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Jake Arthur – A Deserved Debut Which Writes The Next Arthur Chapter

“If I considered all the reasons why I wouldn’t pick him, there’s only one, and that’s because of his surname, which isn’t good enough.”

These words from Brad Arthur, as reported by Christian Nicolussi in the Sydney Morning Herald, provide an insight to a consideration that most coaches don’t have to face when selecting a team.

And Brad was spot on.

Brad Arthur

The name wasn’t a reason for not selecting his son, because Jake Arthur has done everything that any debutant needed to do, including earning the respect of his team mates.

To be honest, I had expected a contract upgrade even prior to his debut, such was his form.

What he has produced on match days in the Knock On Effect NSW Cup hasn’t happened by chance. Like others who reach first grade, it’s come from dedication to his craft, commitment to his conditioning, and a determination to reach his goals.

I’ve witnessed Jake’s hard work at Eels training literally since BA was first appointed as Parra’s NRL coach. During school holidays, Jake and his brother Matt would help out with fetching footies, carrying gear, cleaning up, whatever needed to be done.

And when the players hit the conditioning work, the boys jumped in.

Like other talented Eels juniors, Jake has put in the extra yards over past years as a member of Parramatta’s JETS program. This involved additional training sessions at the Old Saleyards facility. He joins other graduates of that junior talent identification and development program, including Dylan Brown, Haze Dunster and Oregon Kaufusi.

The winning Patties team celebrate

More recently, along with other pathways players such as Will Penisini, Shaun Russell and Sam Loizou, Jake became a member of the Eels full time squad. It came on the back of guiding Patrician Brothers Blacktown to the 2020 NRL Schoolboy Cup title. He hit the ground running.

At the conclusion of the preseason I wrote this:

“I have Jake Arthur in my top three of the preseason. As the coach’s son, he’s going to cop unwarranted barbs, but he’s got the temperament to handle it. It’s why I reported on him whilst keeping his peers out of the training report spotlight.

If Gutho were to be challenged in the fitness stakes, young Jake is the one to do so. Jake has taken the big hits at training that come with being a playmaker who digs into the line – the other players deliver what he would face in a game. Snake just gets up and gets on with the business of managing the team.

Quite simply, anyone who’s been watching the entirety of Parra’s preseason would be in little doubt about Jake’s potential.”

But now back to that surname – Arthur.

I’m so glad that Brad Arthur has allowed himself to become emotional and to acknowledge his pride in his son’s achievement. He might be the coach, but he’s also a father and his family has a passion for the Parramatta Eels.

I’ve written on the Arthur family connection to this Parramatta club before, and it’s worth revisiting on the day of Jake Arthur’s NRL debut.

The old Cumberland Oval

Back on April 12, 1947, three generations of the Arthur family were among the 6000 to watch Parramatta play their first game against Newtown. Brad’s father, Ted, was only a baby. Ted was taken to the match by his parents, Lindsay and Joyce. Along with the young family was Brad’s great grandfather, Noel.

The Eels lost by 34 to 12 that day, but it would be the start of over 70 years of the family supporting the Eels.

The family’s passion for the Eels grew over the years.

Brad’s grandmother Joyce held executive positions on the supporters club committee whilst Ted became involved as an assistant coach and selector for Eels junior representative teams

Parra Stadium, opening match, 1986

Fast forward to another landmark game on March 16, 1986 when the new Parramatta Stadium was opened. As the Eels hammered the Dragons 36 to 6, three generations of the Arthur family were once again among the thousands cheering the team on, including a young Brad, his father Ted and his grandmother Joyce.

Brad Arthur would himself become graded with the Eels in the early 90s. Though his future did not include a first grade playing career, his coaching journey brought him back to the club that he and his family have always loved.

The generational ties to the Eels continued, and they were marked by special events.

When Parramatta Stadium hosted its final NRL clash between the Eels and the Dragons on August 29, 2016, it was another three generation event for the Arthur family. Ted and his wife Carol, were in attendance as the Brad Arthur coached Eels defeated the Dragons, 30 to 18. Brad’s wife Michelle and daughter Charlotte also proudly watched on as the Arthur boys, Matthew and Jake, fulfilled their ballboy duties on that night.

On Easter Monday, 2019, the three generations of the Arthur family, along with just on thirty thousand Eels supporters, watched the Eels demolish the Tigers at the opening of the new Bankwest Stadium.

