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The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 66: MRC Consistency Is On A Kneed To Know Basis

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The week that was in rugby league and all the big stories that came with it are again the focus for Sixties, Forty20 and Clint on the latest edition of The Tip Sheet. The Eels dropped games against the Cowboys and Tigers in the NRL and NRLW respectively – was there anything to be salvaged from either loss?

Joey Lussick is back! The former Eel returns in a time of need and will shore up Parramatta’s dummy half stocks for the next two years. The boys share their thoughts on the move and how he and Brendan Hands will operate together.

Team List Tuesday brings some painful news as the NRL continue to look fragile on their left edge while the NRLW are missing their two key recruits for the second game running. Surprisingly it is the NSW Cup who brings the energy this week as the youth takeover continues with the promotion of Charlie Guymer.

The RLPA and NRL continue to be at loggerheads over a new CBA but Sixties has spotted some nefarious tactics being used by the media to sow dissent.

After Harry Grant escaped using his knees in a tackle with just a fine the consistency of the Match Review Committee is again in the spotlight. Are certain players treated differently? Josh Reynolds certainly thinks so and the boys discuss how it is impacting the competition.

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14 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 66: MRC Consistency Is On A Kneed To Know Basis

  1. Anonymous

    And now Gould has added even more players. If the cap auditor isn’t going over their contracts with a fine tooth comb then questions should be asked.

  2. Ron

    Interesting that cowboys bolstered their backline with a new and promising young centre recruits (vailea from Nz and semi Valemi from Canberra). We should have picked up the Canberra winger valemi or cotric (Canberra have a surplus of backs) at some stage this year but no, waqa is somehow still being selected. Tough times

      1. Ron

        It’s great that in spite of that we are still competitive but enough enough. Need to rethink our priorities and get some speed/power in backline to do some hit ups. Even bulldogs get more production out of their new wingers than us.

        1. Rocky

          All true but the real reason were in this awkward situation is the fault on one person , DYLAN BROWN, he’s let down the club & fans but more importantly his coach and team mates , 20,000 fine big deal , our season is on the line and he’s a large part of the reason and i sincerely doubt he’s bothered !!!

          1. John Eel

            I think that he is clearly bothered and by the way. The fine was $60,000.

            $20,000 suspended by the NRL but a $60,000 fine nonetheless to go with his 18 month community service order imposed by the judge and a 7 game suspension also imposed by the NRL.

          2. Rocky

            Big deal, dosent undo damage 900k a year pff, but you stick up for him john , he let down everone .

          3. Ron

            Rocky, no one is denying that Dylan let himself, family, friends, teammates, coaching staff, fans, club, nrl etc down but he’s a young kid who did something stupid. And the penalty he received from the magistrate was relatively harsh for a first time offender who had extrajudicial media/nrl punishment, significant remorse and limited likelihood of re-offending + prior history of good character. It was much harsher than Curran who punched someone (not a mere touch). But Dylan copped it on chin and accepted it (same with fines and suspensions and adverse publicity). So, following Dylan’s sincere words, we should let the bloke move on and show (with his actions) that he has grown from this. No need to tear him down after he has accepted responsibility by lamenting that the fines were insufficient or by not taking his apology/remorse as bone fide

          4. John Eel

            Rocky I will always stick up for him when he accepts his failings and clearly shows contrition.

      2. Ron

        One of the titans backs would be great (not schoup as he’s so average but Sami, Joni fifita etc). Or one of the Canberra backs. Or one of the broncos backs. Or one of sharks backs (kayal iro). There’s plenty more but the options are there – I just hope we don’t panic like we did with joe ofa and get someone average and overpay for short term needs

        1. Anonymous

          Schoup would be welcome for mine , been in 2 bad systems with poor coaching , the potentials there ,just a kid !

  3. Shaun

    Great listen. League started as a dispute over payments to players so nothing new. But I am with the players. The NRL lacks leadership and PVL’s attempt to try and divide the players was pitiful. But I’m not surprised that the league media has sided with the NRL. a good example of how the media generally sides with power. Remember, PVL needs the players, they don’t need him.

    The MRC is a joke. The grading are complicated and the use of fines means serial offenders miss no games. Get rid of the fines, keep the tradings simple and knees in the back should attract the same penalty no matter the player.

    And totally agree on the keyboard cowards who abuse players. I do think Waqa should have been dropped but I also have a lot of empathy for him. He doesn’t want to be in this situation and while he’ll want to make it right I’m not sure a game against Melbourne is what he needs. Here’s hoping I am very wrong!

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