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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 70: Instant Reaction, The Suncorp Stadium Smackdown

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Timing is everything in sports and the Parramatta Eels have joined the Sydney Roosters and Melbourne Storm as teams that have suddenly hit the accelerator in the race for the NRL premiership.

Sixties and Forty20 jump into an understandably amped instant reaction podcast where they unravel Parramatta’s dominant 53-6 over the Brisbane Broncos. The Eels were fully dialed in for this game and it was apparent from the opening whistle where they made it clear they wanted to build on from their big win over the Bulldogs.

Picking clear 3, 2, 1 winners is a nightmare this week and Sixties throws the gauntlet down to our listeners (and readers) to offer up their points winners this week following a brilliant team effort.

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50 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 70: Instant Reaction, The Suncorp Stadium Smackdown

  1. Parra Pete

    King Gutho was AGAIN outstanding..So consistent 3 points
    Shaun Lane – another amazing game. Looked dangerous every time he handled – 2 points
    Mitch Moses – controlled the attack – and his kicking game was spot on…-1 point.

    1. sixties

      Same three, different order.
      3 Lane
      2 Gutho
      1 Moses
      NB as I said in the pod, the forwards were brilliant as a unit. They baked the cake, Moses and Gutho iced it.

  2. Shaun

    3 points – Laney. He was a dangerous all night. In tremendous form.
    2 point – Moses. If he leads us to the promised land it will be via a raid down the blindside.
    1 point – Sivo. A try and try assist, hard, bustling runs and a great hit to stop a Broncos raid.

    1. sixties

      This is why the challenge has been issued. We knew that there would be plenty of valid challengers for points.

  3. Milo

    Superb – forwards laid the platform for the team; outstanding. Glad our bench got some time as in the forwards. I was hoping Jake would also get some more time. Well done and now to Melb.

          1. Spark

            Yeah ? He dropped one ball cold and had another stripped on the first tackle when we were attacking the line. IMO RCG was all over Junz last night

  4. Andrew Collier

    3 points – Shaun Lane, I don’t think you can go past him.
    2 points – Gutho, our captain was everywhere
    1 point – Marata, intensity in the first 10 minutes set the tone.

  5. Chilla T

    Lane and Junior deserve so much credit.

    But for me just really happy to see Marata running like an out of control cement mixer truck down a drag race track.

  6. Anonymous

    Great win …but I feel they should have won by more . But at least they scored 50 + . Now I’m not sure if roosters beat storm that will leave us with great opportunity to finish top 4. Also play panthers imagine they win against panthers . And they have week off .

  7. N. Senada

    3 LANE – having an amazing year, every time he touched the ball, it looked like it was going to happen
    2 CAMPBELL-GILLARD – Could not believe how much work he was doing and where the energy was coming from. Incredible
    1 Gutherson – Everywhere, brilliant execution, all the right choices, his performance was overwhelming. Brisbane must have been sick of the sight of him

    1. sixties

      Can you believe I couldn’t find a point for RCG – but the fact that he’s another valid choice emphasises how good so many players were.

  8. pete

    Great win.
    Really impressive start.
    3 Reg – tough carries and provided the foundation all night.
    2 Lane – Understanding his role and smashing it
    1 Moses
    Interesting that 3 players were cut due to the physicality of the training.
    Marata, Jake were both in electrical tape. Not sure who the 3rd was?

      1. pete

        Too true. Great sign.
        I thought Reg and Lane were so close for the 3.
        Obviously Jake really put his body on the line to be one of 3 cut. Interesting to find out the 3rd.

        1. N. Senada

          Well, the ability to put it all together as a team is there. But so is the tendency to not turn up and leave energy, urgency and smart tactical application at home. Here is hoping it is the former showing up next week and beyond. GO THE EELS

          1. sixties

            I get the impression that their mindset is switched on now. One week at a time – as the old cliche reminds us.

  9. Trapped in the 1970"s

    Tremendous win. They looked dangerous virtually every time they had the ball. Trent Barrett is a genius! There was some sloppy phases from forced passes but the defence was more than up to it.

    My 3:2:1 were Lane: Gutho and Moses and my try 3:2:1 were 3 for the Moses try which was a thing of rare beauty. 2 for the first Opacic try which had it all. A great cut out pass, a deft kick form Sivo in full flight and Tom outmuscling 3 defenders. The 1 point to Ice for his try which was brute strength and settled the teams nerves and broke any remaining Broncos resistance.

    The form of Lane is adding some serious value to his next contract and adding his name in bold lettering to the list of the must keeps.

    1. sixties

      Yes, that was my selection too, but I can’t argue against some of the other configurations.
      Great addition of the try 3,2,1 Trapped. That Moses try – indeed. But I also rated that Gutho try off the Lane run. What a line he ran.

  10. BDon

    Tks guys, starts the day well. Lane/Moses/Gutho…elevated Moses to the silver as I noticed his defence is featuring some impressive first contact hitting for a No 7. This time last year was when his game went to a new level, this year it’s Lane. A couple of blokes who were 5 years in the making.

  11. Gianni

    Great work Boys can we dream again.
    Every player put in seems unfair to leave guys like Opacic and Marata out of the points as well.This is what’s needed to give this thing a shake a complete team performance.

  12. Dazboy70

    3 Lane
    2 Gutho
    1 Moses

    In total agreeance with you guys in regards to giving the 2 and 1 points. The easiest was giving Laney 3 by far and away our most consistent player this season

  13. Rich C

    3. Shaun Lane. Wow. Things just seemed to happen around him every time he was near the action.
    2. Gutho. Effort. Supporting. Always around, causing doubt
    1. Moses. Controlled the game. Kicking great. Smart heads up play and killed the short side. Set the tempo.

    1. sixties

      I went for the same three. But anyone nominations of other forwards will be just as legit. The forwards definitely put the Broncos on the back foot.

      1. Rich C

        To be honest, if there was a joker for double points in play, Lane would get it. I could have easily named another ten who were deserving of points. Very hard to choose in a performance like that..

  14. Spark

    3 – Moses. It all starts and ends with him.
    2. – Lane. An absolute monster on the flanks.
    1- Gutho – a great Captains knock.

  15. Sydeel

    Gutho 3
    Mitch 2
    Lane 1

    Gutho was back to his best – always in great positions to field kicks and back up in attack.

    Mitch provides so much direction, his kicking game is outstanding and he slotted a bunch of goal kicks.

    Lane is hard done by to only get 1 point considering how dominant he was, but the #1 and #7 were just too good.

    Notable mention to RCG – He is a beast. Enough said.

    1. sixties

      Syd, how good is it to see Gutho back to what he does best – lurking around the middle, backing up in support, getting in to dummy half for some darts. Enough of the block plays. Just be the elite support player Gutho.

      1. Tanky

        I think the key to gutho returning to scintillating form is as was mentioned the other week is that he now seems injury free and seems quicker

    1. sixties

      Good numbers from Matto. I had him in the mix for one point. What gets him the gong for top points from you Brett?

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