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Team List Tuesday – Clinton Gutherson’s Other Birthday Edition

NRL Team List

Round 15, 4:00PM Monday 12th June, Accor Stadium


Before we tuck into Team List Tuesday, let’s address the situation surrounding Dylan Brown. Parramatta’s five-eighth is alleged to have inappropriately touched a female patron at a bar on the weekend. I expect the NRL and the Parramatta Eels to thoroughly investigate the matter and should he be found guilty I hope that requisite punishments are levelled at him via suspension, fine and rehabilitative measures. Of course he is afforded the presumption of innocent until proven guilty and in that light the Eels have named him to play in Round 15 pending any action by the NRL and its Integrity Unit.

While the investigation involving Dylan will likely overshadow most news pertaining to the Eels this week, today’s team sheet comes with a mixed bag of news. The injury curse looks to have struck again with breakout bookend Wiremu Greig absent from the squad. We are left to wait for an official injury report to ascertain the full extent of any potential injury but all you can do is shake your head at the impressively poor run luck the Eels have suffered in the pack this season.

The good news is that Junior Paulo is back from State of Origin duties to anchor the front row. The better news is that Reagan Campbell-Gillard is also back, baby! It had been let slip by a number of players in recent rounds that ‘RCG’ was targeting the game after Parramatta’s first bye as his return date from a serious groin injury and the big man has shown that he has the healing factor of Wolverine by meeting that deadline. Further reinforcements arrive in the form of Andrew Davey who has successfully passed concussion protocols and will start presumably on the left edge.

The bench still looks somewhat, ahem, handy with Brendan Hands leading an interchange roster featuring Ofahiki Ogden, Matt Doorey and Makahesi Makatoa. The two rotation props have been in seriously solid form for a good run now and Brad Arthur will need them to stay at that level without Wiremu in the team.

It looks like Daejarn Asi will be on standby should the NRL intervene in regards to Dylan’s availability. He is slotted in at 18th man and could feature at either five-eighth or fullback – depending on which way ‘BA’ thinks would be best for the team.

The Bulldogs look to be fielding a full strength back line this week with Jacob Kiraz fit to take his place on the wing. Reed Mahoney left the field last week concussed but has evidently passed his follow-up checks and has been named to start for the public holiday game. Parramatta cruised past the Bulldogs back in Round 7 to the tune of 30-4 and you better believe that they had this return fixture circled.

Momentum is the name of the game for the Eels though. They were building nicely heading into the week off and now need to come out of the bye energised and ready to make a run through the Bulldogs, Sea Eagles and Dolphins. It all starts on Monday where a good win could ignite a serious climb up the ladder.

Parramatta Eels Canterbury Bulldogs
Clinton Gutherson 1 Hayze Perham
Maika Sivo 2 Jacob Kiraz
Will Penisini 3 Jake Averillo
Bailey Simonsson 4 Paul Alamoti
Sean Russell 5 Josh Addo-Carr
Dylan Brown 6 Karl Oloapu
Mitchell Moses 7 Matt Burton
Reagan Campbell-Gillard 8 Max King
Josh Hodgson 9 Reed Mahoney
Junior Paulo 10 Tevita Pangai Junior
Bryce Cartwright 11 Jayden Okunbor
Andrew Davey 12 Jacob Preston
J’maine Hopgood 13 Harrison Edwards
Ofahiki Ogden 14 Khaled Rajab
Brendan Hands 15 Kurtis Morrin
Matt Doorey 16 Chris Patolo
Makahesi Makatoa 17 Corey Waddell
Daejarn Asi 18 Kyle Flanagan
Jack Murchie 19 Jackson Topine
Ky Rodwell 20 Braidon Burns
Haze Dunster 21 Blake Wilson
Luca Moretti 22 Franklin Pele


NSW Cup Team List

Round 15, 1:40PM Monday 12th June, Accor Stadium


The Eels were humbled by the last-placed Knights on the weekend and now face the table-topping Bulldogs on the Monday public holiday. Worse still, Canterbury rolled Parramatta 28-6 back in Round 7 when these two teams first met. It is a mammoth undertaking for the Blue & Gold but despite the embarrassing loss to Newcastle, just the week before they ambushed the in-form North Sydney Bears for a rousing victory.

So the question is, which Parramatta team turn up?

