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Team List Tuesday (On Wednesday) – Flegg Carrying The Flag Edition

NRLW Team List

Round 7, 1:50PM Sunday 3rd September, Industree Group Stadium


The jubilant celebrations following Parramatta’s breakthrough win in the 2023 season immediately switch gears to grim resolve as the Blue & Gold now plot to take down the fearsome Sydney Roosters in Round 7. Dean Widders has made a single adjustment to his victorious squad as Capri Paekau returns to the interchange bench in place of Nakia Davis-Welsh.

Rookies Lindsay Tui and Noaria Kapua have held their places in the team after strong debuts. Team continues to find a healthy balance between the heady experience of veterans like Rachael Pearson, Talesha O’Neill and Mahalia Murphy alongside the invigorating energy of Tui and Kapua as well as breakout stars like Cassey Tohi-Hiku, Tyla Amiatu and Zali Fay. 

Defeating the Roosters will be an enormous undertaking this week. Their team reads like an All-Stars representative squad. Baxter, Sergis, Kelly, Aiken, Kelleher, Boyle, Davis, Hill-Moana, Kernick and Joseph are all elite talents and it comes as no surprise that the Tri-colours lead the competition after six rounds.

Parramatta enter the contest as firm outsiders but shouldn’t be writing themselves off after terrific showings against Brisbane and Canberra before their win against North Queensland. Minimising errors will be the name of the game for the Eels. They simply can’t afford to spot the Roosters free possession and field position. If they can stay on top on their completion rates and settle into an early rhythm then they could ask some serious questions of the form team of the premiership.

Parramatta Eels Sydney Roosters
Abbi Church 1 Corban Baxter
Zali Fay 2 Brydie Parker
Lindsay Tui 3 Jessica Sergis
Cassey Tohi-Hiku 4 Isabelle Kelly
Kimberley Hunt 5 Mia Wood
Pihuka Berryman-Duff 6 Tarryn Aiken
Rachael Pearson 7 Jocelyn Kelleher
Talesha O’Neill 8 Millie Boyle
Rueben Cherrington 9 Keeley Davis
Tyla Amiatu 10 Mya Hill-Moana
Amelia Mafi 11 Otesa Pule
Mahalia Murphy 12 Olivia Kernick
Jade Fonua 13 Keilee Joseph
Capri Paekau 14 Joeli Morris
Noaria Kapua 15 Grace Hamilton
Ruby-Jean Kennard-Ellis 16 Pani Hopoate
Madeline Jones 17 Amelia Pasikala
Nakia Davis-Welsh 18 Jayme  Fressard
Kyra Simon 19 Teuila Fotu-Moala
Taneka Todhunter 20 Lexi Kiriwi
Monique Donovan 21 Lily Rogan
Shannon Muru 22 Tyler Bentley


Jersey Flegg Team List

Finals Week 1, 11:00AM Saturday 2nd September, North Sydney Oval


It took some help from Canberra (who left it until 2-minutes from full time, mind you!) and some incandescent form of their own but the Parramatta Eels have burned down the door to the Jersey Flegg finals in 2023. Parramatta won five of their last six matches in the regulation season to claim the last berth in the finals and now meet the team they beat in their last start in the Penrith Panthers.

Craig Brennan has made some tortuous decisions this week about who to pick and who to leave out given that his young team has given him everything they’ve got in this prolonged run. Richard Penisini is back at right centre after recovering from a head knock two weeks ago. He pushes Blaize Talagi to the bench as the super utility. Toni Mataele is out due to suspension but some serious firepower comes in to replace him as Jontay-Junior Betham-Misa steps back into the arena of Jersey Flegg.

Jock Brazel is also back after missing last week and his return leads to a brutal decision to drop Charlie Guymer to 18th man. There was no right or wrong decision here as a quality player was missing out one way or the other. Noah Reed and Sam Tuivaiti provide the beef for the middle rotation on the bench while Will Latu covers the backrow and potentially the centres if Talagi second emergency centre spot if Talagi has already been thrown into the game.


