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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 84: Instant Reaction, A Blue & Gold Wall Delivers First Grand Final Since 2009 Feat. Tim Mannah & Steve Ella

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There are times where words simply can’t do justice to what you have witnessed. Tonight was such an occasion as the Parramatta Eels outlasted a valiant North Queensland Cowboys outfit in truly testing conditions. Parra’s 24-20 triumph, a win built on big moments and relentless defence, puts the Blue & Gold into their first Grand Final since 2009.

Sixties and Forty20 were live from a raucous Jacks Bar & Grill where they sat down with Tim Mannah ahead of kick off and then later Steve Ella to try and breakdown the insanity of what they had all just witnessed.

There will be a second reaction podcast to follow on Saturday as Sixties and Forty20 take a thorough inspection at a truly iconic comeback victory but for now, please enjoy!

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Mike Pez

Goooo Parra! What a match! Heart in the mouth stuff. I don’t recall seeing that much grit, determination and heart in defence in a long time, but to turn it around from a pretty ordinary first half to stunning defensive effort in the 2nd was incredible to witness. Those big boppas, RCG especially was a man on a mission and Lane, outstanding. Hope the boys enjoy the win they oh so thoroughly deserve and then knuckle down and get ready for the GF.


Parra German

Great to finally meet you sixties and 40 20 . Travelled from germany 🇩🇪 to see this match live and was happy for all the fans that was at the leagues club . I wish all the nest for the final but unfortunately I won’t be able to be there let’s win this once and for all.


So good guys!!!
Nothing better!!


Thanks, Sixties and Forty20.
That was one of the most courageous victory’s I have ever seen. We just dug deep. We lost both Back rowers to HIAs and fought tooth and nail for that win. Yes it was ugly at times But it was euphoric.
Just well done to the Boys, BA and this great club!!
Go Eels!!


Tks men. Stats will tell you 9 times out of 10 who wins a game, but that was the exception. At half time, ours were diabolical but it was 12-12, I thought ‘what’s going on here? Just hold the ball and we win’ because you could see us competing, not in the velvet class, but competing. Whinge all they want about forward passes (to his credit, Payten isn’t), the only ones that can be logically recognised are when it wins a game at the death. Who knows what course the game would take if a different call was made? And… Read more »


Well said mate

Chris K

Resilience. I hope each and every Eels player last night appreciates how much of this quality they all displayed last night, and what a invaluable wellspring it is for them to draw upon next weekend. Soak it up lads – what an amazing performance. Like every other supporter, I rode and pleaded that last two minutes and had tears of joy when that whistle blew. I got to keep off the general socials, after seeing all that crap talk about the forward pass. Yeah, so what – the marker held onto Moses, which could have 50/50 been an obstruction, and… Read more »

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John Eel

Well said Chris K.

Last night was the epitome of resilience.

Trapped in the 1970’s

Their much maligned defence really stood up. Time and again they scrambled, remained resolved and worked as a team to hold the cowboys out. In the end they simply wanted it more. So proud of their efforts and so pleased for BA and the coaching staff for that result. Anyone who can’t see that they are tight, committed, determined group just aren’t looking for the truth. Go those eels!


Well said mate

John Eel

Toward the end of the season I felt that both the Sharks and Cowboys were feeling the strain of a long season. Commentators were commending the Cowboys for their defence. I was confident that the Eels would win in close game last night. However I had no idea how to analytically argue my case. Sixties solved that last night with the defensive stats for the last 10 rounds of the season. Cowboys defensive stats deteriorated significantly in the last 10 rounds. That is a measure of recency. The proof of the pudding was the Eels magnificent victory last night. Sharks… Read more »


100% John


Oh what a beautiful day it is! Simply incredible feeling. As I said to my mate last week “Why can’t it be our year?” It was an incredible performance. one of the best I’ve seen in years. But there is one better game to come. GO YOU EELS!


Well said Shaun


Wow just wow.



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