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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 34: Origin I, Junior Rep Awards & Platinum Jubilee Eels

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With each and every week of the 2022 NRL season it seems like there is more and more to talk about. It certainly keeps The Tip Sheet loaded up with content with this episode looking at the fallout from Origin I, the massive turnover of NRL coaches and the upcoming platinum jubilee Monday game against the Canterbury Bulldogs.

The show kicks off with the boys breaking down the Jersey Flegg and NSW Cup action from the weekend. While the Flegg struggled with errors, the Cup ran riot over the Mounties and lifted themselves into 3rd place on the ladder.

Behind The Mic has a little bit of everything this week. From the Kambosis fight to a stumbling loss from the NSW Blues and finally the coaching carousel that is the NRL. The latest on the Ryan Matterson negotiations leads the news section while both Sixties and Forty20 recap the Junior Representatives Awards gala night.

A full strength Parramatta lineup are the capstone of the previews as the both the boys tip a strong victory over the Bulldogs on Monday.


As an additional note, The Tip Sheet will be transitioning to a triweekly format from next week onwards. The instant reaction podcast will lead off the post-game content while the mid-week will be split between Behind The Mic, NRL news and Parra Stories with the third episode capping things off with the weekend previews.

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12 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 34: Origin I, Junior Rep Awards & Platinum Jubilee Eels

  1. BDon

    Lot of content there, well done. I watched some Devin Haney fights and thought George might be a bit one dimensional, Haney is a clever boxer/fighter. The bloke Tim Tszyu will fight is the same but a heavier puncher. Qld totally aimed up, mentally very strong, I thought between the 55-70 minute mark NSW errors interrupted a threatened momentum shift, the Blues were finally warming into it but instead kept Qld front running.

    1. sixties

      BDon, t thought the same. The passes being thrown that didn’t need to be. Players running away from supports. Cook dashing to his left then running in circles.
      But I have to credit Queensland for their mentality. They just kept turning up in defence, making that one extra tackle that shut down a play, or forced an extra pass or error. It created the frustration.

  2. Anonymous

    The contract has a rematch clause in it but don’t be surprised that George gets paid big step aside dollars so Haney can fight in a much bigger fight.

  3. Anonymous

    Al kudos to the tasha gale ladies but 10 of them making it in team of year dosent say a lot for the state of our potential nrl squad !!!!!!

  4. pete

    Great podcast guys.
    The coaching merry go round has been in full swing. Sixties nailed it. All those coaches had prior’s at their previous club. Madge had a player revolt at the Rabbits and could barely win a game before he left. He had a great squad to win that title. Green similar story…. Barrett and Brown red flags were obvious.
    I really think what BA has achieved is Gold (and Blue). He hasn’t delivered a comp (yet) but you can see we are clearly in much better shape and it’s just a matter of when. If we follow the Storm model of signing pivotal players that we build around with good value we can have sustained success. I like the addition of Hodgson next year, his experience, skills and hard head will be a huge advantage for us next year at No 9. I can’t wait to see Ky, Ogden and a few others blooded this year.
    SOO. Qld have us where they want us. NSW media bickering over selections while QLD media only wholesome stories about Slater and the kid from Chourbourg. Qld are much smarter at building the narrative of what type of players and team they are. While, NSW NRL media canabalises the team before a single play. I really don’t think we need to change too much. Yeo HIA was a bad miss if Cam Murray came on we would have been ok. I probably start with junior and RCG and Haas off the bench. Cam Murray start. JAC is a strike threat that we lacked instead of Toupu.
    Cherry Evans should never have scored that try that was an embarrassment.
    Kambosis he picked a good opponent and now we see why so many just duck and cherry pick the easy fights. It was disappointing that he didn’t respond better to Haney’s jab. I’m not sure if the weight effected his energy but psychologically it would have set him back.
    I look forward to the rematch hopefully in Sydney.

    1. sixties

      Cheers Pete, there was plenty to cover. We will move to the three pods next week.
      Great point about the Origin media narrative and so true.
      As far as I’m concerned, as long as we continue to play finals football we will keep ourselves in the mix for a title.

  5. Milo

    Great listen here Sixties, Forty and Spiro; and i liked the information around Flegg and Reggies; and also the discussion around Rankin and his future.
    Thanks for the information on the coaches too and yes all of these coaches had a history and a lot to be said about the board who hired some of them. I can see why Wests hired Madge and to me he was good to come in but he or I assume he had the chance to purchase players and i know he inherited some issues there too. To me Wests should be a strong hold but need an area of identity and this must include C’Town. I agree Leichardt is a mess of an oval and needs to be dumped, it is not up to NRL standard and Richie Benaud oval is just as good!

    1. sixties

      Cheers Milo. Is there a team as confused about their identity as the Tigers? Play out of multiple grounds, with dilapidated Leichhardt lauded as the spiritual home, yet the massive junior base is around Campbelltown, and the centre of excellence is at Concord. Only half of the joint venture is financially viable.
      I agree. They could be a powerhouse, but they show no inclination of changing their ways and their “power brokers” run off to the media to leak confidential discussions.

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