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Score Updates – Junior Representatives Rd 9 vs Canberra Raiders

The final regulation round of the 2022 Junior Representatives has arrived and the Parramatta Eels will be hosting the Canberra Raiders at Kellyville Park. The SG Ball will be playing their final game of the year but for the postseason bound Tarsha Gale and Harold Matthews, big wins today can heavily impact potential seedings for next week.

With myself still locked away in quarantine until the new week, Sixties will take over update duties for all three games starting with the Tarsha Gale at 11:30AM. The Harold Matthews will kickoff at 1:00PM with the SG Ball to follow at 2:30PM.

Tarsha Gale Team List

1. Debbie Doueihi
4. Tamerah Leati
18. Jacinta Tui
3. Petesa Lio
5. Alysha Bell
6. Tallara Bamblett
7. Rosemarie Beckett
8. Petalina Atoa
9. Ashlee Pottinger
10. Ruby-Jean Kennard (c)
11. Tahleisha Maeva
12. Kyanna Lokeni
13. Summah Terare
14.Kasey Quye
15. Melenuku’o’Akau’ola Lauala
16. Lei-Lani Tua
17. Katalina Vave

Match Updates

First Half

And we’re underway with Parra kicking off.

A huge charge from Summah Terrare sets the Eels deep in attack and from the next set Tahleisha Maeva charges over.

conversion missed

Eels 4 Raiders nil (about 5 gone)

The wet conditions are leading to some handling issues.

Massive break from Jacinta Tui and she goes 40 metres before being brought down and losing the ball.

Ruby Jean Kennard absolutely smashes through the Raiders defence who are then penalised for a slow peel. The ball goes left to Rose Beckett who slices through for the Try.

converted by Alysha Bell

Eels 10 Raiders nil 15 minutes gone

The Raiders can’t handle the Eels power and Parra earn a penalty off the kick off set.

Play  is worked downfield and Petalina Atoa scores off a crash play

Try converted by Bell

Eels 16 Raiders nil (19 gone)

Parra earn a line drop out and play is soon on the Raiders line. Kasey Quye feeds a short ball to Kennard who crashes over.

Converted by Bell.

Eels 22 Raiders nil (23 gone)

The Eels hold out a Raiders set the force an error from the visitors on the kick. They work a scrum play involving a wrap around with Kennard but Debbie Doueihi is stopped just short. From the play the ball Petesa Lio gets over from close range. Wide conversion is nailed by Bell.

Eels 28 Raiders nil (28 gone)

Half time

Second Half

After defending their line the Eels match downfield and are deep in the Raiders red zone. Petalina Atoa charges onto the ball from short range and is just too powerful to hold out.

converted by Bell

Eels 34 Raiders nil (32 gone)

I’ve barely had time to finish the last update as Parra earn a penalty from the kick off set. They’re already in the Raiders quarter and Atoa is hungry for another try! Once more they can’t hold out her charge.

Try converted by Bell

Eels 40 Raiders nil (37 gone)

The Raiders finally get possession and field position and launch a variety of crash plays on the Eels line. Parra’s defence is well up to the task and force the six tackle turn over.

It’s the last tackle and the Eels hoist a well placed bomb which the Raiders fumble. Tui swiftly swoops on the loose ball and scores in the corner. Converted by Bell

Eels 46 Raiders nil

Parra work play back downfield and this time Lio wants to add to her tally and she eviscerates the defence to cross to the right of the posts.

converted by Bell

Eels 52 Raiders nil (56 gone)

Full time

How good is this. Both teams come together for a post match photo.


Harold Matthews Team List

1. Mohamed Alameddine
2. Luke Maroun
3. Michael Gabrael
4. Junior Fagalele
5. Dominic Farrugia
6. Junior Fagalele
7. Lorenzo Talataina
8. Sam Tuivaiti
9. Matthew Arthur
15. Sebastian Piukala
17. Charbel Chehade
12. Tyrese Lokeni
13. Kobi Hurford
14. Zaidus Muagututia
10 Jacob (Bobby) John
16. Jordan Uta
18. Jezaiah Funa-Luta

19 Tyson Sangalang


Match Updates

First Half

Plays under way. This is a huge Raiders team. The Eels get a penalty but the kick for touch grubbers along the ground and the Raiders go on the attack. Parra hold them out then get piggy back penalties to attack the Raiders line. The ebb and flow continues as the Raiders defend their line then get a repeat set off the last tackle kick.

Parra hold them out then match downfield and once again great Raiders defence is followed by repeat possession via a penalty to the visitors. Another repeat set follows an Eels knock down and the pressure continues via a mid field scrum in the Eels quarter. The Raiders  go left and score off the scrum. Conversion missed

Raiders  4. Eels nil (about 10 gone)

The Eels have possession and pepper the Raiders line with crash plays. The ball is lost on the 5th and a penalty to the Raiders relieves all the pressure.

The penalties are flowing in this game and I’m losing count. The Raiders are in the Eels quarter via another call and they hit a crash ball under the posts. Somehow they ground the ball despite the attention of 3 or 4 defenders.
Raiders 10 Eels 0 (about 20 gone)

The pea in the whistle is in serious danger here as the Raiders get yet another call.

