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The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 16: Eels Chase X – Factor Back, Face Fresh Chooks

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Another Thursday night NRL match means another crazy episode of The Tip Sheet – especially given the massive week of NRL news that was. Sixties and Forty20 certainly get stuck into it this week!

The NRL news starts with the Eels. Junior Paulo will sit out 2 games while a media frenzy surrounding Parramatta’s pursuit of a x-factor back went into overdrive this week. The boys talk junior footy news as well as the big happenings around Joseph Suaalii and Jack Wighton.

Preview start with the final regular season games in the Junior Representatives and the Eels have plenty to play for in all three grades. The show looks at their formulas for the finals and how high or low they can finish in the Tarsha Gale, Harold Matthews and SG Ball.

In the senior grades all three teams are looking to consolidate on excellent team performances last week. The boys discuss how each team can do that and what to watch out in the NRL against a well rested Roosters.

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20 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2023 Ep 16: Eels Chase X – Factor Back, Face Fresh Chooks

  1. Big Derek

    Another insightful podcast guys.

    The issue with the NRLW and the addition of 4 teams and the problem when existing teams were unable to enter into contracts with players that basically identify with their teams should have been addressed. Unfortunately, this is somewhat typical of the way the NRL operates, not helped by the delays caused by Clint Newton and the RLPA.

    Adding 4 teams to an existing comp of only 6 was a little foolhardy and did nothing to add anything but numbers, as fans were left with little confidence that their favourites would return. Guess we should understand that decisions on the run are a feature of the current admin, rules changes every season doesn’t help.

    Looking forward to finding out the construction of the Eels 2023 NRLW, not confident we will have the representation from last seasons GF team we originally expected.

    1. sixties

      It is disappointing Derek. After the first two seasons, supporters were identifying certain players as synonymous with the culture of the club.

  2. John Eel

    According to Paul Kent, It was likely Gutho who instigated the conversation between he and BA.

    This flies in the face of the likes of Slater, Cronk and others who sounded off at the club without really understanding the situation.

    If we could get a Joey Manu type that would be outstanding. However the way I see it we would be more likely chasing a younger player with good potential.

    The payment for Suallii makes him the highest paid player in all three major football codes. Gerard Wakeling from the AFL started this morning on SEN that there are only 3 or 4 players in the AFL on contracts over $1mil to $1.2mil.

    1. Shaun

      That’s the trouble with the TCT podcast. They do reasonable, even headed analysis and don’t engage in rank speculation or trying to click bait everyone into listening to them? What is wrong with them?

      Seriously when Paul Kent is the voice of reason then you know that things have got out of hand.

    2. Spark

      Actually it was Gus Gould who first stated that he was of the opinion that it was Gutho who bought it up.
      Say what you like about Gus but he knows more about what’s happening in League world than all the others put together.
      I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. I’m sure that BA and Gutho/ Junior talk all the time about team selection and roster improvements.
      I personally believe that Gutho, in one of these meetings has just emphasised that in his opinion, we need more artillery.
      We are a solid team but we do seriously lack elite speed.
      I was watching some old eel footage recently when Shane Wherat played for us. The littlest half chance turned into 80 metre tries, just like the Addo- Carr try against the Warriors on the weekend.
      You just can’t beat elite speed and every top team baring us have this speed on their flanks- it’s time for us to remedy this.
      We have enough good solid players but we need – really need, this X factor.
      Find or buy a very quick winger – pronto.

      1. sixties

        Speed is indeed an ex factor. The fastest player in our club, is, I believe, Arthur Miller-Stephen. He was just starting to shine with his elevation to NSW Cup but unfortunately picked up an injury to his shoulder.

        1. Spark

          I’ve never seen him play. How old is he ? Could we do something completely uneel like and promote a 18 / 19
          year old to the top grade now ?
          Every other team does it.
          If he can handle Cup , he can handle NRL.
          Or is this a bridge too far ?
          Maybe the answer is in our own backyard?

      2. John Eel

        Spark you are correct about Gus claiming Gutho made the suggestion about chasing an outside back.

        He said it in response to Gallen bone head rant about how stupid the idea was

    3. sixties

      It’s like the Gutho story has evolved into the old game of Chinese whispers. You start with one message relayed to a person and by the time the relay of people come back with the message, it’s final form is vastly different. The original story wasn’t totally accurate but by the time the interpretations were added, it was taken as an insult to Gutho.
      As for Suaalii, he will carry some pressure with that contract but I suspect he has the temperament to handle it.

  3. Ron

    Parra should go after diene mariner from broncos. Very good young centre from the little I have seen of him and the bronx have a plethora of outside backs which means he won’t get a look in. Also would look at Brendan piakura (bronx have many forwards and backrowers which means he also won’t get a look in).

    In terms of live wire bench players that can play fullback – Jayden Campbell or Kaeo weeks? It really is a shame we don’t have our own young live wire centre/fullback (confirms how badly our development has been botched over the years – we seem to consistently invest in the wrong juniors that aren’t up to it at elite level in the fullback/outside back positions).

    Great to get a win. Need another this week to show that it wasn’t a fluke and we have a definite and successfully style of play. Can’t let other teams dictate how we play.

    1. Spark

      Definitely Weekes from Manly. Can just go straight into fullback and Gutho to centre.
      Alofiana Khan-Pereira From the Titans.
      Seriously- the fastest player in the NRL.
      He goes to the wing, Simmonson to centre and Gutho stays at Fullback.
      Both players are off contract at the end of the year. Both will be elite players in 12 months.
      Eels – pay the money ! They will be absolutely worth it.

    2. sixties

      Ron, we do have a group of backs in SG Ball that have genuine potential. As for your player suggestions, I’m fairly certain we have had a dip at Piakura in the past.

  4. MickB

    I’ll be at the game tomorrow and am looking forward to it.

    I’m a bit nervous about what Teddy might do in the middle of the field where he is very good at taking advantage of gassed middles and ineffective tackle efforts. That said I think the Chooks have been pretty sloppy in their season to date and make plenty of errors themselves, so if we get anywhere near the control we exhibited last week, I think we win pretty comfortably.

    On Sualii, the media reactions have been ridiculous. The Rugby World Cup is something like the 2nd or 3rd most watched event on the planet (behind soccer and Olympic a I think). Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that, especially on $1.6m per year. There’s no reason Union and League can’t comfortably co-exist, and I’d much rather see the sports work together and defend against AFL, than have some of this childish bickering.

    Ditto for the Gutho situation. He’s instrumental to the success of this club, and regardless of who they picked up, he would still run on in the starting 13, and still be the captain.

    1. BDon

      Was just thinking the same about Tedesco. Throw in Sam Walker, fast and nimble, who has punished us in a couple of games. And Keary, fast raids down the blindside and kicking to the corner. Plenty of reasons to starve them.

    2. sixties

      Mick, that importance of completing better than the Roosters is critical. Can we do as well with our ball control as last week? It’s a big ask and probably unlikely, but anywhere north of 80% will put us in a good place to win.

  5. Anonymous

    Everyone here whinges about Parra being a development club and how it should produce juniors.But at the first chance to bring someone on, everyone is looking at other clubs to spend the money.

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