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The Tip Sheet (News Episode) – 2023 Ep 18: Lane Spearheads Reinforcements, Wighton Eyes Mega Deal

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The Tip Sheet welcomes a new co-host as Clint comes on board alongside Sixties and Forty20. The trio waste no time tucking into a huge week of NRL news that starts with sweeping team changes for the Parramatta Eels.

The weekend wrap celebrates the first time all three Junior Representative grades have qualified for the same finals series. From there it is on to the NRLW signing madness…and Parramatta’s lack of movement. The boys discuss what the Eels could be doing as the marquee player market dissipates.

Jack Wighton is set to become the next million dollar salary player following an extraordinary offer from the Raiders. It likely prices the representative star out of Parramatta’s range and the boys look at what it means for the Eels.

An assortment of NRL bit and bobs closes out the show including the recall of Jarrod Croker from the wilderness of reserve grade as he closes in on 300 NRL caps


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13 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet (News Episode) – 2023 Ep 18: Lane Spearheads Reinforcements, Wighton Eyes Mega Deal

  1. John Eel

    I feel very pleased for both Sean Russell and Haze Dunster getting chosen to start for the Eels against the Tigers. They have both earned their spots and won’t let the team down on Monday.

    For Jmaine It needs to be understood that he is playing his first season of NRL football.

    Sure he has played a few NRL games at Panthers. However that is different to what he has been expected to do so far for the Eels.

    I would expect to see Jmaine go to Lock and Matterson into the middle replacing Woody.

    1. Spark

      I hope both Russell and Dunster go well but I’m a little apprehensive that we have such an inexperienced, young backline.
      I don’t know how fast both of these kids are but damn, we need some speed out there.
      Russell also seems a little small and light for my liking.
      Penisini holds his own but Sivo doesn’t make the best decisions and has as much finesse and evasion as a Mack truck.
      Poor Gutho is going to have his hands full keeping this backline on point.

      1. Anonymous

        The parra backline is pretty piss weak compared to other teams. No real athleticism or game breaking ability or even workload. I watch some wingers from warriors, panthers, broncos, bulldogs, roosters finish tries that we know our wingers and centres could never finish. Hopefully the two new faces kill it (by that I mean rip into the tough carry , make sound defensive decisions and run the right lines)

        1. John Eel

          Haze is in pretty good form at the moment. He is a big unit and has two weeks to win the spot from Simonson.

        2. sixties

          If you are talking about the ability to perform those miraculous groundings for tries it’s a fair call. Simonsson and Blake do have it in their repertoire, but their strike rate isn’t like the Sharks wingers who are usually in a class of their own. I probably have more of a defensive demand I’d want from the outside backs. A try stopped is the same value as a try scored and can sometimes provide that positive mindset that the team needs in tight moments during the game. Haze started to de on strata his returning confidence with important defensive plays in NSW Cup. That sent a message to me that he was getting closer to an NRL return.

    2. sixties

      It’s a fair point about J’maine- and he’s been required to be a workhorse in each match. Little wonder that we haven’t seen as much of his offloads in the last couple of weeks. But I think having the minutes reduced for now will work in his favour.

      1. BDon

        I reckon he’s an 80 minute player just needing to get a season or two in NRL under his belt. He’s yet to play in our best forward manpower (as are others). Every game he has gone through the middle and either clean through to the other side, or offloaded for a try or pivoted to pass but not supported. Maybe some of our high error games more gassed him than his own fitness or effort. Less minutes will be good for him right now.

      2. Zero58

        It’s been a tough ride these past five weeks and Jaime did work hard in defence but the last two games his missed tackles started to count. That’s because he workload covered some of the slackers. He will get better and more game time. Let’s no over expect things so that he fails in the minds of some.

  2. John Eel

    It is good to see Kennedy committing to the Eels. She is showing her leadership skills with her actions on the field. She also is good with the media.

    What I really like is that she is young and will hopefully have a long career at the Eels.

    1. Spark

      Yes – love the commitment from Kennedy. She is definitely a keeper.
      I was absolutely shocked when we lost Taufa ! Didn’t see that coming.
      Ash Quinlan is also a big loss.
      I’m hoping that we do pick up some talent and not just making up the numbers but all the talent seems to have been signed.
      Also sounds like Vette- Welsh didn’t want anything to do with us !

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