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The Tip Sheet – 2021 Ep. 35 Special Edition: Yvonne Sampson Talks Life, Footy & Media

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Usually at this point I would try to write a witty or informative synopsis to breakdown this episode of The Tip Sheet. That task is particularly difficult this week after Sixties and myself were left pinching ourselves following an incredible discussion with one of the most beloved figures of rugby league in Yvonne Sampson.

Yvonne, who has crossed paths with Sixties and myself over the years, joins The Tip Sheet to talk about the brilliant career she has forged in rugby league, the hilarious and amazing identities she has met along the way and how she and others have changed the landscape for the next generation of young ladies who share the same passion she does. Those are my entirely my words by the by, Yvonne is far too humble to ever take such deserved credit.

It is the most enjoyable podcast we have ever done bar none and that is not something we say lightly. Sixties and myself have had the good fortune to interview Parramatta legends like Brett Kenny and Steve Ella while we also have the extremely rare privilege to invite the likes of Joey Grima and Bernie Gurr onto the show. This is the new gold standard.

I hope you all enjoy this podcast as much as we did because it really isn’t hard to see how Yvonne Sampson rose to such prominence in the code given the way she carries herself as both a fan of the game and one of the leading figures in the media.

Sixties, myself and TCT are incredibly thankful to Yvonne for taking a lengthy chunk out of her extremely busy day to talk to us but the end result, I feel at least, is amazing.

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Wow, will be great hearing fellas. That is a v exclusive guest there. Well done.
Is there any chance of seeking the Parra Jesus for an intimate interview? for an alternate Parra view….if he is still around.


Thanks mate, and yes I believe he’s still around!

Jpe Briffa

Well that was tops, I was at that medal night I vividly remember this voice behind me saying this must be the fun table of course I jumped up and introduced my self and asked her would she do me the honour of posing for a photo and the lady said she would be delighted I still have it on my phone. for those of you that haven’t had the pleasure what you see and hear is Yvonne to a tee no pretend, thanks boys very good. Oh yeah I don’t like Gutho’s hair cut


Hi Joe, thanks mate. I do remember how enthusiastic you were to get that photo. And I reckon we all became even bigger Vonnie fans that night.

Trouser Eel

Great pod. You obviously get what you see with Yvonne.
She’s worked hard and taken some big risks to get where she has. You can tell she really does like her job and I’m sure its a contributing factor to making her one of the best.
A credit to her for making the time to contribute and kudos to you that she did.


Thanks mate. Vonnie is a professional in her work and incredibly relatable as a person. This was a joy to record.

John Eel

To follow up on Yvonnes story about Gordon Tallis reminded me of a story I have told here before. I was rushing to get through the metal detector to catch my plane when I realised that Gordon was lined up in front of me. My first thought was that he was one of the biggest humans I had seen. Next thing a passenger in a wheelchair called out to him and he gave him a wave and a big smile. He put his carry on through the metal detector then instead of walking through he took the time to walk… Read more »


Great story and well worth sharing again. Thanks John.

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