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Score Updates – Jersey Flegg Round 20 vs Penrith Panthers

Last night did not disappoint with the NRL claiming a critical 34-10 victory over the Panthers while the NSW Cup, down 1 and 2 players at times, fought one of the most spirited and courageous defeats you will see in their 25-24 loss to Penrith. Today the Jersey Flegg look to their own stamp to the round as they host the 4th placed Penrith Panthers at Kellyville Park.

Parramatta enjoyed a bye week that saw them climb into the Top 8 as results fell their way. Now it is on them to cement that spot. Their last time on the field saw them toppling the then 4th placed Cronulla Sharks 40-6 so we know where the ceiling is for this squad. As with their NRL cohorts, they question is whether they can bring it each week in the run to the finals now.

Sixties is on location to bring you all of the action this week with the game kicking off at 1:00PM.


Jersey Flegg Team List

1. Dantoray Lui
2. Matt Komolafe
3. Samuel Loizou
4. Corey Fenning
5. Moala Taufa-Graham
6. Mac Puafisi
7. Ethan Sanders
8. Peter Taateo
9. Kruz Niutili-Schmidt
10. Larry Muagututia
11. Felix Niutili-Schmidt
12. Ryan Jones
13. Brock Parker

14. Jacob Davis
15. Saxon Pryke
16. Lachlan Blackburn
17. Jack Colovatti

18. Nikau Wrathall

These are superb conditions for footy at Kellyville.

First half

Eels kick off

Both teams trading sets early with very physical defence. An error from Penrith and Parra will start a set on the Panthers 40.

Solid set finished by a nice kick by Sanders forcing a line drop out.

Panthers knock down a pass on the last and it’s more possession for the Eels. Panthers are absorbing the pressure but an indiscretion in defence gets Parra a penalty and Fenning takes the 2

Eels 2 Penrith 0 10 gone

Panthers charge down and the Eels are in trouble in their red zone.

Huge play! Fenning steals one on one!

Parra are back downfield and carrying with purpose. Sanders forces another drop out.

Eels on attack and get a six again from a Panthers knock down. Unfortunately there’s a simple drop on the next play and possession and territory come to nought.

Penrith work into the Eels quarter and Parra’s ruck defence opens up allowing Fearnley to charge through for an all too simple try


Penrith 6 Eels 2 about 20 gone

Komolafe has just split the Panthers open on a hit up through the middle and beaten the fullback. Cover defence brings him down in the quarter. The Eels shift right but again the dropped pass ends their set.

Panthers shift right and break the line. They beat the cover defence and cross in the corner.

Conversion successful

Panthers 12 Eels 2 about 27 gone

Terrific break from Schmidt opens up the Panthers through the middle and the support runner (Pryke?) has been caught ten out. A quick play the ball and Blackburn is in under the posts!

Panthers 12 Eels 8 a couple of minutes left in the half.

Penrith get a penalty for Eels holding a support and opt to kick from 40 out. It sails over as the siren sounds.

Half time Panthers 14 lead Eels 8

Second half

A couple of traded sets with Parra getting slightly the better. Panthers throw a forward pass. From the scrum the Eels do well to not go into touch. A shift to a deep right finds Blackburn charging to the corner.

conversion unsuccessful

Penrith 14 Eels 12 about 5 gone

The Panthers split the Eels through the ruck and the cover catches them about 5 out. The Eels defence is short on their right so the Panthers head left and cross for the simplest of tries.

conversion unsuccessful

Panthers 18 lead Eels 12 about 20 gone

The Panthers force a repeat set and are back in the Eels quarter. They head towards the posts and score a far too easy try to close out the game.

conversion successful

Panthers 24 Eels 12 a couple of minutes remaining

possession and territory all with the Riff and they score off a scrum play

conversion unsuccessful

Panthers 28 Eels 12

Full time



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