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The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 82: Flegg Storm Into Finals, NRLW Get On The Board

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The NRL and NSW Cup have called curtains on their seasons but The Tip Sheet powers on as Sixties, Forty20 and Clint convene to look at the latest happenings in the Jersey Flegg and NRLW. With the backdrop of the Ken Thornett Medal unfolding as the crew record, The Tip Sheet dives into a huge episode.

A strong win from the Eels over the Penrith Panthers combined with a dramatic last gasp victory for the Raiders over the Storm was enough to punch Parramatta’s ticket to the Jersey Flegg finals. The boys look at how the manic Saturday of footy unfolded and the chaos that was scoreboard watching the parallel game.

Weeks of clear and steady building lead the Eels to a breakthrough win in the NRLW as they lead the Cowboys for the entirety of their clash enroute to a 16-14 victory. Rachael Pearson and the talented young core of the team starred again with the Eels debuting two more prospects in Lindsay Tui and Noaria (Boss) Kapua. It was a terrific reward for the hardwork they have put in and the show breaks down what they liked from the Round 6 triumph.

NRL news is sparse for the Eels but the club does farewell Jack Murchie while Clinton Gutherson will undergo treatment to fix a meniscus issue in his knee.

Previews focus on the Flegg and NRLW as the Under 21s look to knock over the Panthers for the second week in a row while the NRLW are looking to engineer a monster upset against the formidable Roosters.

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10 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 82: Flegg Storm Into Finals, NRLW Get On The Board

  1. Ron

    Dyl brown should never be moved to fullback. He’s a 5/8 out and out. He’s so good defending in front line and developing his passing game. Moving him to fullback would do more harm than good for team (defensive organisation+ gutho slow laterally in first line defence). We have enough attack. Attacks not the problem with parra. It should be all about improving our pissweak edge defence and reducing metres conceded in middle by better wrestling/li speed. Any suggestion of putting brown to fullback to “augment X factor” would be a concerning sign to me

    1. sixties

      I won’t disagree with you as that last round was the first time I’ve ever seen Brown play there. If he was moved there, it would need plenty of work.

    2. Anonymous

      5/8 for mine! But if people are considering the move. Then why did they allow Ethan Saunders to go elsewhere? It seems the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing in recruitment and retention.

    3. Electric Analysis

      I agree. However, in attack I believe we can swap DB and gutho at times. Let DB be the player running out the back on sweep players as his footwork, speed, power and passing game can be a real threat. Just like we saw at the end of the roosters game.

  2. Milo

    Good work fellas and v interesting- DB needs to stay as is and we need to have retention group think outside square.
    One decent strike centre / fullback could change things and I’d look at moving on someone…
    Go the Flegg boys.

  3. John Eel

    I have been away for a couple of weeks. Therefore I was unable to watch the Eels Panthers on Fox.

    However I watched it on 9. Hook was answering a question on why the Eels have such a good record against the Panthers. His answer was while the Panthers are the best defensive team in the NRL they are the worst team at defending offloads.

    At the same time he said the Eels are the best in the NRL for offloading. He did not offer up a reason for the Panthers being unable to defend against offloads.

    Maybe it is because they throw 3 and 4 defenders into the tackle when going after the Middles leaving them exposed a little on the edges.

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