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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 40: Joey & The JETS, Rep Weekend Extravaganza

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There is an unprecedented amount of representative rugby league to watch this weekend and The Tip Sheet is ready to preview it all. First things first though, Forty20 and Sixties have a long overdue catch up with long-time friend of the show Joey Grima!

The return of the JETS program is the capstone on a long and detailed chat that covers the state of the junior pathways. There is plenty to discuss outside of that though as the boys talk about the Under 19s Origin games and best moments from the Junior Representatives Awards night.

Sixties and Forty20 dive into all of the action on the weekend starting with the Women’s State of Origin clash at GIO Stadium tonight right through to the Men’s State of Origin fixture across the country in Perth on Sunday.

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18 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 40: Joey & The JETS, Rep Weekend Extravaganza

  1. sixties

    I’m so pleased that the JETS program has returned. Joey provided the stats regarding the NRL players produced. That is certainly the goal, but it’s simply a quality program that takes the footballing and personal tuition to the next level.

  2. Milo

    Look forward to this one later on today, thank you for the work put in for these interviews and podcasts fellas.

  3. EEL 86

    Yeah ok so we have only one rep in the origin 19s off the bench and our 20s are bottom. Is this satisfactory for a so called development club .? Previously we’d have 4 to 6 eels players repping years back. Now we’re bottom of the pack.

      1. Anonymous

        Needs fuel, myles martin and mikey gabrel in new hangers allready , juniors in a shocking state !!

        1. Milo

          Wasn’t Myles offered decent $$$?
          agree he is a loss, he started off in Daley or Johns cup and was v good.

          1. Anonymous

            I’m not sure what we could have done to keep him from going to the Knights.

          2. Anonymous

            Thats applying to far to many, we are renowned for being slow , reactive not proactive with some really poor judgement and identification !!

      2. Anonymous

        Parramatta junior association let certain local clubs recruit too many of the good players from other parra junior clubs (and also from the Penrith comp) to form super teams. (courtesy of free rego and promise of making the rep teams). The players that were left behind didn’t get a chance or to grow, and then ended up quitting the game. You can only get mercied so many times.

  4. Anonymous

    Apologies if this has been answered before . Who is the head of recruitment juniors . Last person I remmember it was field ?

    It feels like we are really going backwards . I remmember our sg ball won the national title how many players of that team are still with the eels .

    1. sixties

      Ben Rogers, Grant Jones and Isaac De Gois work in recruitment. I believe that Ben focuses more on NRL.
      The players still with the Eels from that team are Dylan and Haze.

  5. Anonymous

    A similar chat with Ben Rogers would be very good, to understand what he looks for with internal (Parramatta) talent V’s external recruiting. Some decisions appear bewildering, but may not be so, if it was understood what the criteria is.

    1. Anonymous

      For a leading club our juniors are a disgrace especially the flegg our so called next wave , not even a ripple and thats definitely down to recruitment which appears to be anthony fields replacement ben rogers !!

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