Haze Dunster gives the backline a boost after missing a couple of games while young tearaway Jontay Junior Betham-Misa continues his ascent in 2023 as he earns another starting cap in reserve grade. Toni Mataele and Jock Brazel feature on a relatively young interchange bench alongside Tevita Taumoepenu. While Daejarn Asi has been provisionally named at five-eighth, coach Nathan Cayless will need to have a contingency plan ready should Asi be called up to the NRL.


1 Zac Cini
2 Haze Dunster
3 Jirah Momoisea
4 Isaac Lumelume
5 Chris Tupou
6 Daejarn Asi
7 Jordan Rankin
8 Jontay Junior Betham-Misa
9 Meni Luke
10 Ky Rodwell
11 Jack Murchie
12 Dan Keir
13 Luca Moretti
15 Niko Apelu
16 Toni Mataele
17 Tevita Taumoepenu
17 Jock Brazel


Jersey Flegg Cup Team List

Round 15, 6:30PM Friday 9th June, Belmore Sports Ground


Like the NSW Cup, the Jersey Flegg fell to the Newcastle Knights on Sunday. Whether injury, suspension or form are at play, coach Craig Brennan has shook up the spine. Ethyn Martin has been named at fullback with Apa Twidle taking over from Joshua Lynn in the halves. Apa will partner Mac Puafisi as the frontline playmakers. Matt Arthur is absent from the interchange this week, again injury or suspension could be at play here, with Patrick Spence coming into the team as the utility in his place.

Although they enter the round in 8th, the Eels are still very much in touch with as high as 3rd on the ladder with only a handful of wins separating the spots. The Dogs are one of those teams ahead of Parramatta with 4th place in their possession and a win on Friday night would pull the Blue & Gold within touching distance of their Western Sydney rivals.


1 Ethyn Martin
2 Matthew Komolafe
3 Turoa Williams
4 Lachlan Blackburn
5 Richard Penisini
6 Apa Twidle
7 Mac Puafisi
8 Nikau Wrathall
9 Jacob Davis
10 Sam Tuivati
11 Jock Brazel ©
12 William Latu
13 Max Tupou
14 Patrick Spence
15 Lance Fualema
16 Saxon Pryke
17 Larry Muagututia
18 Lindsay Munro


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16 thoughts on “Team List Tuesday – Clinton Gutherson’s Other Birthday Edition

  1. Brett Allen

    Didn’t Mahoney suffer from Cat 1 concussion, which should mean a mandatory 11 day break

  2. adz

    Is that former Australian schoolboy backrower Lachlan Blackburn named at centre for Flegg?

    He came across from Penrith with sizeable wraps but was he ever a centre?

  3. MickB

    Is there anything the NRL does over and above the police to come to a conclusion on no fault stand down? I thought/assumed the policy was that while the charges are levelled against a player, they are on oranges until charges are dropped, dismissed or it goes to court and there is verdict? In other words, its likely Dylan isn’t taking to the field this weekend or anytime soon.

    This is going to be a touchy topic, so to be clear – I’m not implying a view one way or the other, just wondering if anyone knows differently?

    1. N. Senada

      Was not the no fault stand down for offences attracting max10 year sentences and above if found guilty? Brown if found guilty would be max 5 years from what I have read.

      1. John Eel

        That is true. What they are saying here is that the NRL still has discretion and they will make a judgement call based on today’s court appearance.

    2. John Eel

      I find it difficult to understand how the NRL can preempt what is going to come out of his court case. Should they stand him down they are sending a message that they think he is guilty.

      As Forty said he is entitled to a presumption of innocence until proven guilty by testimony under cross examination.

      1. MickB

        From what I understand, De Belin was stood down and never found guilty (not trying to open that can of worms). I think the idea is that you aren’t sacked, but can’t play until/unless in the clear.

        But N.Senada might be right, could be subject to severity of incident…. it rings a bell now that I think about it.

      2. Milo

        Correct John; somewhat between all of this we will see the truth. I hope it’s not serious…

        1. John Eel

          I am with you there. Sounds like the Sivo thing all over again.

          Everyone just drink responsibly

      3. Anonymous

        Why should they stand Dylbags down when Tom Burgess wasn’t for the same offence earlier this season.

  4. !0 Year Member

    The moral to the story…. Irrespective of the court outcome…… Stay off the grog young man and enjoy your talents before age catches up with you. Then drink all you want in retirement.

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