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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 94: Tigers Courts Moses & RLWC Round 2

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Sixties and Forty20 are back for their second RLWC podcast following a week of big scores as the tournament heavyweights flexed their might. Beofre that though we have NRL news to sort and sift through starting with an audacious bid by the Wests Tigers to bring Mitchell Moses home.

Nathan Brown could be on the move but perhaps not the Nathan Brown you initially thought of as rumours emerge of the former Knights and Warriors coach could be in the mix to return home to the Dragons. Sixties and Forty20 look at what it could mean for the Eels given his new role at the club before diving the recently announced Junior Representative coaching appointments.

There are a host of player transactions this week although most are relatively minor. The retirement of Josh Jackson caps it all off while James Tamou heads back to the Cowboys for one last ride.

Round 2 of the RLWC went pretty much as predicted as the minnows got caught swimming with the sharks. Mitchell Moses was the shining star of the week as he outduelled Luke Keary to guide the Cedars to a critical win and all but punch their ticket to the finals.

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Well, wests have to go to market don’t they? And of course they’d try and get MM, they’d be mad not to, but he will stay. DB too. I would like to here also abt Penisini…


Surely everything said by Brown and Moses is indicative of two happy players. Absolutely Will is a priority Milo.

John Eel

Milo I will be shocked if either leave.

The club needs to get ahead of this and offer long term deals to both. Long term deals are worth a lot to investors which Mitch is.


Agreed on this John. MM 2-3 and DB 3 plus taking into account age.

Brett Allen

I’d be offering 5 years to both.

John Eel

Whether or not Dylan and Mitch are Marquee players is a bit of a moot point.

The issue is who do they replace them with. That is the real question. The quality that these two bring is not readily available anywhere else.

It was not ideal for Hodgson to injure his knee. However on the upside assuming that his knee stands up to another year of football, it may mean that we get a second season out of him should we want him.


John, absolutely true about how you replace such players and the fact is that we have two of our best in such key positions. It’s no surprise that the strength of teams is based on having quality in the spine and front row.

John Eel

Of all of the players in our squad, Mitch and Dylan would command the biggest contract price if they were to go.

I believe both will stay. Like Brett I think that they are Marquee players.

As I have said before, Mitch, Dylan and Will are the players to build our future around.

There are plenty of seasons left in these three to begin a dynasty.


Must be retained John.

Brett Allen

Mitch and Dylan are marquee players to us

Brett Allen

I hate the negativity & cynicism around the WC, I think it’s been brilliant.


I’ve enjoyed it too Brett. The results are mostly predictable but it’s interesting to watch some of the fledgling sides with the odd locally produced player.

Brett Allen

It also gives non NRL players a chance to put themselves in the shop window. I’d be jumping all over England’s Jack Welsby, I’d also take a serious look at Ireland’s Senior brothers, and Edwin Ipape from PNG. These guys can really play and they are all 23 or younger.


Great podcast guys.
IMHO Tigers are desperate. Looks like Brooks will go and they will be without a half back.

Hodgson could just be our modern day Steve Edge signing. Rehab being what it is I’m happy he’s had the year off. He’ll be fresh.

Josh Jackson – offered to take a pay cut to help sign some players. Gus took that and raised him an early retirement.

Looking forward to the pre season!


The thing about new faces Pete is the different energy they bring. Even losing players we didn’t want to lose gives the opportunity for a bit of a recharge.


100% the energy and enthusiasm from the new recruits and young guys pushing up.
Can’t wait




I really rate Tony Mataele and I think with a injury free offseason could be huge and a perfect replacement for Marata.


A full preseason will really kick start his season Gianni.

Chris Stone

Just wanna say thanks again lads, always extra appreciated for the content during the orff season. Dont think moey will end up in the tigers. Would be good to hear a podcast in the future about what we have coming through the grades. I’d like to think we have some depth there.


Anyone watching transfer market , only club missing parra , just waiting for the good ones to be snapped up then pick up cheap dregs as is the policy , will they ever buy the coaching staff a genuine top player , ha ha ha .

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