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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 25: Spiro’s Expansion Bomb Shell, Panthers Await Wounded Eels

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Out of the frying pan and into the fire this week. The Eels head back to Sydney from a tough loss to the Cowboys in Darwin and head down the M4 to take on the reigning premiers in the Penrith Panthers. It is a brutal assignment but perhaps the one the Eels need given that iron sharpens iron.

Before that though, the show kicks off with a follow up to an editorial Sixties posted in the wake of the Darwin loss. The boys talk about the impact of social media and the difference between fair criticism and the ugly pile-on witnessed on the weekend.

Spiro drops a bomb on where he thinks NRL expansion might be taken in the near future as well detailing all the other action in the game as he takes the fellas Behind The Mic.

A big triple-header at BlueBet Stadium is the focus of the previews as the Eels take on the Panthers in all the grades on Friday. Parramatta will be looking to bounce back from a loss at each level but their opponents are well seeded in every competition and pose quite the hurdle.

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Big Derek

A bigger question is how is the club going to maintain its position in 2023. Losing 5 forwards and needing to resign 2/3 that will be off contract, where do we go to get players of that standard. Hopefully, there is plenty going on to get signings, although on SEN this morning it was stated that Luke Garner was close to signing for Parra and the club was surprised when Penrith came in and got him across the line. Certainly the club has been linked with a few players, but nothing has appeared to have been finalised. Can’t afford to… Read more »


I would love to see us dip into the Panthers nursery. All of their grades are chock full of talent. We should be able to find a couple of forwards there and maybe a back or two.


Going into 2023, I’d like to think that there are moves afoot to recruit for a couple of holes. In the more immediate future there is at least one spot that needs filling fairly soon for this year. Then I trust we are waiting to see what opens up with certain players to fill spot 30.


From memory, Garner was with Ivan Cleary at Tigers, so probably went with who he knows.A Capewell-type player that Cleary thought they needed.


Great podcast guys. On JA the people getting their nickers in a knot are the “Sack BA” camp. Those same so called fans death ride the team just so they can say they are right. Even a busted clock is right twice a day. They put their ego above anything else. Just so they can one day say I told you so. But I think they will be sorely disappointed that is why their voices become louder after a loss and they hide in their cave when we win. JA will be a good investment but at 19 he’s still… Read more »


I think it’s been noted that we didn’t have any say on who we played in Darwin , this is decided by the NRL.
As for the JA nonsense, I think we probably just need to move on, it’s probably been done to death. I heard that he was not even aware of the blow ups as he’s not on social media – that’s great, we will let his football speak for itself.


Spark, there are some factors at play with the Darwin clash which I’ll cover in the next week.


Cheers Pete. I’m going to dig into the Darwin situation very soon.

John Eel

Another great podcast. Is there any way that we can bottle some of that enthusiasm that Spiro exudes. I could use it. Well said Pete you made a lot of good points. On JA not much left to say that has not been said. I think that he does have a future in the NRL. Maybe it won’t be at halfback because of his size. He will however find his spot. Derek is right about the recruitment we need to get something happening for next year. I get that the club operates differently now and we don’t get a lot… Read more »


I believe that JA has a future as a lock Good hands but doesn’t have the speed for the halves. He needs to desperately put some weight on. I’d have him in the Gym smashing some heavy weights.


I see his future similarly Spark.


Excellent points regarding the extensions John.

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