1 Apa Twidle
2 Matthew Komolafe
3 Samuel Loizou
4 Richard Penisini
5 Ethyn Martin
6 Joshua Lynn
7 Ethan Sanders
8 Brock Parker
9 Matthew Arthur
10 Jontay-Junior Betham-Misa
11 Jock Brazel
12 Max Tupou
13 Nicholas Lenaz
14 Blaize Talagi
15 Sam Tuivaiti
16 William Latu
17 Noah Reed
18 Charlie Guymer

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31 thoughts on “Team List Tuesday (On Wednesday) – Flegg Carrying The Flag Edition

  1. Anonymous

    Mataele is a huge out but he wouldn’t have been able to play as he isn’t eligible to play finals and I find it very odd guymer out though
    Big ins with jjbm and brazel hopefully the boys can repeat last weeks efforts and continue their push through this finals series

    1. Pou

      Are you sure Mataele is ineligible? He only played two more NSW Cup games than JJBM, who obviously is eligible. But then Mataele only made 4 appearances in Jersey Flegg Cup this year while JJBM appeared 10 times (none since round 18 though).

  2. Anonymous

    I keep hearing Ethan Sanders is being lost to the club? Given the time without Dylan and Mitch being injured we have allowed it to happen. Given all the other recruitment blunders and loss of NRL and NRLW players. It just seems to be repeated errors and mismanagement in recruitment and retention. I really question accountability at the club!!
    I’m really starting to question my families membership renewal. Given the lack of accountability and zero eyes on the future. Are we doomed to continue this path of inept planning for the future?

    1. John Eel

      Given MM and Dylan are both on potentially long term contracts. It is more than likely Ethan is going to play NRL early, what would your solution have been?

      I think that getting an outside back or even a cracking FB would have been the biggest priority. With Murchie moving on it would seem that they have begun making room for recruits already.

      1. Anonymous

        Yes, but. The way the NRL is going longer comp 17 rounds, Origin, Suspension, HIA and injuries (player behaviour).. He would get a debut with us and we’d have an excellent back up. Just seeing how rare talented halves are. We grow one and just let him go? And what do we get in return? HSS? I would have liked to see something more.

      2. sixties

        John, I’m not sure that we get too much salary cap benefit from Murchie departing. He wouldn’t have been on huge coin and he has to be replaced in the roster.

        1. John Eel

          Agree Murchie will not give a lot of cap relief. It does throw up another spot in the 30. However I would be surprised if he is the last.

          While not surprising at all we see that JH has been officially medically retired today.

  3. Anonymous

    I am hoping Guymer just has a niggle and comes into the team. No way he goes from playing NSW Cup to dropped out of the side. Start him in the backrow, move Tupou to the bench and Latu out of the side.

    1. sixties

      I could pick 20 different players in the starting 13 and come up with a reason to select them. Tough calls there.

    2. Pou

      Blackburn also played NSW Cup, as did Turoa Williams. It doesn’t necessarily mean a player is top pick in the Flegg side.

      1. Anonymous

        There are a few boys who have missed out like you said here who have given it their all this year. No one has mentioned Davis either – he injects energy any time I’ve seen him play. Held his own in Cup too and is a workhorse when it comes to defence. Pryke also? I saw that Roosters game which was in my opinion the catalyst for getting us to where we are now. That rotation of Davis, Lenaz and Pryke that game worked well.

        1. Pou

          I guess Davis, Pryke and Guymer can all play Flegg again next year. Fualema too. A few of these other blokes are in their final year of eligibility.

  4. Ken 70,

    Why is graig Brennan, not coaching next year done great job this year ,seems strange , any way ,keep playing good footy and hopefully will go long way in finals, go parr ,

    1. sixties

      Brenno is a terrific coach who has been responsible for guiding many of the young players in pathways. On a personal level I’m disappointed that he won’t be coaching next season. I think the role will be combined with other responsibilities next year and become full time with Jordan Rankin. Jordan had been working as an assistant coach with SG Ball this year.

      1. Anonymous

        I’ve seen some poor choices by Brennan – interchange has been poorly used all season. I think a lot of the issues with the club as a whole issue is we neglect to bring in new blood and fresh ideas. It will be good to see what Rankin can provide for the players coming up. Its good to see coaches with a decent footballing background! What ever happened to Woolford last year?

        1. sixties

          That’s a bit tough on Brenno. Have a look at the difference in personnel between the first half of the season and the back end. He’s done an exceptional job in blending two groups together at the mid point of the season.
          The club and Woolford parted ways.

        2. Anonymous

          All coaches make poor choices according to the spectators who mind you aren’t in possession of a lot of facts, knowledge or experience ,hes the coach so its his educated choice .

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