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The Tip Sheet – 2021 Episode 22: Hocus, Pocus, Parra Maintain Focus To Put Warriors Away


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A magical start to the game carried the Parramatta Eels to a 34-18 as they poured on 24 unanswered points faster than you can say ‘Abracadabra’ against the New Zealand Warriors. It was a much tougher contest from thereon in though as Forty20 and Sixties break down the Eels’ 9th win of 2021 in another instant reaction edition of The Tip Sheet.

Much of the conversation circles around the high profile debut of Jakob Arthur. The young man did not disappoint either as he put together a strong all round effort in his maiden NRL cap before sealing the win with a solo try in the final moments of the contest. The boys chat about why the Eels couldn’t quite put the Warriors away and then ruminate on the returns of Nathan Brown and Waqa Blake.

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Jpe Briffa

Well done again men.Idon’t usually go for MOM but Moses 3 RCG 2 and Reed `. You know what it didn’t surprise me it happens every time we play them we are going along doing it easy and they stage a come back. Thanks boys


Appreciate your support as always Joe.

John Eel

Joe do you think that the performance of MM today is indicative of someone who has just had a load lifted off his shoulders

Jpe Briffa

Mate MM has been good all year. I think his time with Joey during the preseason and the comp proper has done wonders. Sure his contract extension would help but i’m putting it down to his hard work.Also well done Jake

John Eel

Firstly let me say that I was very impressed with the debut of JA today he did himself, his family and the systems that the club are instituting for junior development proud today Today wasn’t our greatest win but considering that the Eels have not been run down, subject to a last quarter fade out this year I am feeling confident that the soft underbelly that has been present at the Eels for some time has largely been dealt with. At this stage, and it is obvious, the club should be building for a climax in the semis. We want… Read more »


Can’t disagree with any of that John. And as for Mitch Moses, I agree with Joe. There has been a consistency of performance this year, and games where he has managed the team better and for longer periods. I think he has found another level in his game.


Great listen guys. A win like this is somewhat unsatisfying, however I would rather wins like this at this part of the season as there are plenty of negatives for the coaches and team to work on and improve on.


Sparky, I agree. As I said, it’s interesting that our expectation as supporters has lifted to the point where we look for better wins, but the most important thing is perspective. As you point out, and it’s something I agreed with in the pod, you don’t want to be playing your championship best at this time of year. BA and the staff would have come out of this game with a few coaching points. That’s fine by me.


Well done Boys, another great Podcast. I’ve now had a chance to watch the game again and I have to say, the 2nd half performance looked much less “busy” than it did live, maybe it’s just the knowledge that we win that helped but…. I will announce it up front, but Reed Mahoney is my favorite Eel so any bias needs proclaiming, but no matter how you cut it I reckon that he was outstanding in this game. Some of his dummy half work was (dare I say it) Cameron Smithesque. His pass selection, short for RCG’s first for example… Read more »


Thanks JonBoy. You’re right about Reed. His performances this season have almost got to the Gutho level – we expect him to deliver that service. His dedication and work ethic have paid off, as do his time with Joey Johns is delivering big time.
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