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Live Blog – Jersey Flegg Round 7 vs South Sydney Rabbitohs

TCT’s massive Saturday continues after a pearler in the Harold Matthews where the Eels downed the Penrith Panthers 14-6 in a classic to claim a spot in the Grand Final. We shift from HE Laybutt Field to the familiar surrounds of Ringrose Park for a double in the Jersey Flegg and NSW Cup against the Rabbitohs. The first action out at Wenty is the Flegg with kick off scheduled for 2:30PM.

There are a host of changes for the ahead of the game for the Eels. Solomone Naiduki drops back to the Under 21s to accommodate the arrival of Hayze Perham in the NSW Cup. Indeed, it is an entirely new look backline with Clayton Faulalo named at fullback, Tevita Masima at five-eighth and Kyle Schneider at halfback. Jabriel Kalache is set to make his Flegg debut in the centres while Ethan Le Blanc takes over at dummy half. Peter Taateo gets the start in the backrow while there is yet another SG Ball call up as Brock Parker claims the final place on the bench.

Jersey Flegg Team List


First Half

The Eels will receive the ball in the first half.

Big Dave Hollis gets us underway as the Eels play through the middle early on. Jayden Yates and Jack Colovatti get touches as well before Fruean Easthope leads the kickchase with a thumping tackle.

The first penalty of the day goes to the Rabbitohs as an errant arm slips high. Hollis might be the culprit there with the towering prop collaring a much shorter player. The visitors get the first real shot of the game but they go off half-cocked as a right edge shift ends up with their winger spilling a pass into touch.

Naiduki, Skinner and Yates carry the load through this set before Ethan Le Blanc drives the kick downfield from dummy half. The Bunnies get up-tempo this set with some fast play through the ruck leading to a left edge shift that takes them to Parramatta’s goal line. The defence don’t panic however and they rally to force the turnover on tackles.

Now some class from the lock forward Jayden Yates! He splits defenders down the right and slips a quality offload to big Jack Colovatti. The big man is almost stunned he is in that much open space but he sums it up perfectly as he comes to the fullback and finds Tevita Masima who finishes it all off!

Try scored by Tevita Masima. Conversion successful by Kyle Schneider.

Eels lead 6-0

8min gone

While the Eels outmuscle Souths to rumble well over halfway following the first points of the game, Schneider miscues his kick and it drifts over the sideline on the full. Big let off for the visitors there.

It is the mirror opposite for Souths this time around on the attack. They play to their left and wide but the final pass to the winger is askew and sails into touch.

Parramatta put together a tidy set in reply that traps the Rabbitohs on their 20m line following the clearing kick from Masima. Oooh! The ref has spied a cheeky little error from the Bunnies now and the Eels will get the possession on the 30m mark.

Kalache and Colovatti take the first carries here before the play unravels for the home team. I thought it took a deflection off a defender’s hand but the ref rules play on as the defence scampers to dive on the ball and get the turnover.

Again South Sydney fail to get to their kick, this time around though it is on the last as their halfback has a gander at the defence and drops the pill.

Yates has another surging run down the right before Schneider tries to anchor a kick into the in-goals but it takes once bounce too many for a 20m restart.

Parramatta continue to defend resolutely and are rewarded for the starch in the next set as Clayton Faulalo gets in behind the ruck and leaves the fullback grasping at thin air for a sizzling 40m solo effort!

Try scored by Clayton Faulalo. Conversion successful by Kyle Schneider.

Eels lead 12-0

19min gone

Oooh that is a bruising hit from Peter Taateo! On the kick chase there for the Eels are he buries the Souths runner after the completion of the Parra set.

Nice work from Naiduki to start the next set. Jontay Junior Betham Misa and Masima take runs before Schneider again tries to trap the visitors in goals but once more overcooks his kick by the barest margin.

