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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 74: Instant Reaction, Eels Overwhelm Storm & Book Blockbuster With Penrith

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The Parramatta Eels stamped their papers into the Top 4 with a punishing display of physical dominance over the Melbourne Storm. The 22-14 victory flips the table between the two teams and continues Parramatta’s impressive run into the finals.

Sixties and Forty20 are live from Jacks Bar & Grill to breakdown a huge win for the Blue & Gold. From the incredible efforts of the starting middles to the heroics of Maika Sivo on the left wing – the boys dissect it all.

Up next are massive games for both the NSW Cup and NRLW before all eyes turn to Penrith and the blockbuster that looms next week!

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Very good boys – well done and shame Neville couldn’t make it. Hope he is ok. A good win and what was needed. Yes we made the last 4 mins look avg and they will sort this. I firmly believe they will win next week. Something tells me we will do it, we just need to hold our nerve and play our game. We also need to ensure the refs are not conned by Penrith. I think if our forwards can dominant again we will be ok. My concern tbh is the bench….i think we may need four fwds in… Read more »


The mindset is much better. The defensive resolve is good. You might have to invest in a flight home mate!


60’s have you seen the flight costs??? I could also be looking for another wife if i did this, but she would understand one day!!


How about “hey love, I’m just popping out to the shops for a bit”. You can think of an excuse 72 hours later.


Awesome regular season in retrospect – yes we lost to the bottom team twice, and were Jekylish and Hydish too often enough on week to week form; but fair dues, the lads have knuckled down at a time when it has counted the most. The thought of a top 4 finish four weeks ago? I would have told myself ‘you’re drreamin …’. Very happy! Didn’t love how they put the cue in the rack with about 10 minutes to go. I always think finishing strong gives a psychological head start for the following week. Also didn’t think a short drop-out… Read more »


So much to enjoy. I called out in despair with that dropout so I absolutely agree with that. But it was just such a dominant display.


Great podcast guys.
Top 4 so good!!
Storm the cheats!!
The Ruck and play the ball speed. A tale of two sets of rules. AK just penalised Parra for nothing.
RCG was awesome and Juniors best game since Origin with 20 carries+200m.
Sivo is a beast with and without the ball. He’s been great under the high ball.
Moses smashed Bromwich! Moses is a leader!
Well played Parra!!


Tks men, great win. The last 5 and 2 momentum killing errors, we are narrowing down our box of horrors, perfection will never happen in RL but winning at this time of year needs good habits and a splash of luck. Dylan and Marata were pinged for tackle indiscretions that you see 100 times each week, make that 200. There was no slowing down, Dylan was ensuring a secure tackle and Marata released the player within fair time but bodies were a bit tangled. The Storm’s technique holds players longer 50% of the time. Watch how many times Harry Grant… Read more »


Totally agree with all this. I couldn’t understand the Dyl ‘flop’ penalty. Happens multiple times a set in every game. Melbourne were pretty poor on the whole. Poor discipline, silly errors. But our boys only let them play as well as they did. I’ve been a bit of a critic of Paulo all year, but geez, that has to be close to the best game a forward has put in all year across all teams. He was immense. Reg also superb. But the forwards were fantastic across the board. Even Kafusi and Maka were great in their stints. Lane clearly… Read more »


The Dylan/Reed flop penalty, the exact same thing happened on the first tackle to Gutherson. Nothing said. Melbourne get every leg up possible and yet still can’t beat us


Yep, Nofoaluma, did exactly the same, stopped him, regripped with the front on hug and bore was a carbon copy but OK this time.


Of course it was. We were watching and declaring where he’d find such calls

Joe Vass

Just as I warned the other day in’Bumpers Up’, Klein is a poor referee. I have been watching him closely for years. He finds penalties that aren’t there and at critical times. He was the bunker referee that cost the Tigers the game in Townsville again looking for something again that wasn’t there and fell for Kyle Feldt’s con. My fear is that one of his howlers will decide a finals game.


Be very afraid.


