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The Tip Sheet – 2021 Episode 31: Penisini To Debut As Eels Ready For Raiders

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The QLD Odyssey continues for the Eels as Sixties and Forty20 preview their Thursday night clash against the Canberra Raiders. With the Raiders left reeling from a slew of injuries to top line stars, Parramatta are poised to capitalise on it to topple the men from the capital. The return of Blake Ferguson and the debut of Will Penisini add plenty of spice to this game for the Blue & Gold as the boys discuss what the rookie and the seasoned veteran can bring to the team.

With the preview out of the way the lads turn their eyes to the NRL to chat about midseason signings and the new monstrosity the game might have created by changing the acquisition deadline. Sixties teases a segment for next week’s podcast as the boys look to explore their favourite (and not so favourite) venues away from home.

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Do we know who the 30 players are who went up, also have we filled our “top” 30?


Last I checked Daz, the Eels hadn’t published their list of 30 players who travelled. I can’t be as accurate as I’d like to be about the Top 30, but given the discussion around Milford, it’s fair to say they probably sit at 29.

John Eel

My anticipation levels are sky high for the debut of Will Penisini. I know this is the third debut this year however there is a level of excitement about this kid.

For a Centre his stats are off the charts.

Give us your best Will. Good luck


Same here John. Early in the year he was probably the most likely out of the young players to get the debut, but circumstance created the opportunities for Arthur and Russell before him. In contrast, Will’s form has demanded that they find the opportunity for him this year. We very much wish him well.

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