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A Realistic And Responsible Contract – What Kent Won’t Report About Hayne

In recent days, Paul Kent has been unrelenting in his criticism of the NRL. His dissatisfaction stems from the Parramatta Eels valuing Jarryd Hayne at $500K in a one year deal with the club. With platforms stretching across radio, television, the Internet and newsprint, this rugby league shock jock has enjoyed a sizeable base from which to launch his attacks.

And why wouldn’t he write about this subject?

The Parramatta club, along with Jarryd Hayne, attract a massive audience.

Indeed, when it comes to social media, Hayne alone has a following approaching a quarter of a million people. That’s a staggering number for a rugby league player.

If you “report” about either subject, you’re diving into a Clickbait pool of guaranteed depth. Whether the response is positive or negative matters little. If you’ve tapped into a market which generates extraordinary numbers of views, listens and reactions, you will undoubtedly drink repeatedly from that well.

And so it is with our multi-media friend.

Kent was merciless in his attacks on the Parramatta club during 2016. The architects of the salary cap scandal deserved his ire; the playing group and coaches should have received his praise for their battles against adversity.

This year, Kent’s target has been Jarryd Hayne. For a time line and overview of his Hayne commentary, you won’t find better than this post from The Sportress. In essence, our journo mate previously believed that “The Plane” was undeserving of his rich contract with a Titans club that should seriously consider releasing him.

So is it valid to devote so much attention to a player whose club contract has dropped from $800K to $500K? (That’s a $300K drop. His $400K TPA cannot be linked to the club.)

For most players, a contract worth half a million dollars would be deemed a substantial deal. Any other NRL player producing Hayne’s 2017 form would be lucky to be offered half of that.

The Hayne Plane Eels fans remember.

But we aren’t discussing any ordinary player. This is a two-time Dally M Medallist, so the form reference needs to be balanced. Every NRL fan knows what Jarryd Hayne is capable of producing. This is a player who can single-handedly turn the tide of a match. An elite athlete who literally carried an Eels team to the 2009 decider.

Yet, we’ve seen little evidence of this since 2014.

Is $500K a true market value?

Our angry journo critic argues that there can be no fair market value if the player doesn’t go to market. However, Hayne has accepted a price not too different from Kent’s own assessment of $600K, from a club that is his junior club, a club that he could never bring himself to play against. Surely the returning Eel has therefore placed a fair value on his own services?

Indeed, in this instance, Brad Arthur deserves praise for the recruitment and contract decisions which are leaving the Parramatta club with salary cap space.

Unlike the financially irresponsible Kieran Foran deal secured by Scott Seward, Parramatta’s contracts are now based on a player’s value to the team, not the top dollar they could earn elsewhere. It’s meant that the club has missed out on the signatures of sought after players during the past two years, but the reward is found in a balanced team now playing under a balanced cap.

Of greater concern should be the practice of clubs back ending player contracts.

This practice allows a club to assemble a powerful team of elite players, with many on escalating contracts. The inevitable result sees such clubs trying to offload the stars in the latter years of their deals. However, the club is banking on creating a premiership window, then taking care of cap problems at a later date.

Surely deals where star players take a cut in the early part of multi-year contracts, with a golden handshake final year, must wave massive red flags to the game’s governing body? Unlike emerging players, the elite shouldn’t be on such arrangements. Their contracts should vary little, and should only increase from a legitimate value base. The only purpose of back-ended contracts is to manipulate the salary cap.

Which now returns the debate to Jarryd Hayne’s contract.

This is a one year deal. It’s well above the money received by most NRL players and there’s no back-ending arrangement. If, as I believe, Hayne returns to elite player form, his value will increase.

Furthermore, with the potential for third party sponsors to jump on board a rejuvenated Eels star, and his own line of apparel, there’s plenty of legitimate long term gain for Hayne to make.

The reality is that right now a one year, $500K contract is both realistic and responsible. This is probably not sensational enough for Mr Kent- he wouldn’t get an extended series of feature comments from such analysis.

The future – that lies in the hands of Jarryd Hayne.

Eels forever!


