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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 57: Eels Sweep The Panthers Because Of Course They Do

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Someway, somehow the Parramatta Eels have completed a sweep of the Penrith Panthers with a 34-10 victory over their Western Sydney rivals in Round 20. The ensemble cast of TCT are live from Jacks Bar & Grill where they are joined by Eels’ Legend Peter Wynn in front of packed and rowdy house! Sixties and Forty20 chat about Wynn’s famed careers as both a player and an entrepreneur before getting his take on the game.

Mitch and Gol join the panel in their liveshow Tip Sheet debuts to dissect the big win as well as look at what looms ahead for the Blue & Gold. Sixties makes a bold call about the future of a popular Eel while the developing story around Martin Taupau and Parramatta gets a run.

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15 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 57: Eels Sweep The Panthers Because Of Course They Do

  1. Spark

    The Eels were excellent in the first half but really need to find a big body to replace the props when they go off. The team literally falls off a cliff when they go off. Tapau will be a godsend for us but how is Ogden going ?
    ATM whilst solid players , Macca and Oggy are just not providing that punch we need.
    The overall message to the side – just play football and don’t go into your shell!
    I think they would have beaten the Panthers even if Cleary had stayed on the field. Well done.

    1. sixties

      They definitely were on track to beat Penrith even with Cleary. I believe the first half would have played out very similarly. Maybe they might have jagged an extra try or two in the second, but who knows whether Parra plays differently. It’s all conjecture and the fact is that what Cleary did was part of the game and it was how they were reacting to the threat and pressure we were applying.

      1. BDon

        Sixties, had the same thought pattern about Cleary. Penrith tackle technique usually involves a second effort to slow the ruck, set defence etc. It’s dressed up legally by stopping momentum but not putting the player on the ground immediately. How many times do we see them taking tackled players backward after halting momentum? In a set of six can be worth the ground of one or two tackles. Dylan Brown had his momentum halted and I reckon relaxed, tackle finished, but Cleary went with the system ,the drills, the technique, got it wrong and wasn’t far off serious damage.

  2. Shaun

    What a night! That first half was what all Parra fans needed. The second half not so much. While Parra was patient they were too patient and could have done more to break down Penrith’s defence. But still a great win and a top four finish is still quite a possibility.

    1. Spark

      It’s a hard one but you would hope that if someone signs a contract in good faith, they should honour it. Conversely, love Ice and hope he stays !

        1. Anonymous

          Not quite the same thing. Madge had a contract there may have been performance clauses in that contract, he was let go and paid out for lack of results. Ice has signed a contract he should honour that contract, when you make a commitment you stick to it. Now if his manager had inserted a clause that attached his contract to Madge as coach, then he has a legal right and moral right to renege on his agreement

      1. Joseph Makowich

        If you sit on the fence u get splinters . But if he stays with the Tigers you’re scoops are void

        1. sixties

          It’s not a scoop. It’s a call. I don’t claim scoops Chief, I shared my opinion on something that had already been reported. Don’t you understand the difference?

  3. Paul

    Great work to all TCT team! A big thank you to all of you. I love the passion and nuance that comes from fans who have watched Parra for decades.

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