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The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 29: Instant Reaction, Parra Unload Broadside On Knights Feat. Mick Buettner

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The Tip Sheet is joined by Michael Buettner in the wake of an offensive bonanza as the Eels piled on the points against Newcastle in Round 9.

Sixties and Forty20 chat to Michael about his outstanding career at Parramatta and North Sydney as well the amazing work he has done helping those in need.

Sixties also queries Buettner, a former member of the Match Review Committee, about the hip-drop tackle crackdown and how he sees it given his experience in the field.

The boys then reconvene the morning after to break down the 43-12 victory in a game where the Eels left as many points on the field as they scored. With no RCG and no Matterson it fell upon the likes of Wiremu Greig, Makahesi Makatoa and Ofahiki Ogden to stand up and stand up they did!

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52 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 29: Instant Reaction, Parra Unload Broadside On Knights Feat. Mick Buettner

  1. Spark

    The team finally produced a performance that was something like their full potential.
    I note that BA referenced this in his presser and I am happy that he still recognises that it was still way behind what we can produce.
    There were many stars on the night but Gutho continues to stand the tallest.
    An amazing player.
    I must make comment about Haze Dunster.
    I don’t believe I’ve seen a more depressing sight recently then when Penisini broke through and stood there waiting to pass to Dunster and he just couldnt get there.
    Not only that, Dunster just gave up and in the ensuing play as Gutho scored from dummy half, he stood hands on hips dejected.
    Yes, I’m aware we are short in the backs and Haze did make some good defensive reads late in the game but it’s just cruel to see the kid like this.
    He’s a million miles away from ever getting his pace back, certainly not going to get there in the next few weeks.
    We play some real speedsters from Titans and Rabbits in the next few weeks who will tear him apart down there.
    If he’s picked and that happens it could irreparably damage Haze psychologically.
    I understand that Simonsson will get the position but Dunster is not a plan B.
    For the sake of both his mental and physical recovery, we need to place him in reserves and keep him there to recover.

      1. Spark

        It’s not a pile on against Haze Sixties. I’m genuinely concerned about him. The knights were abysmal in regards to exploiting him but others especially the Rabbits will not make the same mistakes.
        I think we are asking just a little too much for him at this stage of his rehabilitation.

        1. sixties

          I never suggested you were piling on to Haze. Our discussion was similar on the pod. It will take him longer to get back to close to his top pace, it was a worse injury than an ACL, as it was the ACL and every other ligament

          1. Spark

            Making sure – you’re a sensitive fella whenever someone is discussed in a negative light !
            Personally I would love to see something out of the blue like Blaize Talagi after his commitments are finished this weekend.
            A dose of youth and speed at centre !
            Never too young these days if you have the talent.
            Young Dyl made the big step at 19 so Blaize could too.

          2. sixties

            Yes, he’s just started playing centre after playing at 5/8 last year in the Matts. He plays a physical style of footy, runs hard, tackles hard and has been compared to Dylan.

          3. Colin Good

            Obviously you don’t follow the juniors coming through the lower grades Mathew because he’s been in the parramatta system for some time, certainty one to watch .

          4. sixties

            Not sensitive mate, my line has always been when it crosses onto the personal. But you definitely haven’t in your opinions on Haze.

  2. Chris K

    Few bombed, but so what … when they came off, it was magic to watch.

    I recall reading somewhere how Finucane runs on the field as fired up as he can, with the view to carry that mindset throughout the game.

    Anyone else notice how Clint came out last night like he was shot out of a cannon?

    Certainly paid off for him if last night’s effort was anything to go by.

    Never ceases to amaze me how my admiration for The King can keep growing …

    1. sixties

      He’s been a terrific player for Parra. How many expected this career after he first joined us? I can tell you who did. BA. He spoke to Forty and I at the Ken Thornett Medal at that time about this top signing they’d made. He was right.

      1. Parra Pete

        The King 👑 is a mighty player. I love his will to win and the 100 percent effort he puts into EVERY play.