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Nice work Sixties. Since the salary cap fiasco I have made a deliberate decision to stop buying the Telegraph, stop watching NRL 360 and I refuse to click on anything to do with the Tele’s website. The actions of their “Journalists” during this time was agenda driven, biased and embarrassing and Paul Kent is one of the worst. His obvious dislike of Parramatta and Hayne is so obvious that if his employer had any ethics at all they would pull him into line but no, they encourage him. They never say a word when Broncos and Storm players accept less… Read more »

Achilles' Eel

I can’t ever recall reading a Paul Kent article with much fondness or praise. These days, I prefer to watch the footy and then consult the observations of you lot – those who write about the game with passion and intelligence, and who entirely avoid the puerile standards of all click-bait dross. Besides, I’m now into my third Thomas Pynchon novel in a row, and there’s no point turning back for the Kent’s of this world! I must say, I envy the vast corpus of great literature that a sport like cricket has and wish that one day rugby league,… Read more »


Surely Paul Kent sees these posts. Not just off here but other sports sites. Another great retort from Sixties. He not only questions Paul Kent’s ‘articles’, he gives thought provoking thinking and analysis of the situation. Backs his words and not just says Kent’s articles are rubbish and doesn’t back it up. There really isn’t a journo out there that has the players respect. I myself been dudded by a top league scribe. And also have had a mates reputation tarnished by a so-called top league journo. Journalist’s these days are just muckrakers. It’s great to see people questioning journalists… Read more »


A lovely piece of writing Sixties. I think the thing to always remember is that every commercial media organisation creates output that is logically agenda driven. Whether it be money or market share or whatever…in the case of Paul Kent I think it exactly as you have said…easy market share and therefore apparent relevance. A guy on One Eyed stated he thought he (PK) had an agenda that was very very pro Manly and most things come from this…interesting.


As an afterthought, if PK wrote the article I read, he is a genuinely average writer. Terrible sentence structure, cohesion and use of connectives..but that is just the teacher in me 😉


Great stuff 60’s, well put together peice mate. Look forward to catching up down at the saleyards in the new year and having yarn.


I have long spoken about the back ended deals instigated by the likes of Des Hassler and others. The clubs get away with paying unders for players and compile a better team than they should be able to afford. Then when the window of success starts to close, and these good players are past their best but now due the heavy end of their payments, the clubs look to off load them. This may seem fine, however they ultimately never pay the full amount of the agreed contact as the new club invariably pays a chunk of what is owing.… Read more »


Oh, and Sixties, I’ve said it before you’ll never get a job with the DT if you keep writing sound, supported sense like that.


Basically i think theres 2 agendas to paul kents vitriol , 1 his failure as an nrl qualty player which he blames on parramatta not “himself” , actually that blame on parra is pointless anyway,the people he holds accountable have moved on but not paul , 2 and this is the real one its all manly driven in my opinion same as the lurker !

Big Derek

Issues are never addressed properly by this vindictive journalist. Sims goes from a contract of $450k at the Knights to play for the Broncos for $85k in the Qld Cup( apparently) but plays every game in the NRL – not mentioned James Roberts gets out of a contract north of $500k at the Titans to play for the Broncos and Uncle Wayne for a reported $300k, nothing from Kent Tedesco turns down an offer in excess of $1 million at the Tigers to sign at the Roosters for $700k, for the so called privilege of playing for Trent Robinson Not… Read more »


Don’t forget David Mead leaving the Titans for peanuts at the Broncos after a big year at fullback.


Since last years salary cap issues, I have not listened to talkin sport, Ray Hadley . I have not watched NRL 360 or even looked at the daily Telegraph. Thank you sixties for another excellent, honest report. Oh and if Foxtel didn’t have the NRL I would have unsubscribed

Colin Hussey

Good call 60’s the only problem is that it makes sense, and is at poles apart from the journo, whom I will not write his name. I said elsewhere that this fellow is a sleaze, don’t like saying that for any human being but, he along with some other journo’s and so called expert professional sports commentators are only in that league or status in their own minds, as such I refuse to read anything he and a couple of others write. No different to some ex players who appear on the TV as Legends of league, doesn’t take much… Read more »

Lady Eel

I have nothing but admiration for the way that Jarryd has handled all the attention that Paul Kent has shown him. When Jarryd could no longer hold his tongue and he came out and said something that indicated Paul Kent’s information was maybe from conversations he had with Neil Henry I think that sent Kent off on a real vendetta path. Up until then Kent had not been publicly criticised by a player (as far as I am aware). Parramatta’ large fan base are thoroughly sick of Paul Kent and I believe it is totally unfair and unacceptable to “ride”… Read more »


I think the fact Jarryd is i Isreal right now away from all the shit. That be said I know hed be reading it. He doesnt need to say anything all he needs to do is prove that Kent wrong.

Parramatta Tragic

Well written sixties. I try to ignore those that speak only knowing half the facts or worse than that, knowing the facts but apparently misrepresenting them. Like June above, I have tuned out from most commentators but I do love watching Outsiders on a Sunday morning. The truth stimulates the strong and intimidates the weak. Plenty gaining strength from your article sixties. Go Jarryd.


