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The Tip Sheet – 2022 Ep 14: Instant Reaction – Eels, Chaos Reign In Madcap Melbourne Finish

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Sixties and Forty20 try to wrap their heads around an allround insane game of rugby league that saw the Eels claim a huge 28-24 victory over the Melbourne Storm.

With some of the highest highs and lowest lows possible inside a single game of footy, the boys pick out who made the biggest differences on the day. Dylan Brown immediately comes to mind for both pundits but there more than a few other Eels to figure in the conversation.

The instant reaction podcast finishes with a look at the other results today across the Junior Representatives and Jersey Flegg. The Eels claimed victories in all but one grade so there is plenty to celebrate on a massive Saturday of footy!

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I never read or even heard of that stupid article by Crawley. Just confirms what I said earlier in the week about how journalism does not serve the NRL. That whinge out of the way, what a game and you both covered the key points. Other seasons Parra would have lost the game but they kept coming back (as they have in the previous two games). This attitude of not going to go away is fantastic and not something I’ve seen for a long time. Just got to fix those stupid errors.


Errors can be fixed. I’m not sure that attitude is as easy. The attitude looked good.


Indeed. As BA said, professionalism needs work. And that is easier to fix than attitude.


Thanks Shaun. I thought that playing the Storm had the potential to raise our intensity to a higher level than it had been. We certainly competed hard tonight.


The Storm do indeed bringing out the best in Parra. But I do take the Instant Reaction comments re our other bogey teams. Hopefully a few more hoodoos can be broken this year.

Last edited 10 months ago by Shaun

And thanks for the info on Stone training out wide. If I’d known that I’d would not have been so nervous when he came on to play in the centres.


Cheers mate.


Thank you Sixties. I thought I was seeing things. Kenny Bromwich does it all the time looking like he is going to stripe the ball but he never does. He even looks at the ref while he is doing it. It is so annoying and it is why I dislike Melbourne and cannot consider Bellamy the best coach ever. He has got wins but he has changed the game for the worse. If fans can see this why can’t the nrl referees or mr annesley- that is what they get paid to do instead they spend time confusing everyone again… Read more »


Cheers Shelley. That difference in the play the ball speed was insane.


Also they peel off one two three not all at once it is utter BS and they continue to get away with it I can’t recall one six again call we were given.


They find ways that push the limits Gianni. That’s why they aren’t exactly against the rules until the NRL are forced to change the rules or the interpretations.

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