I was fuming about that Ham

Chris K

The inconsistency was rife – but Melbourne base their game off spoiling, and I think the Bellamy media factor intimidates the refs into giving inconsistent ‘square-up’ penalties to the opposition so the ledger doesn’t look too one-sided.

How about that soft Munster ‘high-tackle’ on the upper chest that Klein was right in front of and inexplicably called, versus the swinging arm in the falling tackle on Penisini (if I recall rightly) in the second half when he was falling. Not intentional and accidental, but there was contact and usually high = high, regardless of the intent.

John Eel

Well said Chris K. There were a number of instances of square ups.

There were instances of loitering in the tackle that did not draw a reaction from the referee.

There is a reason our play the ball speeds are so high. Teams get away with loitering in the tackle.


We don’t wrestle or hold down like these teams. Overall we have managed to finish as the least penalised team. But that came from our good discipline.


It was a disgrace Chris. But they still couldn’t win!


The thing about Lane is that try to go high to wrap him up but he just powers ahead with leg drive. He’s in rare form.


So true BDon. The difference was evident in the play the ball speeds. They wrestle and hold down in defence. Walk off the mark in attack!


Great game, loved the result, Parra played really well. One thing was the late fade out, Ice was gassed and we need to manage our bench better, substitutions aside, its more about timing, recognising tired player signs , before they actually are exhausted. A Late fade out in the semis, after all our great work to get there, could very well cost us dearly. All in all great result, fantastic effort, go parra


Moments like that provide a good coaching/video review point to fine tune our performance


The Eels were absolutely fantastic. Yes some may say they clocked off at the 75th minute but that was just pure fatigue. Ice was responsible for two tries but he was completely gone. Perhaps in hindsight they should have bought him off early ? The only criticism I have is the absolutely insane short drop out at the 65th minute. Surely at that time of the match you go for territory? We didn’t need the points and the only outcome would have been a Storm ball on our line for 6 tackles ? Insane from the captain – still can’t… Read more »

Longfin Eel

I think the players had their minds on next week towards the end of that game. Junior almost said as much after the game. I’m wondering if we’ll go with 4 forwards on the bench next week to try to alleviate some of the fatigue that will surely set in over the next few weeks.


JA to be left out ? … it ain’t gonna happen.


I think we will continue to provide cover for the halves and dummy half.


In the context of such a terrific win, it’s difficult to find fault with anything. But I am on board about that short dropout Spark. I was yelling go long.

Parra Pete

A comprehensive win. Left AT LEAST four tries out there…Marata, Penisini first half, Lane and Brown second half. A coaching effort timed to the minute. Well done Brad and staff..


Spot on Pete. The run looks near perfect.

Chris Stone

Mate I am so proud to be an Eels fan. Good has triumphed over pure evil. Look out Penriff we coming for ya. Penisini try in the second half was a movie like moment. Old Kings boy from Parra just up the road from the stadium scores a crucial try in front of his home fans.. that try sealed it for me. that was heroic.. im forgetting about the dropped one in the first half because he made up for it.

Chris K

I reckon he made up for his dropped ball near the try line by halftime stopping the unstoppable try in the corner. The second half try was just icing.


Good point Chris


The goldfish memory is the mark of class players. Put the errors behind you and just get on with your job.


While not a finals game it did seem like some revenge for 2017, 2019 and 2020. Mitch was impressive in getting smashed himself but keeping his nerve and getting revenge with THAT tackle on Bromwich. Sivo was magnificent. Apart from his attack being back to his best, his defence has improved significantly. His confidence is sky high. And he knew that Gutho had something on. Timed his run perfectly. Being at the ground Junior was my MOM. His running game was tremendous and the best game from him in a long time. A few weeks makes a difference doesn’t it.… Read more »


I did have trouble separating our props for best on field.


Another great listen boys. Hope Neville is ok.

I agree with your 3, 2 and 1, mine would be
3 Junior
1 Gutho but could’ve gone to a coulpe if others

Bring on the Panthers next week


Cheers Dazboy. The props were everything.

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