Few facts re jarryd , 2012 played 12 games ,2013 played 15 games , under BA 2014 played 20 games ,under BA 2014 jarryd scored his most trys in an nrl season 20 trys, he as we all know won 2nd dally m and a soo for daley. He left with brads blessing and would have come back but i believe but the nrl and beavis railroaded him to prop up the titans saleability ,one thing he promised was he wouldnt play against parra and he kept his word , welcome home jarryd !!

John Eel

Talking of back ended contracts I read recently ( maybe the DT) that Cronk signed for 2018 on $500K therefore must be on a back ended deal for 2019 at $1.5Mil.

No mention of this by Kent. At one point he mentioned Jarryd would be a good fit for the Roosters

Also he reckons that Jarryd should have went to market. Not until there is a draft

Kevin Flynn

Well done Sixties, an objective, balanced viewpoint and factual, not like the dribble coming from Kent.
I think us Eels fans will see Hayne show his real talents next season, he’s playing for the team where his heart lies. I’m salivating at the prospect…


After reading this blog I feel better about my thoughts. I thought i was the one with the issues about PK writing. All of the above comments have hit the nail on the head. It’s called consistency and that’s something PK has asked about the NRL. His writing lacks this and shows many flaws let alone huge bias from particular friends at club land (Manly for sure) and more. The e.g. of players getting unders for other nrl clubs will not be mentioned by him. We know this. He lacks courage to come out and fight this and instead has… Read more »


Well said everyone. The problem with Paul Kent is not that he has an opinion but that he continually states that he is telling facts and is not agenda driven. At least with Buzz we know he supports Cronulla and loves Foran, he does not hide it. Kent on the other hand is a snake. The casual listener, reader or viewer will not know his agenda and will take him at his word. Last monday the casual viewer would have thought after Kent’s rant that Parra are cheating again. It is not okay and should not be left at that.… Read more »


All of this Hayne bashing is hopefully the prelude to a great redemption story along the lines of Rocky III.
Go The Plane. Go Parra!

Tony M

Well written and thought out article. As a lifelong Parra tragic, I too have no time for the Paul Kents of the Sports media world there are far too many so called journalists, hacks in my opinion, who get away with causing irreparable damage to a clubs or an individuals reputation all for a headline. Paul Kent has a vendetta against the Eels and this is widely known among us Eels fans, but my concern lies with the Rugby League fans who don’t know this and will believe that there may be something sinister going on at the Eels in… Read more »

John Eel

Well said Tony M. his comments did draw a veiled are they “at it again” thought for the punter when he said “remember this club was only last year fined for salary cap rorting”.

That was a damaging comment in my view

Tony M

Neither do I Sixties.

But if Kent keeps up with this line, then perhaps the Eels should look at legal options.


Don’t forget big Sam “my post game career is sorted in news limited media” Thaiday sacrificing $500,000 to stay at the broncos…


Hear hear Sixties. Brilliant.

Jimmy Corbo

The irony of it all is that the best thing we can hope for is a “I told you so” article from Kent in 12 months because that would mean that the Hayne Plane has rediscovered his best form and playing like a $1 million player. Nice read sixties I agree 100%, to be honest I didn’t mind Kenty years back but I think the increased media exposure has sadly got to his ego and he doesn’t even try to mask his agenda’s. I would like to see an article or two on how the hell the NRL approved Matt… Read more »

Colin Hussey

Jimmy, your middle paragraph is the very thing that I was referring to when I mentioned the so called experts, who makes them experts?

I answered myself when I made the point they make the call themselves and the more they are seen on and heard on the box and papers the more they promote themselves through that exposure.

Same as players who are called legends, who made them that way, themselves or the media kings that they also work for?

Jimmy Corbo

Bang on the money Colin, we are definitely on the same page.

Colin Hussey

Yes Brave, but Brilliant or dull as in dorks?

Jimmy Corbo

And if you don’t think so, just ask him…..LOL

Adrian Hawkins

Has anyone ever stopped to think of a conspiracy theory on the Hayne player movement? In 2014 he was highest paid player, Brad took over and found out they were in dire straights regarding the cap and it best he chase the dream which Jarryd advised he initially wanted to do at the end of his contract. By finishing his contract 1 year out that meant the cost of the final year would be tacked onto the fine that was dealt at the club. in 2016 when he returned he was a free agent and the NRL owned Titans wanted… Read more »


Been said ,item 15 mate

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