in the 1970's

Well said Sixties. At his best Corey was amongst the top echelon of players but unfortunately the gap between that and when he had off games was just too great a void.

Tough decisions need to be made but I think this decision was made that much easier with an obvious talent waiting to get his opportunity. Another character gone, but as with Kenny Edwards while the players abilities will be missed the occasional adverse publicity certainly won’t be.

Good luck to him for the remainder of his career except when he is playing the eels.


What i think the issue with corey is more frustration with how far his best and worst is if he held his form the off field stuff would of been forgivable but at 29 were in a position to focus on youth now at leadt i hope so

Kathleen Robb

So sorry to see you go Corey, we seem to lose the wrong players. Good luck in the future.

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