It adds up this time around as the Bunnies drive the pill downfield and catch the Eels short through the middle with second phase play. Le Blanc misses the initial tackle and Faulalo fails to wrap up at the last line allowing the Rabbitohs to finally get on the board.

Try scored by the Rabbitohs. Conversion successful.

Souths trail 6-12

24min gone

Credit to the Bunnies here as they have battled their way right back into this contest. As I type that they concede penalty following a gutsy dart from Kalache that baits some sloppy defensive ruck play. Jontay centres the ball before they work left to Naiduki who breaks a tackle and is then brought down. Yates takes it back to the middle and the Eels run it on the last down the left edge short side but Souths read it well and make the tackle and thus the turnover.

Oh that is just spectacular vision from Tevita Masima! Souths have been very trigger happy on running the ball on the last and he reads it perfectly as they work from their right to left. He times his run to a tee and plucks the cutout pass out of the air like a thief in the night and streaks 85m downfield to completely flip the script! Souths had gained the ascendancy in the ruck in the last five minutes and that throws everything on its head.

Try scored by Tevita Masima. Conversion successful by Kyle Schneider.

Eels lead 18-6

34min gone

Gee that is just quality from big Solomone. He fields a nasty spiral kick off and then shrugs off a tackle to get over the 25m mark. It won’t impact the scoreboard as the clock runs out a few plays later but I still have to give credit where it is due!


Half Time

Parramatta Eels 18 lead the South Sydney Rabbitohs 6


Second Half

Parramatta drill a grubber kick from the tee to start the second half. A great hit by Lennox Whittaker rails a big bopper from the Bunnies and forces an error! Terrific start to the half for the home team.

Nice run by Oli Clements early in this set before Whittaker gets his mitts on the ball. Taateo looks dangerous down the left. He gets a fast play-the-ball which lets Faulalo play short to Skinner to break the line. The centre quickly looks for his winger Naiduki and he is set to go over almost untouched but the referee rules the last pass forwards! That one hurts!

It is compounded at the start of Parramatta’s next set as Easthope loses the ball on the kick return. The barest of knock-ons there but the right call.

Again the Eels stand tall and let the mistake come to them as the Rabbitohs force an optimistic offload that Faulalo scoops up for a cheeky little return.

Now that is a kick and a chase! Yates clocks in at dummy half and rifles a brilliant kick downfield and his chasers don’t let him down as they pin the Bunnies in their in goals!

Big shift off the drop out as Whittaker helps move the ball from left to right to find Faulalo that nearly catches Souths out. Still, it gives the Eels the running and the hero from moments ago is rewarded with a try as he storms over to the right of the posts for a very well deserved meat pie!

Try scored by Jayden Yates. Conversion successful by Kyle Schneider.

Eels lead 24-6

44min gone

Naiduki takes another kick off but feeds Whittaker this time around. The Eels slowly work to their left before they set for the clearing kick. Said kick is charged down and recovered by a second Souths player that was clearly in front of the deflection but the referee misses it completely. Parramatta desperately defend their line and nearly nab another interception but it goes to ground in front of the posts and Souths will get another crack.

Now a penalty for the visitors from right in front but they take the tap and go without a second thought. And now another batted pass from the Eels. So much stop and start footy here. Can the Eels hang on amidst it all?

The answer to that is no as the Rabbitohs focus on a barrage of short range hit ups from their big boppers. Parramatta are able to turn away the first two incursions but not the third as the Rabbitohs get on the board in the second half.

Try scored by the Rabbitohs. Conversion successful.

Souths trail 12-24

49min gone

A late error in the return set from the Rabbitohs prevents any sort of attack on Parra’s red zone. A scrum is set on the Eels’ 30m line with the home team holding the feed.

The SG Ball combination out of nowhere! The Big Hyphen Jontay-Junior throws the money ball to his SG Ball captain in Peter Taateo who erupts through a gap and leaves a defender trampled on the ground behind him! He flies through to the fullback and throws the correct pass to Faulalo back on his right! Explosive play from the Eels there.