Jake Arthur

Today, that extended family will be in attendance in Brisbane. There’s little doubt that some tears will be shed when Jake Arthur takes the field in his NRL debut in the Magic Round clash at Suncorp Stadium.

It’s little wonder that the Parramatta Eels have developed the reputation of being a club that recognises the importance of the family.

What the Arthur clan have embraced for over 70 years is at the heart of all footy clubs. Local rugby league clubs rely on the support of families, and in return, clubs become a community resource.

When Parra battles with the Warriors in this Magic Round clash, there’ll be forty thousand watching on from the stands, each with generations of support and most likely their own story to tell.

Today just happens to be Jake Arthur’s chapter.


Eels forever!




PS – Go Jake!


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13 thoughts on “Jake Arthur – A Deserved Debut Which Writes The Next Arthur Chapter

  1. Big Derek

    The Rhinos team I was involved with was short players through injuries for a Div 1 semi agst the big boys from Cabra in U13, we asked if any boys from the U12 s who played the previous game would fill on. Jake and one of his team mates didn’t hesitate, don’t think he missed a tackle and never shirked one thing agst significantly bigger boys. He stood tall that day and has done so in every age group group game since then and is a real, mature team player.

    Amazing to see him now, and so well deserved, congratulations Jake. 👍

  2. Colin Hussey

    All the best for young Jake, play to your strengths and ignore the nerves, which will be hard, but in the end you will be the winner.

      1. Prometheus

        I to was at that 47 game against Newtown, I wonder if this debut by Jake eventually anoints Dylans transition to the All Blacks.

        1. sixties Post author

          I’m not writing Dylan off by any means. But Jake has definitely announced himself as a player of the future.

  3. Murray Cod

    It’s wonderful reliving all the great connections with the Eels for the Arthur family and especially so the accolades heaped on young Jake. But I wonder about the reality of JA’s second half blunders that on the one hand cost Parra at least two tries, first when he let Waqa run a beautiful angle outside in between the 2 defenders outside Jake, who let the opportunity for a try next to the posts to go begging. Then shortly afterward he let another try go by holding the ball with no pressure on him and a 2 man overlap on his outside, no pressure no defense in close proximity just a fatigued young Jake unable to see or execute the play when it was needed. As the second half evolved and the warriors attack started to zero in on the debutants slight and weary frame he was targeted and run over and run through for 2 or 3 breaks and a try. It’s one thing to be fit but another thing altogether to be fit, strong and resilient in the latter stages of an NRL game. If I saw these shortcomings? You can bet your life Dessie Hassler did and will be running a lot more traffic at Jake next week than Warriors did today.
    Having said that… I was really glad to see the young fella score that try. It allowed him finish the game with flurry of deserved praise.

    1. sixties Post author

      You’ve found a reality check to a wonderful debut there Murray. My pregame concern was about combinations, simply because there was no prep time for Jake outside Matto and inside Waqa. We all know Waqa’s issues last year, and I was concerned that we saw some evidence of that continuing yesterday.
      The way I see it going down is that BA will let Jake enjoy the win. He will remind him of how good he was. He will then go over the video to show him what he needs to work on. Jake will be like a dog with a bone in his determination to improve. Dylan Brown will return to the team in a few weeks and Jake will have received a terrific learning experience which will prepare him for a long and successful NRL career.

      1. Murray Cod

        Thanks sixties, I appreciate the reply without trying to brush the facts under the carpet, which would benefit no-one at the club especially the young bloke himself.
        I had also considered BA’s man management skills would find the right path for correction. I have no doubt that the genuine substance in the boy’s character will have him determined to rise above what will be some very awkward periods of silence during the team video session. It’s possible someone like Fergo will break the cone of silence with some self denigrating hands up to misses of his own. This is a wonderful club for newbies to fit in with ease as we’ve seen with the testimonies of Keegan and Isaiah being welcomed and embraced and Bryce Carty confirming how Mitch and Gutho held back no criticism in their desire to bring the best out in him. It appears to be likewise for our young debutants also.

        1. sixties

          The thing about Brad is that away from the emotion of the debut, he will treat Jake’s review as he would anyone else in the team, so I’m confident about how Jake will be moving forward.

          1. Murray Cod

            I agree with your pragmatic appraisal of BA sixties. Which gives substance to his team selection this week.

            Ironically, it was interesting to see our team this week including with a tough hooker ex Manly junior from a family of physical, hardened forwards who can play in the halves (as we saw in last weeks Reggies game) come onto the bench to cover for whatever might eventuate.

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