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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Episode 27: Eels Vs Roosters, Guru Vs Semi, Beatles Vs Stones

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Magic Round is here and while it means there is plenty of action up in Brisbane, it leaves us without any action in the grades below the NRL. Have no fear though, Forty20 and Sixties are undefeated when it comes to waffling on about footy and beyond so there is plenty to unpack in this edition of The Tip Sheet!

It all starts with Spiro as the boys go Behind The Mic. They debrief Parramatta’s heroic win over the Penrith Panthers before looking at the Ryan Matterson situation and following up on the push for an official Retro Round.

Dean Widders re-signed as the Parramatta NRLW coach this week and the team goes into what that entails in the Eels News. A breakdown of the updated injury report closes that section out with Sixties providing some insight in the incorrect rumours of an early return for Marata Niukore.

To fill the space this week the boys play a game of ‘Which Is Better?’ and the topics range from Pancakes vs Waffles, Eric Grothe vs Semi Radradra and the Beatles vs The Rolling Stones.

As always the show finishes with a dive into the action from the upcoming weekend as the Eels take on the Roosters. Although both teams boast premiership credentials they are both searching for a higher level of consistency which sees Forty20 and Sixties investigate what that means for both line-ups this week.

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John Eel

Question. Did Spiro start at 2GB with Ben Fordham on a traineeship? I do not like Golden point at all. It was introduced following it’s innovation in SOO. For home and away fixtures it should be a point each way. For finals 5 minutes each way. If no result after extra time then golden point. Golden point changes the way the football is played and in my view adds nothing to the theatre of the game. It also involves a lot of luck Comparing Eric Grothe and Semi Radradra is very difficult. The game has changed in the periods between… Read more »


Comprehensive response John thanks. Good pick up about the possible impact of losing Fitzy from the Roosters coaching staff. i has to acknowledge Semi’s novice rugby league base that he started from, but I still can’t go past Guru. I enjoyed the attacking capabilities of both, but the defence disparity (including decision making) was far too great, and Guru was a supreme cover defender. The Beatles catalogue is just so superior to any other group in terms of quality strike rate. They had album tracks that others would have dreamed of for singles, especially after they moved towards no covers.… Read more »

Malcolm macfarlane

You know my take sixties on who’s the best winger I’ll take semi any day of the week


you triggered the debate topic Mal. But I won’t be budged on my selection of Guru.


Guru by the length of the straight, Beatles just through sheer innovation.


Agreed mate. The Beatles constantly innovated. They broke the ground that others could build upon.

!0 Year Member

I would have them both….. You need two wingers 😉 for a team


Cheating in this context but so true.

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