          1. sixties

            I’d like to see Waqa on the wing but I’m not sure how he feels about playing as a winger

      2. Matthew Sweeney

        I remember his debut games for manly and his speed. I wonder if an off season of sprint training under Roger fabrizi wouldn’t restore that pace. The king has done more for parra than turbo has for manly

      3. Matthew Sweeney

        Oh and what blew me away was the speed sivo showed with that break down the sideline, I didn’t know he had that in him

        1. sixties

          Matthew, the YouTube clips of Sivo before he played first grade showed he had pace back then. But I reckon he’s gassed a lot of the time and finding the reserves to hit top pace is a challenge – maybe as much psychologically as physically.

          1. John Eel

            I thought he ran faster on Friday night than I have ever seen him run. That break down the Eastern touch line showed a lot of pace

      4. N.Senada

        I remember when he signed with us, a friend of mine, who was a mad Manly fan told me how gutted he was. He was sure we were getting a really decent player. All I knew of him was that he was a solid outside back for Manly. He has for mine, taken over where Hindmarsh left off. A real setter of tremendous on-field example. A wonderful fighter, never seems to give in. Hates losing and that drives him physically. His amazing defensive feats are a testament to that, not to mention his unbelievably busy energy and application in attack. That to me, makes up for sheer natural talent. Give me Gutho over Wighton, Papenhuyzen, Hayne.

    2. Matthew Sweeney

      I did and had to rewind it because he had this crazed look about him, it was really a bizarre look. I think week in week out he’s one of the best players I’ve ever watched, so glad he’s a parra man now

  3. BDon

    Tks guys. If I remember correctly, the Knights dropped the ball at least 4 times when about to go through our line, it was uncanny, you said to yourself ‘oh no’ and right on cue down goes the ball.
    They played for about 15 minutes but just seemed to fold when we didn’t.I noticed their formation behind the ruck on early tackles suddenly resembled a dogs breakfast. Dane Gagai stood out, like 3 classes above his mates. Weird all round, but their coach is probably right, a meltdown after competing above their level.
    It was great to get a good nights sleep.

    1. sixties

      BDon, it was great to relax a bit more during the game. Yes, O’Brien talked about how tough it had been and I guess from an injury perspective it has been. But I reckon Parra haven’t had it easy from a draw perspective either. I guess the difference is where both clubs are at – have we all been waiting for a really bad Newcastle performance?

  4. pete

    That was a great result. Enjoy this feeling.

    Really happy for Greig and Ogden. BA really trusting his bench now. Maka did well too.

    Gutho a captains knock. He was great.

    Unfortunately, cannot play the Knights every week…

    It may be a blessing in disguise missing, Matto, Junior and now Reg.

  5. Shaun

    How good was Hopgood through the middle? Brown taking the line on with some space? Sivo’s chip and regather? Moses terrorising Ponga all night? Who is the real million dollar man?

    One thing that was noted was the team did not go overtop in celebrating any tries. They seemed really focused. I also predicted the field goal a couple of tackles out. Not sure if it was instructions from BA or Mitch but good practice.

    Yes, points where left out there but after the Darwin Debacle, a Parramatta Performance was needed. As TCT noted, Parra is quietly climbing up the ladder. Parra fans one and all can enjoy a good weekend.

      1. Shaun

        What a great win for the young Eels! I do hope they can be nurtured in stars of the future. Parra can’t keep them all but it should be great if they keep the right players. And it was great to see the first grade side showing their support. That is such a good sign for the club.

  6. HINDY111

    Haze shouldn’t be picked for atleast a few months. He is off pace and if fit Waqa is a better option as is Simmonson. I’m sure Haze will improve. But even at his best I doubt he is much more then handy.
    I doubt he makes our best 17 when all fit ever.

    1. sixties

      Hindy, I was impressed with Haze’s defensive positioning and tackles but it is noticeable that his pace has been impacted by the injury. It will take time.

  7. John Eel

    When Michael Buettner talked about his experience of being sin-binned twice in one game.

    I have been pondering a thought that I have had for some time. He talked about how Bill Harrigan went into the game with a belief that the Eels went into that game employing a tactic of holding down in the tackle.

