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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 71: Weekend Wrap Of The NRLW, NSW Cup & Jersey Flegg

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Sixties and Forty20 convene for an impromptu bonus podcast as The Tip Sheet looks at a hectic week of Parramatta football. A vastly improved effort from the NRLW fell agonisingly short of upsetting the St George Illawarra Dragons today. The boys lavish praise on stellar individual performances from Tiana Penitani and Gayle Broughton while also commending the forwards for stepping up.

The NSW Cup booked their place in the finals with a solid 24-4 win over Newcastle while the Jersey Flegg closed their season out with a rousing 34-22 beat down over the 2nd placed Knights. Sixties leads the discussion through both games, looking at who stood out and who might have potentially fought their way into the frame for a NRL preseason.

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7 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 71: Weekend Wrap Of The NRLW, NSW Cup & Jersey Flegg

  1. Spark

    Loved watching the women have a real decent crack.
    Penitani played really well and we saw what she is capable of.
    Broughton is just next level in skill and potentially the best player in the competition.
    It’s a very young side but they all stood up.
    Well done.

    1. sixties

      The shame is that it’s such a short season for the team to get better at involving Broughton. The longer season next year will provide more opportunities.

      1. Spark

        Yes the season is rediculously short. Hopefully we can hold on to Broughton. My understanding is that the club can hold only two players and the rest essentially go off contract.
        We have Penitani as a long term signing and co captain Taufa as a priority.
        This leaves Broughton at the mercy of the newer clubs.
        The way it is we might not have her next year.

  2. pete

    Great podcast guys.
    NRLW was a great game. Shame we couldn’t ice the win. Gayle Broughton is unbelievable and so talented. (Just watch the Roosters steal her off us to add their current roster).
    NSW cup great game.
    The blatant double standards applied to the protected teams is diminishing the integrity of the game. Year on year it’s Storm or Roosters the most grubby at slap on the wrist. South’s, and Panthers milking the HIA time wasting to a new level. Always when they are in trouble.
    It’s like the NRL wants to keep the status quo of the same teams making the final and minor premierships year on year.
    We can win our way to the big dance.
    Go Eels!!

  3. John Eel

    The Zac Cini try running the ball out from his own defensive line. Outstanding football to beat a few tackles then run the length of the field to score.

    Even at the end he had to pick himself up from an attempted tackle and score.

    I have seen him play half a game previously against Penrith. This try backed up that form.

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