Try scored by Clayton Faulalo. Conversion successful by Kyle Schneider.

Eels lead 30-12

53min gone

Oh a short kick off from Souths now! Plenty of time left on the clock but they roll the dice on getting an extra possession and they end up spilling it in the contest.

Some nice ball playing down the Eels left edge in reply nets the home team a penalty for slowing the ruck down and the blue and gold want to play on. Hollis centres the ball before Brock Parker gets his first touch in the Flegg. Another penalty falls to the Eels – this one from in front – and unsurprisingly Parramatta elect to take the shot at goal and extend the lead to 4-scores.

Penalty conversion successful by Kyle Schneider.

Eels lead 32-12

56min gone

Another short kick off from the Bunnies but this time the ref is immediately on them for offside chasers as the Eels get the penalty on centrefield.

Good surge from big Dave Hollis before the shift to the right that finds Faulalo. He beats a couple of defenders before is dragged down. Back to the left for Parramatta where the Bunnies drop an interception attempt and play is off for a downed Eel. I was following the ball but heard the impact and it was considerable.

Looks like it is Tevita who copped it and he is aided off by the trainers for a HIA.

Parramatta scrum in the mean time.

Right from the scrum as Yates finds Easthope who scurries right the line. Colovatti centres the ball and the Eels try to execute a double under to Naiduki down the left but the Rabbitohs shut the gate. When one door closes, another opens though and on the back of a terrific play-the-ball form Hollis, young Brock Parker crashes over to the left of the uprights! What a debut for the young buck.

Try scored by Brock Parker. Conversion successful by Kyle Schneider.

Eels lead 38-12

60min gone

A longer kick from the Rabbitohs now as they seemingly concede the game. Easthope adds another carry to his name before his opposite flanker Naiduki has a bustling charge down the left sideline. Fortune favours the bold for the Eels as Schneider opts to run the ball on the last down the same side. They catch the Rabbitohs out and eventually grubber ahead before getting a second foot to ball and deflects off the fullback and in the contest for the loose pill the Rabbitohs #1 loses it forwards.

All too easy from the scrum win as the Eels put on a cute little trick play from right to left that isolates Jayden Skinner with his opposite and the Eels’ centre brushes past him to slam the ball down!

Try scored by Jayden Skinner. Conversion unsuccessful by Kyle Schneider.

Eels lead 42-12

65min gone

That is a reward for playing tough! Mathew Dragisic got absolutely smashed playing the ball at the line. The Eels picked up a penalty on the next tackle and off a Clayton Faulalo break the backrower Dragisic backs up and picks up a try of his own! He then gets the break for his efforts and can hit the showers early today.

Try scored by Matthew Dragisic. Conversion successful by Kyle Schneider.

Eels lead 48-12

69min gone

Back to the short kick off for Souths as Naiduki tidies this one up. The Eels look to finish this game in expansive manner but turn the ball over venturing down their right. They do show some hustle to wrap up the break and prevent a long range scoop and score. That will do us as well as the Flegg post their most comprehensive result of the young season!


Full Time

Parramatta Eels 48 def. the South Sydney Rabbitohs 12

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Jpe Briffa

Great call and great result the weekend looking just fine so far . Thanks mate


Watched the Jersey flegg today
Thought Hollis should of offered alot more than he did..
Great win by the boys.

Last edited 5 days ago by Bluengold

Yes indeed, expected more from him
Thought the new inclusions from SG Ball where really good .
Yates was his normal self and worked hard in the middle
Schneider threw some great passes and directed well
Clayton first game at full back was out standing..
Numerous players playing out of position mind you..!


Can’t disagree with any of this. Clayton had a ripper of a game.

Trouser Eel

Never in doubt


Great performance


Can anyone tell us is Samuel Louizu is injured?. He was named a couple of weeks ago but not sure what’s happened.


Yes, but will be back soon.

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