    The point I have been considering is that referees come into games with a view of who is the elite team or the team that should win. Does this affect the decision making? I see this all of the time with the “expert” commentators. Can it be true also of referees.

    Is there a lack of consideration for some teams?

    I am not tieing this view to last night however Knights fans may see it as relevant. The Eels were shit canned all the way to the GF last season. Nobody really identified the talent and skills that got them there.

    Obviously the Eels were doing something right they got to the GF when 14 others didn’t. Very much a glass half empty scenario.

    A case in point was Marata. He could draw a penalty better than anyone playing the game. Still is at the Warriors.

    There are many examples of this. I am not suggesting that the referees are cheats. However maybe they suffer from unconscious bias.

    1. Milo

      John you’re spot on abt the refs. Think it’s an unconscious bias and you also have to look at the coaches who have a whine – They get the rub of green on most occasions and Robinson from Easts is a beauty. Old snake Bennett has his moments but he’s shrewd and I’m sure Cleary has some mates in the nrl from his time there too.
      The refs have been bad since Hollywood Harrigan left for me- they manage a game and don’t police like they used to.

      1. John Eel

        That is a really great response. I still think Harrigan is the best I have seen.

        Not saying he was infallible. I am sure he made errors.

        There is an old Canterbury Bankstown referee living at The Entrance. He still has connections with current referees. He told me that they new they got the Haas decision wrong.

        He did not say much more than that other than he should went to the bin.

        1. sixties

          Everyone knows it John. The media went soft on the failure to bin him. We know what the takes would have been if it was a Parra player that didn’t get marched – remember the Dylan Brown furore?

          1. Colin Good

            Campbells knees in the back of Russel that delivered three broken ribs and a punctured lung and not even a penalty still riles me to this day , Dylan gets six weeks ,what a coincidence.

          2. John Eel

            Only too well.

            What was interesting was listening to expert commentators trying to wrangle a point of difference between what Dylan did and what Campbell did.

            They were in contortions trying to find a way to justify Campbells action as an accident and at the same time show intent on the part of Dylan.

            However I have moved on and would have forgiven him if he had joined the Eels. He would have made a good understudy to the best defensive FB in the NRL.

            His attack isn’t half bad (3 tries against the Knights) either.

      2. Colin Good

        I don’t believe refs follow some rules correctly like after completing a tackle they lay in the ruck like they have been tassed when the rule says they have to roll out of the ruck.

    2. sixties

      A number of years ago I wrote a tongue in cheek post entitled the referees tip sheet. But I have little doubt that they “prepare” for, or at the very least are conscious of, the “idiosyncrasies” of certain teams and players.

  8. Anonymous

    Darwin is a lucky charm Sixties, we smash Penrith the week after last year and the knights this year.
    A bit emotional and reactive last week, we need Darwin for the cash it brings and the community we help.
    It does not ruin us for the two weeks after.
    Go eels

    1. sixties

      The issue is the second week Anon. Physically tougher on them in that week for some reason. I haven’t invented that.
      I was upset last week but my stance isn’t based on emotion from one game. I understand the good community work, and that can probably be just as effective with a week long camp in preseason. As for the financials, no amount of money is worth making the task of getting premiership points more difficult. It should be about assisting the team. Anyway, they are locked in for another couple of years and that’s the club’s call.

  9. Milo

    A good solid win, and I was happy with our defence and also bench.
    Gutho was superb and so was the spine and JH was better. We must back it up now.
    Our bench were terrific. But that’s needed each week if we wish to be a top team. They must take the pressure off the team when they come on and our backs also have to start to take more ‘courage’ type runs from kick returns.
    A good win and they have the tits now. So we must handle them well…👍

  10. John Eel

    After caning the Eels all season. Michael Ennis has come out and declared that the performance of Mitch and Dylan Friday night was the best of the season by a 6 & 7.

    I have been critical of Ennis this season given some of his earlier criticism of the Eels. But this one eyed Eel is happy to accept his point of view on this occasion.

  11. John Eel

    Just reading that Kevvie is happy to have Ezra Mann and Payne Haas back from their one week suspension. I am happy for Kevvie.

    We will be waiting another two months for Reg.

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