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The Tip Sheet – 2021 Episode 13: Instant Reaction As Eels Storm The Capital (Legally)


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There are wins and there are statement wins. While the Parramatta Eels have three of the former to their name this year they just secured their second statement win of the season with an emphatic 35-10 victory over the Canberra Raiders. In doing so, the Eels also shook off a 15 year hoodoo, finally closing the books on their fruitless trips to the nation’s capital.

It was a team performance worthy of an instant reaction podcast and Sixties and Forty20 were more than happy to oblige. They tuck into this one with relish, extolling the magnificent efforts from all 17 players to produce an extremely rare blowout loss for the Raiders. The boys discuss what was on the line tonight given the bounceback factor for both teams and how the Eels managed to greatly exceed all pregame expectations set on them.

The individual accolades are then doled out – starting with the unanimous man of the match in Mitchell Moses. His devastating kicking game is broken down before the duo discuss his all around excellence in the absence of Dylan Brown. Isaiah Papali’i, Reed Mahoney and plenty more all get their deserved credit as well as Forty20 and Sixties continue to soak up the afterglow of the dominant win.

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The instant match reaction is great guys. After the game people are looking for more content and what you did was great. I follow the EPL and the amount of content that comes out immediately after the game is amazing and it has people hooked. This should be a permanent feature.


Thanks John. Sometimes that becomes challenging after games, depending on the time each of us arrives home. But I absolutely agree that it’s the time that people are looking for content and we will endeavour to get a pod reaction out wherever possible.

Jpe Briffa

And how many cups of tea you have had. Great work boys i love your work cannot get enough


That’s right – cups of tea! 😁

John Eel

Really enjoyed the Tip Sheet. Always helps when you have such a good win.

Probably the moment of the match for me was watching Parra Papa run over the top of his namesake to score his second Try.

This result was almost as good as the Storm victory. The players have a reference point now and that is the standard for the power game

A great night for the true believers

John Eel

First try


Parra Papa has been a terrific addition and looked the goods from day one of preseason. Runs as hard in the 80th minute as he does in the first.

Trapped in the 1970’s

Great result and certainly not a score line I had expected. Well done to BA and players in getting up for this game by remaining focused and playing patient football to their strengths. Hope this is a sign of the new standard.

It’s been quite a while since the team has had back to back losses in a regular season game which is a positive sign of their resolve.


Hey Trapped, thanks for the comment. I expected a bounce back but given the venue and the opponent I was prepared for a tight score line (ie 4-6 point margin) and the possibility of a narrow loss. I didn’t expect that type of dominance, but it was proof of what they can achieve. The points may have added up late in the game but it was based on winning moments earlier in the game.

!0 Year Member

Luckily the Oracle of TCT knew what was going on…..:-)


I’ve been called an Oracle before but only when someone was looking for a laugh.


Great article in telegraph today regarding coaches at all clubs since 1998 , the interesting fact was that the top 4 performing clubs which inc parra had long term coaches emphasizing the importance of stability, boy i hope the club stays the course were on !!! Boards have more to do with the destruction of clubs than coaches .!!!!!


It also features in Bumpers Up this week.

Big Derek

So, the touch judge is overruled on the call for the very obvious forward pass, which led to a Raiders try. Then when we were defending the line and had stopped the attack, the touchie called for interference when their centre actually ran into Nikore and bounced off (as you would ), why do we never seem to get these calls. Both the game agst St George and the Raiders,the 6 again and slowing down in the ruck were noticeable agst the Eels. Then in the second half they were policed more evenly, do they get tips from assessor much… Read more »


Pretty sure the last pass was forward also.


Imagine if forward pass technology was ever introduced. I hope it never happens because it would be a rude shock to everyone.


It should be water off a ducks back but it’s hard to deal with at times. When moments like this occur, I remind myself that I’ve lived through the days of Gary Cook and Greg Hartley.

Parramatta Tragic

Great Headline!
Enjoyed the podcast.
I can hear the Bankwest crowd now…..”One Papalii, there’s only one Papalli….one Papalii….there’s only one Papalii”


Yes, and it’s Parra Papa for me!


Everyone played well, I went back and watched Wiremus involvement just out of interest,and yes he was gassed but he tackled his heart out and made good metres on every run.Hopefully BA keeps upping his minutes throughout the year,I think he’ll be a weapon by finals time.Awesome win,very proud of the team.BA was still pissed about the Dragons game in the presser last night, so the boys really needed to put in a good effort.


You can imagine that he used the Dragons game as a teaching point Eggy. I reckon Wiremu demonstrated why BA builds up the minutes slowly for debutants. The pace of NRL is massively different. I remember talking to Marata about his debut and he made reference to how gassed he was after a short time.

John Eel

Sixties I thought Wiremu second effort after being recalled was better than his earlier stint. Maybe the nerves settled second time around.

Also what was heartening was to see BA take Jr, Brown and RCG off to give them a spell for next week. It showed confidence in the bench

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