This time the Eels get a penalty but the kick again fails to find touch. The Raiders turn it over and the Eels get another penalty. This time they tap and run and Matt Arthur delivers a  superb short ball to Jordan Uta who crashes over.

Try converted by Mohamed Alameddine

Raiders 10 Eels 6 (27 gone)

Half time

The Raiders are penalised in possession and the Eels have the ball in the Raiders quarter. A late offload finds Sam Tuivaiti right on the line and he plants the ball for the equaliser.
conversion hits the post but goes through.

Eels 12 Raiders 10 (34 gone)

The Eels have paid the penalty for not getting to the kick from the kick off set. From the scrum  the Raiders get over near the posts.

Raiders 16 Eels 12 (40 gone)

The Raiders now get the penalty from the restart. It seems like there’s been a penalty blown every two minutes. And just as I type that Parra get possession and then a penalty

Here’s a surprise – the Raiders get possession and then the obligatory penalty. This is becoming monotonous.

The Eels complete a set and a line drop out. The Eels keep it simple and work play towards the line. Parra get a penalty and Arthur catches the defence napping with a quick tap and run and dives through for the try.’

conversion unsuccessful

Eels  16 Raiders 16

The Eels get a penalty but play out an awful set. The Raiders break the line and earn a penalty for an Eels lifting tackle.

The Raiders catch the Eels short on the left and the try is on.
Luke Maroun goes for the intercept and grabs it. He races 90 metres for the try.

Try converted by Alameddine

Eels 22 Raiders 16

The touchie looks to have got a 40/20 wrong but the Eels hold them out and force an error on the last.

Parra break the line off the scrum and after getting the offload Michael Gabrael steps the fullback but gets tackled from behind.

Zaidus Muagututia sends the ball wide and Dom Farrugia scores in the corner.

Try unconverted

Eels 26 Raiders 16

Full time

Finals footy awaits the Matts


SG Ball Team List

1. Arthur Miller-Stephen
2. Cody Parry
3. Declan Murray
4. Charlie Guymer
5. Freeman Forsythe
6. Terrence Lafai
7. Riley Lack
8. Lance Fualema
9. Jacob Davis
10. Daniel Readon
11. Saxon Pryke
12. Domenic De Stradis
13. Mark Simon
14. Raffaele De Stradis
15. Markis Atoa
16. Ibrahim Fakhri
17. Vlado Jankovic
18. Joshua Alzahim

Match Update

First Half

And we’re underway!

The Raiders get the first genuine shot at the line and put in the grubber kick on the last. I’m the race for the ball they ground it just inside the dead ball line.

Try converted

Raiders 6 Eels nil (about ten gone)

The Eels get repeat possessions via penalties in the Raiders half. The ball finds Mark Simon on a crash play and he forces it next to the posts

Eels 6 Raiders 6 (about 15 gone)

The Raiders are on the attack in the Eels quarter. They’ve got Parra for numbers as they work it left. Parra jam so the visitors throw the harbour bridge pass and score in the corner.

conversion successful by Dom De Stradis

Raiders 12 Eels 6 about 19 gone

The Raiders look to have scored but the ref penalises them for obstruction. Another for Parra has them camped on the Raiders line. A crash play to Markus Atoa and he drops the ball back to Jacob Davis who scores between the posts. Conversion by De Stradis

Try converted

Eels 12 Raiders 12 (about 29 gone)

A big step from Terrence Lafai and he cracks the line open and sprints towards the posts. The cover smashes him from behind and he loses possession.

The half time siren has blown and the Raiders opt for a kick. It takes a deflection and they fall on it but are ruled offside. The Eels opt to kick for goal from 45 metres out and right in front. Dom de Stradis nails it.

Eels 14 Raiders 12

half time

Underway and the Eels get possession on half way via a charge down.

The Raiders hold on and advance the ball downfield via a penalty. They hit their right and Parra’s defence opens up for them to score.

Try converted

Raiders 18 Eels 14 (about 40 gone)

Yet another Eels charge down gives them midfield possession. The pummel the Raiders line and Ibrahim Fakhri won’t be denied.

Try converted by De Stradis

Eels 20 Raiders 18

The Eels lose possession from the restart and the Raiders deliver the pain. The shift to their right comes up trumps again.
Conversion unsuccessful

Raiders 22 Eels 20 (about 47 gone)

That’s a big play from Declan Murray. He chases a grubber into the in goal and plants it just inside the dead ball line. Converted by De Stradis

Eels 26 Raiders 22 (about 55 gone)

Eels errors are again costly. A stray Eels pass is picked up by the Raiders and they get repeat possessions via penalties. The pressure is too much for the Eels and they concede a converted try.

Raiders 28 Eels 26 (about 60 gone)

That could be it.

The Raiders throw up a bomb and their chaser is allowed to catch it uncontested. He pulls out of the grip of Eels defenders and gallops to the line.

Conversion unsuccessful

Raiders 32 Eels 26 (about 4 to go)

Oh no!

One last play from the Eels and they regather the kick in front of the posts. As the ball is about to be planted it comes free and the siren sounds.

Full time

Raiders 32 Eels 26


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