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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 23: Gunslingers In Darwin, Eels Ready To Duel Resurgent Cowboys

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0:00:26 – Intro
0:01:22 – Behind The Mic
0:47:41 – Fantasy Fast Food Menu
1:03:40 – Previews

A hectic week in the NRL means a big dive Behind The Mic and Spiro joins the Sixties and Forty20 to tackle all the highs, lows and rising drama across the game. From even more MRC and Judiciary drama to which coaches are sitting on scalding hot seats, Behind The Mic has you covered this week.

It is a quiet news week for the Parramatta Eels so the boys decide to get creative and play Fantasy Fast Food Menu as they raise the blood pressure and create their perfect three course take away meals. With the only rule being that each item must come from a franchise or chain, the boys compare their choices and even get a little insight from Clinton Gutherson. They also open the floor to fans and listeners to post their choices in the comments.

With the Junior Representatives all wrapped up for the Blue & Gold in 2022, it leaves us with just the three grades of footy left (at least until the 2022 NRLW kicks off) and Sixties and Forty20 run through each clash up until the big game in Darwin.

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3 thoughts on “The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 23: Gunslingers In Darwin, Eels Ready To Duel Resurgent Cowboys

  1. sixties

    I should have nominated the halloumi burger from Susie Dukes for the main.
    On the footy front, I can’t express strongly enough my opinion about potentially moving the NRL grand final. It’s should never be contemplated.
    Also, I should have thrown the Titans name in the ring as a club and coach under pressure. And more questions about the contract value of Fifita after tonight.

  2. John Eel

    I am a diabetic so my food choices are somewhat restrained. However I could not eat Spiros feast in a week.

    While it does not fit your criteria my preference is a Vietnamese pork roll. Must have coriander, chillies and pate.

    The GF should never leave the Harbour city notwithstanding 2021 and Covid. We as league supporters need to respect our history.

    Our tradition is important and we must respect that. I also think that SOO is different.

    I think that having one game on the road each season enhances our appeal nationwide not to mention a financial advantage.

    It also takes away the advantage of teams alternatively having two home games.

    1. sixties

      Is it a contradiction for PVL to threaten to take the GF out of Sydney because he wants better grounds in Sydney? If he did take the GF away, how could that help to get the government investment needed?

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